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  • Why Samoa Joe needs to lose his first match soon -  and by who..
  • Interesting facts uncovered that conflicts Kurt Angle's recent claims of leaving WWE, painkiller addiction, and more..
  • Why the Nerd Demographic must keep Ring Of Honor afloat..
  • Defending TNA and the 'Turkey' gift to Tammy Lynn Sytch..
  • Amazing how Kevin Federline did a better job on WWE TV than Big Show, Booker T, etc..
  • Hey Kanyon: If WWE fired you because you are gay, why not hire a lawyer and sue for wrongful termination? Or are you doing all this publicity to get c***..
  • How disrespectful to have TNA emulate Miss Elizabeth storyline with a rat who managed midcarders..
  • Cpl Kirchner should be glad WWE falsely reported his death. Brutus Beefcake, Bryan Adams, Ahmed Johnson and others wish WWE would report they died..
  • One huge reason noone ever talks about why TV ratings are down..
  • Using vintage WWF wrestling figures as real weapons..
  • Does anybody care if Eugene flips out, acts retarded, smiles, cries, screams?..
  • Why Wade Keller, Mike Johnson, and others suck the c*** of Gabe and Cary..
  • Nothing hotter than a sixteen year old 'exhibitionist' eh WWE?..
  • Can fans shut the f*** up about the low TNA Impact ratings?..
  • The debate over how to treat a retard..
  • Spike TV should do a TNA all day block to introduce new fans..
  • Sh**ing on Cyber Sunday, WWE editing entrances, Kanyon..
  • 'LOL I'll pretend you said 18'..
  • Showing love to K-Fed, The Honeymooners, Joe Spinnel, Ultimate Warrior, Designing Women..
  • Billy Kidman: The human glass of milk..
  • Samoa Joe vs Kurt Angle for TNA Genesis is WAY TOO SOON!..
  • Why Sting as TNA Heavyweight Champ unfortunately is a mistake..
  • Keep on the lookout for Johnny Jeter and Kenny Doane..
  • Plus Raw, TNA, Smackdown discussion, and lots more!..
(Recorded Monday 10/23/2006)

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  • Why WWE Champion Of Champions match is a foolish idea..
  • Ever listen to the ECW commercial? They've sat and waited for their new found power. Get the f*** out of here..
  • Hey Eric Bischoff. Is the wife swapping in your book?..
  • Who to believe: Dave Meltzer or Marty Jannetty. Sorry Marty..
  • WWE editing Real American into NWO entrances is sacrilegious..
  • Jumpin Joey Maggs isn't jumpin anymore..
  • Why Bischoff will be the referee at the Cyber Sunday PPV. And why the Heavyweight Title that will be on the line will win the match..
  • If you are an LAX fan, buy the JAPW 'Revolution' DVD of Homicide vs Teddy Hart street fight. We'll refund your money if you don't enjoy the DVD..
  • Would you slip the Platinos to Queen Latifah?..
  • Our feelings on Cryme Time's debut..
  • Showing love to Francine. Perfect example why WWE hasn't a clue how to maximize their viewing audience..
  • Kurt Angle made himself the biggest story of 2006; comparing him to Hulk Hogan going to WCW..
  • Someone on our show masturbated to Brooke Hogan..
  • Umaga vs Steve O brought back memories of Perry Saturn vs Mike Bell..
  • Why Teddy Hart is not in TNA or WWE right now..
  • Guess who has the #1 TNA #1 ECW #2 WWE #2 pro wrestling webcast on Itunes?!..
  • Congratulations to Mr & Mrs Louie Ramos!..
  • How f***ed up is the WWE tag team scene? Sites are actually making a big deal about Squire Dave Taylor's return..
  • Rob Conway should become black..
  • How come no head turns from women, kids, and the brothas when we saw The Marine?..
  • Why the DX vs Edge & Orton is designed only to help one person..
  • Brent Albright 'cleans out his WWE desk'..
  • Hey JR. Talent working elsewhere doesn't mean hiatus..
  • Who's uglier? Vickie Guerrero or Bertha Faye..
  • Discussing the story behind Shane Douglas / Francine animosity..
  • Remember when we compared CM Punk to The Heartbreakers WWE stint?..
  • Why the debate of The Internet hurting or helping wrestling should stop..
  • Discussing why WWE keeping skipping over legends for DVD's..
  • Plus Raw, TNA, Smackdown discussion, and lots more!..
(Recorded Monday 10/16/2006)

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  • Who's uglier? Vickie Guerrero or Mimi from Drew Carey?..
  • Why NWO is still so dominant in Eric Bischoff book promos..
  • Who would have thought Mike would end up so Rotunda..
  • The Minority Report anticipates the Dr D David Schultz Shoot Interview..
  • They say they want TNA to excel and have success. Yet why don't superstars like Sting never do 'freebies'?..
  • In storyline, why isn't Edge trying to attack John Cena anymore?..
  • Why Scott Hall and XPac is a better NWO feud for DX than Kevin Nash..
  • Comparing WWE to receiving oral sex from a wife of 20 years..
  • Message to Jim Cornette. We appreciate what you've done for wrestling. But shut up and stop acting like a whining bit**..
  • Is WWE leading to Chavo slipping Vickie Guerrero the Platinos?!..
  • Why Tally-Ho Extreme Strip Poker won't generate a better rating..
  • Why another singles title is even more important now for TNA since Kurt Angle is now the topic of conversation..
  • Dont be surprised if WWE approaches Bret Hart about his book..
  • MVP: Perfect example of overhype of a green wrestler noone knows or cares about..
  • Coming soon to co-host The Minority Report: DLO Brown!..
  • Why do fans complain after dozens of sh**y WWE PPV's ? Here's some advice. Don't order the next one you fu**ing goofball..
  • Didn't Batista look rejuvinated on the Raw Reunion show?..
  • Lashley needs facial hair..
  • Did I miss something? Why is John Cena acting like a marine outside the movie studio?..
  • Why Jackass skits in TNA backfired..
  • Why news sites need to hold back from reporting certain items..
  • How WWE can make more money off their PPV's..
  • Looking at Vince McMahon's comments from WWE Byte This..
  • The ABC's on how to differentiate Vince McMahon the person and the character..
  • Is Kanyon helping or hurting his chances for a TV wrestling return..
  • Clubber Lang turns down Rocky for a stupid reality show..
  • You think if JR passed on right now, it would be from a 'broken heart' too?..
  • Gotta laugh at WWE's apologize for the nudity on the No Mercy PPV..
  • Shelton Benjamin will be released shortly - unfortunately..
  • Showing love to Scott Steiner, JBL (The Commentator); Jay Lethal
  • Chris Sabin losing his mid-card luster..
  • And lots more!..
(Recorded Monday 10/9/2006)

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  • Eric Bischoff planting more NWO seeds than Wilt Chamberlain..
  • Sorry fans. There's no magic lightbulb WWE can turn on to make storylines great if TNA becomes competition..
  • Dixie Carter attempts Damage Control for Kurt Angle. We dissect her very slick comments about Kurt Angle..
  • Has the IC Title become the WWE version of the X-Division Title?..
  • Get ready for 'taking out the trash' ripoff towards DX..
  • Our 2 guaranteed scenarios for DX vs NWO feud..
  • Reason why we never paid attention to JBL / WWE contract rumors..
  • WWE visiting troops, doing Make A Wish, donating $$ etc doesn't give them 'credits' towards being disrespectful..
  • We told you after the First Vignette Cryme Time would be over big time with fans as 'faces'..
  • Gotta love WWE stupidity touting a faux pa' as being 'extreme'..
  • We review and highly recommend the Brian Pillman WWE DVD..
  • Did PBA (Police Brothas Association) complain about Cryme Time?..
  • Audio preview of new Raw theme by Papa Roach and why we compare it to fingernails across a blackboard..
  • Raw Reunion Special will lead to new storylines & Survivor Series angles..
  • Will you watch the Dustin 'Screech' Diamond XXX Video?..
  • Comparing Arnold Skaaland to a Potted Plant..
  • Reason why WWE doing a Saturday Byte This w/ Vince McMahon..
  • Why you can't compare recycled wrestling storylines to the music industry..
  • Shouldnt the Edge / Cena cagematch have happened BEFORE the TLC match?..
  • Gotta feel bad for Chris Masters and the remark made by HHH..
  • Reason why DX has been wrestling in their shirts..
  • Showing love to Bam Bam Bigelow, Konnan, Gail Kim, Latino Prostitutes, Perry Saturn, Lex Luger..
  • Why Jeff Jarrett deserves to be in the Top 10 of 2006..
  • RIP Chris Cash. Maybe we'll give you a job for our show..
  • New Chat Room launched for Wrestling-News.com and Webcasts..
  • Showing lots of love for Bob Backlund..
  • Vickie Guerrero makes Katie Vick sexy and interesting..
  • Does Shane McMahon come across as the good apple of the McMahon family?..
  • And lots more!..
(Recorded Monday 10/2/2006)




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