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Minority Report Webcast 5/29/06 (Wrestling-News.com)


  • WWE raises their PPV prices to offset decreased fan interest.
  • Are you really excited about ECW? Or could it be that....
  • One of us predicts ECW as the new NWO (or at least it will appear that way)
  • Didnt Kurt Angle lead 'Anti-ECW' group last year?
  • Excuse me who is Bryan Danielson? And why should we care?
  • Orlando Jordan + Underage Mark x Reckless Parents = WWE Termination
  • Why RVD is already WWE Damaged Goods (and no its not his fault).
  • Everyone should shut the fu** up and stop bitching about Barry Bonds
  • Will you Double Dip DX?
  • Blondes vs Brunettes on Raw
  • Showing love to Paul Gleason, RIP
  • Depleted Roster + ECW = Smackdown
  • Daffney / Locks Of Love, How You Can Donate Hair & Help A Child suffering from Cancer.
  • Who stole Psychosis' wig?
  • Does anyone remember the Beulah 'Silver Bullet' Porn?
  • X-Men, See No Evil, Southland Tales (The Rock) Movie Discussion
  • Lots of Injuries & Drug Suspensions WWE
  • Gotta criticize the 'ECW Street Team Member' who ripped Vince McMahon's comments
  • Best Wishes To Superstar Billy Graham
  • Would you get married on 6-6-6?
  • TNA Impact, Raw & Smackdown discussion, Pop Culture, your LIVE
  • Plus your LIVE CALL-INS to the show, & more!




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Minority Report Webcast 5/22/06 (Wrestling-News.com)


  • Joanie Laurer Raps! And we have the exclusive audio! (No Joke)
  • Its disgusting that the most talked about Tag Team right now is 'Well Dunn'.
  • John Cena and ESPN analyst Stephen A Smith: Separated at birth?
  • Gotta love Davey Scheravage. Chavo vs Rey was never a rumor Dave, it was our prediction for 3 weeks now.
  • See No Evil
  • Is it us, or did the Spirit Squad look real careless with the HBK beatdown?
  • Why Terry Funk will never make Dancing With The Stars!
  • WWE doing the right thing pushing Mark Henry & Khali (for real!)
  • Why Kane Should Be Pissed even more at hearing '6' than 'May 19'.
  • Update on ECW talents & the indies, who can still work & who can't. Plus updated details on ECW TV.
  • RVD cashes in his briefcase, & fans go take a leak.
  • MnM split due to suspensions? Or are 2 about to get 'Raw'
  • Beth Phoenix stars in the USA Network original: 'The Last Tough Guy'
  • How to air your commercials on our webcast.
  • CM Punk = Get ready for a Raven ripoff in the new ECW
  • Speaking of Raven, we explain why he should be the #1 guy in ECW, not Rob Van Dam.
  • Vince McMahon hanging & banging with Dr Penetration
  • We show love to Axl Rotten, Steven D'Angelis, Daffney, & other ECW bound stars.
  • Big Vito to join Orlando Jordan on Brokeback Mountain?
  • Remember last week how we ripped websites & their 'John Cena is off the market' news articles? Well Cena has responded & its funny.
  • WWE Judgement Day PPV fallout, Raw & Smackdown discussion.
  • Plus your LIVE CALL-INS to the show, & more!
  • WARNING: STRONG LANGUAGE & ADULT CONTENT.(Recorded Monday 5/22/2006)










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Minority Report Webcast 5/15/06 (Wrestling-News.com)


  • Chavo Guerrero vs Rey Mysterio
  • Vince McMahon doing his best Al Pacino / Godfather III impersonation on Raw.
  • Update on our Khali Green 'It Was An Accident' T-Shirt Contest - Win $100!
  • Terry Funk could have preached the family of Al Qaeda instead of ECW Monday; he would have received the same pop.
  • Enough of this American Idol crap. The only eliminations we care about, involve a toilet, tissue paper, and a place to dump it.
  • We expose Tod Gordon as a liar with his 'Idiot' defense.
  • "Gee wiz Chad, this isn't your daddy's ECW"
  • Rey Mysterio makes history with his World Title Reign
  • Is WWE ever going to crown a Black Champion?
  • Can someone send Matt Striker a Florida Alligator? Please?!
  • Tom Hanks getting ready to 'Slaughter' Kane - Goodnight Jacob!
  • Sorry Mike, you're still not working for this ECW!
  • Are You A Double Dipper?
  • Did anyone notice the layers of coverup on Beth Phoenix's face on Raw? Sorry Beth, you're nowhere near WWE Diva material.
  • Chewing the fat on Amy Fisher, return of Knight Rider, Miami Vice, Rocky 7, The Rock vs Joanie Laurer, & more. 
  • Convicted Murderer Scott Peterson's new WWE nickname.
  • We debate Indy shows and ticket sellers. How to cut down the chances of an indy disaster.
  • Kevin Nash: The Rip Van Winkle of TNA Wrestling.
  • Lots of Video Game, Playstation 3, XBox Live discussion
  • How To Watch Live WWE PPV's Online For Less Than $2 Each
  • Orlando Jordan about to climb Brokeback Mountain
  • WWE sabotaging Rey Mysterio title reign because 'Size Does Matter'?
  • The Invincible Eddie Guerrero, Owen Hart, Brian Pillman, etc...
  • Gotta love the 'John Cena is off the market' news articles.
  • Preview: Chris Candido Memorial Show '06 (Bethpage, NY) this Saturday night!
  • Plus your LIVE CALL-INS to the show, & more!
  • (Recorded Monday 5/15/2006)





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Minority Report Webcast 5/8/06 (Wrestling-News.com)


  • Khali Green 'It Was An Accident' T-Shirt Contest - Win $100!
  • Why didn't RVD 'save' Tommy Dreamer on Raw?
  • Anyone notice lack of E-C-W chants on Raw? And if WWE keeps trying to force fans to chant it, they will sh** all over it.
  • Why blend of ECW veterans and new young talent must happen to make ECW still work.
  • WWE MUST drop the 'Renegades' ECW angle.
  • A plea from Anthony DeBlasi for WWE fans to get behind Matt Striker
  • Johnny Ace hiring with his d*** instead of his brain.
  • Foley putting over Orton & Edge to help their careers. Nash putting over AJ Styles (or anyone else) to help his wallet.
  • Booker T & Batista altercation: Not the first time Booker T has had a backstage fight with a wrestler.
  • Dreamer & Funk vs Edge & Foley @ ECW PPV
  • Stop sh**ing on Finlay's Midget Sidekick 'Brokeback'.
  • Colorado's stupidity pushing a 13 Year Old Pro wrestler
  • 'Sweet' Reminder for Kirk 'Slash' Farrington.
  • Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff, Jason Hervey & Socko.
  • Lots of DX Discussion, XPac, Melissa Coates, John Cena?
  • And you thought we were off the wall predicting WWE of 'Milking' Rey's title reign a month ago. Get ready for the same on Raw.
  • TNA Starting 'Revolving Door' Trend once again?
  • Funny ribs involving Ex Lax, Alpo, & Levitra! Rib a kid today. Give 'em Chocolate Ex Lax!
  • Beth Phoenix debuts on Raw? Could her gimmick backfire?
  • RVD vs JBL? RVD vs Cena? RVD vs Triple H? RVD vs Edge?
  • Jim Cornette To TNA
  • Plus Pop Culture, Raw discussion, your LIVE CALL-INS to the show, & more!
(Recorded Monday 5/8/2006)







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Minority Report Webcast 5/1/06 (Wrestling-News.com)


  • Hotline Audio Clips of New Jack ripping Chris Cash for wanting to do a 'nig**r angle on his Voice of Wrestling webcast.
  • Joey Styles' RAW Shoot & why ECW can NEVER be 'Renegades' again..
  • What's with all these F**king Illegal Immigrant Protests?
  • We celebrate the One Year Anniversary of PWInsider.com refusing to help Chris Candido Memorial Fund
  • Vince McMahon tells God to 'Go To Hell' (On the next PPV that is)
  • We preview WWE 'Wreckless Intent' CD
  • WWE forcing John Cena push similar to The Rock - Backwards
  • Tons of ECW discussion; Ring of Gabe sh**ing bricks right now.
  • Why RVD 'Money In The Bank' storyline may take an 'Extremely' stupid turn.
  • Brock Lesnar going into Mixed Martial Arts, TNA run impossible?
  • WWE Hyping Kane's movie as if its Rated TV-14
  • We actually dig Umaga and Alejandro Pedro Armando Jopanga Estrada
  • Spirit Squad must give some great h**d backstage
  • Jim Ross gets his own street. (I wonder if it's a crooked road).
  • RVD & Carlito sharing Apples & Weed
  • ECW returning to ECW Arena
  • Why Heidenreich was really fired from WWE
  • Why some former ECW stars are not running to Vince (and no its not because many of them are dead)
  • Rey Mysterio's title reign may go down in the record books as one of  the worst reigns ever.
  • Why we are very happy with Matt Striker's push right now. 
  • Plus Pop Culture, your LIVE CALL-INS to the show, & more!

(Recorded Monday 5/1/2006)

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