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  • Identity of WWE / ECW 'Schlong In The Thong'..
  • ECW Superstars, Wrestlers, Rebels, Extremists, Hasbeens, Pawns..
  • Gotta laugh 'hard' at the Marky Mark Mark wrestling news sites reporting as news (and posting pics) that Orlando Jordan is a homosexual..
  • Game 11 Of NBA Finals Causes This Week's ECW Ratings Drop..
  • After years of acknowledgment by fans, it will soon be uncool to chant 'ECW' at your local wrestling event..
  • Too much more DX will reveal two 40 year olds acting like idiots..
  • Who every ECW fan wants to see pushed hard: Mike Knox and Teen Kelly. Someone please cut their break lines in their cars..
  • Congrats to The Highlanders On Winning WWE Tag Titles..
  • Samoa Joe needs to lose a TNA match NOW..
  • Remember fans. WWE creative.. = ECW creative team..
  • Tommy Dreamer's latest column proves too many chairshots to the head. And if you think that's a joke, listen to 4 examples why..
  • Johnny Nitro good, but not IC Material - Yet..
  • I never knew the 'Old Joey Styles' wore a Spirit Squad Cheerleader Outfit..
  • One simple way to give 'ECW' feeling: Have Sandman cane Justin Roberts to death, and bring back Stephen DeAngelis..
  • I never thought Id see the day where something could be worse than the ECWCW Invasion angle..
  • Ric Flair vs Mick Foley - Hell In A Cell?..
  • Daffney returns to NY end of July..
  • Bye bye Freaking Deakane!..
  • Please wash your fruit before eating it..
  • Vince McMahon taking complete control of ECW Creative Control..
  • Wow, an entire show done and we didn't mention John Cena even once!..
  • Plus Vengeance, TNA, Raw, Smackdown discussion and lots more!..


(Recorded Wednesday 6/28/2006)

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Minority Report Webcast 6/19/06 (Wrestling-News.com)


  • Cartoon Network has Saved By The Bell, MTV has Yo Mama, BET has White people, why does Sci Fi have to have f**king Sci-Fi during ECW?..
  • Jim Ross Flips out during his audio Ross Report..
  • Triple H buries The Sandman, who is in violation of Manlaw #5!..
  • One way to offeset Smackdown crowd @ ECW? Dim the Lights Nitwits!..
  • Did anyone notice how HBK was absent during every Adult related DX moment on Raw..
  • Since we predicted all along WWE vs ECW would go far beyond PPV, what we think will happen next..
  • Didn't Kane just make a Horror / Sci-Fi movie? Why isnt he in ECW?..
  • Identity of the female beast from TNA Slammiversary. Get ready for all the Joanie Laurer comparisons. Guaranteed..
  • Shouldnt spots like Sabu from Raw (Putting Cena thru table) be saved for the ECW show?..
  • Chairbashing 3 ECW stars + Clean pins of ECW stars on Raw = Extreme Credibility Wasted..
  • Why Samoa Joe pinning Scott Steiner was the wrong thing to do.. 
  • Showing love for The Zombie..
  • Someone please kidnap Alex Shelley & dye his hair one color..
  • Why Francine, CW Anderson, & others have not appeared on ECW -yet.. 
  • A 'One Night Stand' for a certain African American co-host..
  • Showing love to our listeners from Down Under to Down South. Plus TNA, ECW, WWE Raw & Smackdown discussion, your live calls & lots more!..


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Minority Report Webcast 6/12/06 (Wrestling-News.com)


  • ECW PPV Compared to bad Oral Sex
  • Remembering Dr D. David Schultz Slapping John Stossel, Hulk Hogan Bloodying Richard Beltzer
  • We told you weeks ago WWE vs ECW would go far beyond PPV
  • Interesting Wrestling Documentary Coming To DVD This Summer.
  • Whatcha gonna do ECW, the day that Vince & Paul E have creative differences?!
  • Someone in WWE please kill Jim Johnson and hire Harry Slash
  • Remembering Mel Philips & Pat Patterson's WWF Homosexcapes 
  • Rob Van Dam @ WWE Vengeance
  • Soon the buzz will be how ECW wrestlers are booed on their own show cause f***ing Smackdown / WWE fans are in attendance.
  • Remembering when our f***ing relatives used to taunt us when we were kids that 'wrestling was fake
  • Was it just us, or was Taz winded?
  • The $10,000 answer why Trinity was on ECW PPV.
  • 'That 90's Show' Starring Mike Johnson
  • 'You Lost That Renegade Feeling'
  • You think Hat Guy & ECW Regulars feel betrayed?
  • Well, we asked to have Sandman cane a WWE star.
  • Thank you John 'Earthquake' Tenta
  • JBL / Smackdown's Newest Announcer
  • Jimmy Yang Brokeback Mountain Gimmick - Tribute to Gabe Sapolsky? Or art imitating life?
  • And I though African Americans were the best dancers
  • Quick John Gotti / Howard Beach story, TNA, ECW, WWE Raw & Smackdown discussion, & lots more!









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Minority Report Webcast 6/5/06 (Wrestling-News.com)


  • We warned you weeks ago that this would turn into WWE vs ECW far beyond any Wednesday special. (Dont forget our NWO comparisons!)
  • Sucks to be a fan of the new ECW, and know one day Stephanie or Vince could show up on ECW TV & shut it down.
  • Bet the ranch, Cena to retain, Sabu to win the title?
  • Is Jim Ross starting to look like a Ventriloquist Dummy?
  • Macho Man coming to The Surreal Life!
  • Stay away from the Bastion Booger WWE Ice Cream Bars!
  • Fan calls in and rips Voice of Wrestling! Wait until you hear why.
  • Attack of the 50 foot Luchadores!
  • What Charlie Haas told Lilian last night after Raw.
  • Balls & Axl vs Aliens!
  • Taz and his 'one last match' comment.
  • Foley rips Funk's flesh then eats it!
  • Three Titted Dudley!
  • Axl Rotten no shows Raw, where's Perry Saturn, Sunny, more.
  • What Pwspyware doesnt know about MTV Wrestling Project.
  • You think Hat Guy & other ECW loyalists feel betrayed?
  • Which WWE Diva would you #(!()!@ ?
  • ECW + Success = TNA Exclusive Contracts
  • Beth Phoenix cracks her own jaw, undergoes surgery.
  • Tracy Smothers accepts Kurt Angle's 'Open Challenge' at ECW ONS 2 (Oops! Paul Heyman has something else in his mouth after that one!)
  • Plus stupid commercials, your Call-Ins to the show, & lots more!




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