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Minority Report Webcast 3/27/06 (Wrestling-News.com)


  • Vince McMahon cleared of Sexual Harassment charges in Florida
  • Bret Hart: Thanks for WWE HOF appearance, now stop being a bitch
  • Wrestlemania predictions and contest for our listeners (Win WWE DVD's!)
  • We Celebrate One Birthday & Anniversary Of WCW Closing Its Doors
  • TNA Talk
  • Hulk Hogan & Steve Austin @ Wrestlemania
  • Move over Kane
  • Joanie Laurer 'sees evil' this summer!
  • New Mass Murderer!
  • Why 'Cactus Jack' change @ Mania
  • Wrestling Divas In Penthouse
  • More WWE Tryouts (But Im Not Telling You Something You Dont Already Know)
  • Pwspyware & Paul London's 'Tight Pants'
  • Keeping Marty Jannetty in our prayers
  • John Cena Acknowledges Stupid Rumors
  • William 'Refrigerator' Perry?
  • Shannon Moore truly a punk
  • Bobby Roode Buzz
  • Raw Discussion, Podcast Info, & Much More!
(Recorded 3/27/2006)


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Minority Report Webcast 3/13/06 (Wrestling-News.com)


  • Your call-ins to our show Plus:
  • TNA Gets it right 'Big Time'
  • Why Saturday Night's Main Event Will Disappoint 'Big Time'
  • Marty Jannetty's Failed Piss Test & VInce's failed opportunity to take one
  • Playboy too artistic?
  • Raw Discussion
  • Pissing off ROH babies err fans
  • JR Stupidity
  • Criticizing one of our dearest favorites: Superstar Billy Graham on his recent Bob Backlund comments
  • Respect for Verne Gagne & why Road Warriors are out of WWE Hall Of Fame
  • Chuck Polumbo
  • As I said for months now; why Scott Steiner will help TNA more than Sting
  • Why TNA HAS to go live
  • Pirate of Pissant
  • WWE Trademarking Wrestling Moves
  • What's worse? Medusa Throwing WWE Womens Title in Trash On Nitro or Candice winning the belt?
  • Dusty Rhodes DVD Anthology
  • Sh**ing on Dana 'Dameson'
  • Comparing 1/2 eaten meat to bootleg PPV's
  • Niece of Osama Bin Laden on Reality Show & lots more!
  • (Recorded 3/13/2006)

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