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  • Hey whiney geeks, stop bitching about Samoa Joe vs Kurt Angle match. It's only the start of something special..
  • And TNA shouldnt have a 'Match of The Decade' while they're only getting 0.8 ratings..
  • LOL @ Vince Russo giving Jim Cornette the horrible angle of stripping LAX of the belts. Long drive home ay there Jimbo!..
  • One of us emphatically thinks WWE should bring OJ Simpson to Raw..
  • Minority Report will remember Lita as sloppy, and how she showed that some inexperienced r*** can get to the top..
  • And why didn't WWE make Lita vs Mickie James @ Survivor Series a retirement match?..
  • WTF WWE. No King Kong (Bruiser) Brody, Abdullah The Butcher, Rick Martel, Ken Patera, Stan Hansen, Dick The Bruiser matches on the AWA DVD? (To name a few)..
  • Gotta love TMZ and how they censored Kramer saying f***, but kept all the ni**er words in..
  • Prediction: Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe will 'switch sides' soon..
  • David Arquette is praying WWE puts the title on Kevin Federline..
  • Shi**ing on Vince's ass cartoon, TNA's handling of Bobby Roode..
  • Supernerds, shut the f*** up about Samoa Joe losing his first match. We told you he had to do it soon. And by losing, he is winning..
  • Apologizing to Kevin Nash for some recent comments on the show..
  • LOL ECW PPV is less than 2 weeks away, and only 1 match announced..
  • Oh God please TNA don't add Senshi or anyone else to team LAX..
  • TNA must change their announce team. Get Borash out of the f***ing ring, put Don West in the back, and take Tenay off Play by Play..
  • How TNA can boost their viewing audience with some simple shuffling of their show..
  • Have you seen Tatanka's new look?..
  • Coming soon: K-Fed training videos?..
  • LOL @ websites reporting Hulk Hogan music on Victoria Secret commercials..
  • Debate over how WWE will react to Voodoo Kin Mafia skits..
  • Showing love to Tyson Tomko, Abyss, Roddy Piper, Sting, HBK..
  • WWE meeting with Pride for a Wrestlemania match?..
  • Plus Raw, TNA, Smackdown, Raw vs Smackdown 2007 Video Game discussion, your calls, and lots more!..
Hosted by Don Tony, Kevin Castle, Joey 9:24, and Smoked Out.

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  • Did my eyes deceive me? Or did I see John Cena now wearing (and kissing) Dog Tags?..
  • Exposing the shady moronic CT State Employees. Amazing how geeks that f*** with shows always 'go on vacation'..
  • Hey morons, dont sh** on TNA and Outlaws for rehashing 1998 angle. Doesnt WWE do it each week with return of DX? And as we called it, James Gang (aka New Age Outlaws) tape TNA segments at WWE HQ..
  • JBL abuses Tully Blanchard, and WWE doesn't do a damn thing about it.
  • Isnt it amazing how JBL cries when he feels he's treated like sh**, yet does the same to others? By the way, use floss the next time you smile on Fox News Channel..
  • Pick up the 'Dr. D' David Schultz Shoot Interview..
  • Open Invitation for Kanyon to come (not cum) aboard The Minority Report..
  • Kevin Federline will be Americas Most Loved (well by us) if he releases the Britney Spears Sex Video..
  • Rumors of Cher's Son dipping his d*** in bleach after f****ing Paris Hilton..
  • Anyone notice how WWE didn't even mention Eddie Guerrero during Raw, the exact 1 year anniversary of his passing?..
  • TNA wouldn't air footage of CT incident if they were the ones that fu**ed up. And if I were TNA, say F*** You to CT and never go back..
  • Wow Jonathan Coachman isn't afraid at DX anymore..
  • Gotta love those huge WSX Main Events!..
  • Sh**ing on Spirit Squad vs Legends storyline, WSX overhype, Milk Toast Cryme Time, Chris Cash..
  • Guess the TNA Primetime Rating contest..
  • Why didn't WWE ever have Kane attempt to gouge eyeballs of his opponents?..
  • WWE Cartoon based on a buttock. I wonder if ***** d*** plays a supporting role inside the buttock..
  • Which would you rather %%#(!)? Sharmell or Kristal?
  • 11/11: The date fans will look back on as the start of TNA vs WWE war. And TNA needs to have 'attitude'..
  • Showing love to Borat, LiveLeak.com, SD vs Raw 2007, Cookiegate, Talia Madison..
  • Hey Minister Ted, you gonna bash the Jews again when you tour NY?..
  • Story behind WWE's 3 attempts to sue Wrestling-News.com..
  • Imagine if WWE matches still told stories..
  • Ever dream of wrestling for Ring Of Honor? Now you can now buy the actual ROH ring!
  • Plus Raw, TNA, Smackdown discussion, your calls, and lots more!..
(Recorded Monday 11/13/2006)
Hosted by Don Tony, Joey 9:24, and Kevin Castle


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  • The brilliant reason why TNA had a shemale, midget, A-1, and a disabled wrestler in Kevin Nash X-Division Invitational. And why not one of you should have bashed the idea..
  • F*** you to everyone who complained abour Lita vs Cena on Raw last month, then voted Coach vs Cena..
  • Praising the Mean Gene Okerlund, Heidenreich, and Hart Foundation shoot interviews, Shi**ing on Christian shoot interview..
  • Hey Cryme Time, overdoing their blackness & greenness doesnt mix..
  • Showing love to Talia Madison, Lanny Barbie, Ultimate Warrior, Big Show, Undertaker vs Undertaker, Four Horsemen, Jazz, John Layfield..
  • Please WWE, team Benjamin and Haas already go*damit..
  • First there was Myspace, now there is Ni*gaspace..
  • The Minority Report version of Dateline 'To Catch A Predator', laughing at weirdos busted, why Chris Henson needs to be careful..
  • TNA needs to change their announce team..
  • WWE Agent who pushed for Arn Anderson to manage CW Anderson and elevate his character..
  • Always wear clean underwear when going for a drive..
  • Hopefully WWE doesnt turn Sylvester Turkay into ECW Beowolf..
  • Even Vince McMahon could run out of creative steam..
  • WWE planting Cyberseeds, and we will predict every vote outcome..
  • Over a month we've predicted Chavo slipping the Platinos to Vickie Guerrero. Check out the newest rumor about that storyline..
  • If youre gonna download porn from us, share yours or else..
  • Interpretation why WWE didn't apologize to Cpl Kirchner..
  • Don't be surprised if WWE brings back APA shirts..
  • Comparing fan 'pops' of yesteryear and today..
  • Yodels, delicious..
  • Shi**ing on Lance Cade, Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, The Naturals, Tazz..
  • Plus Raw, TNA, Smackdown discussion, your calls, PPV Predictions content, and lots more!..
WARNING: STRONG LANGUAGE & ADULT CONTENT..RUNNING TIME: 3 HOURS 20 MINUTES..(Recorded Monday 10/30/2006)..Hosted by Don Tony, Joey 9:24, Kevin Castle, and Smoked Out.

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