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A special 3 Hour Pre-Recorded HOLIDAY 2006 episode of The Minority Report:

  • The Year In Review: WWE, TNA, and ECW in 2006..
  • Who wants to see Spike TV MXC show more violent? Have them fall onto spikes and put alligators in the lakes!..
  • 'Hey Pepe, look at de spots on da liva!' Anyone worrying that Konnan is getting surgery in MEXICO?..
  • David Flair selling Slurpies?..
  • Is it just us or does Lashley sound like a girl?..
  • TNA needs another mouthpiece for LAX and fast. Why not Savio Vega for a temporary fix?..
  • TNA needs to go 90 minutes, NOT two hours for at least another year. And please tell Spike TV to rearrange your commercial spots during Impact. You're turning off lots of fans especially during Main Events..
  • Mama Guerrero's heart attack, Eddie's wife in car accident, Kerwin White, Vickie on TV period: Is a big part of the Guerrero family just a little bit warped?..
  • James Brown & Ray Charles rekindle their feud in the heavens..
  • Are you sick of all the remakes of f*****g movies and songs? Wait until Halloween..
  • Message to VKM: Milk the skits to at least Survivor Series 2007! You'll have lots of material coming soon!..
  • If you can leave Vickie Guerrero on TV, you would think WWE would have kept Paul Heyman as an on-air character. Especially since fans appreciate him..
  • Do you dream about the last thing you watch on TV at night?..
  • Discussing reasons why TNA has not had a House Show in NY..
  • Debating WWE massive publicity for Tribute To The Troops..
  • Can people like Jim Ross and others finally shut the f*** up about how 'most of what you read on the net is not true'..
  • WWE desperately trying to gain the Hip-Hop MTV demographic..
  • Great Khali could have been a true throwback for wrestling fans. But WWE refuses to allow it..
  • Speaking of, watch closely how WWE will take stupid measures so you don't cheer Haas & Benjamin..
  • Looking back at how bad WWE feuds were in 2006. This debate is probably our most entertaining and best debate of this year..
  • Wrestlers jumping to MMA. Who will do well, and who will suck donkey di**..
  • Got to love how WWE keeps saying trip to Iraq was 'voluntary'. Yet when talent doesn't go, WWE gets pissed off..
  • Does Test get the Hypocrite Of The Year Award for 2006?!..
  • Discussing the Painkiller addictions in wrestling, and so much more!.
Hosted by Don Tony, Kevin Castle, Joey 9:24, and Mo Black.

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  • Shouldn't Cryme Time have brought out Carmello Anthony or do a Knicks skit instead of George W Bush?..
  • Why is it that a WWE wrestler can violate drug policy and keep his push. Yet behavioral issues result in taken off events?..
  • If Kevin Federline really wants to be Americas Most Hated, shouldn't he no sell John Cena and walk out and embarass WWE?!..
  • Coming (or should we say cumming) this weekend to the site, naked photos of ECW Ariel!..
  • You'd think with a 3 hour Raw, WWE would have focused more on pushing underutilized talent instead of wrestlers working triple duty..
  • WWE George Bush, Michael Richards, Mel Gibson, and other skits are cheap attempts of WWE trying to get media to mention them..
  • Friendly message to fans. Until Rob Van Dam leaves WWE, please shut up about the RVD TNA matches in 2007..
  • Spirit Squad Kenny & Johnny - Dysktra / Jeter connection..
  • Our preview of the Blackheart Year End Awards..
  • Speaking of Feud of The Year, what about the altercation between Kevin Castle and Mo Black during the show?..
  • Was someone having sex with a dog during the show?..
  • Who is the president of Africa?..
  • The $1,000,000 answer why wrestling will never fall flat on its face and recover as it did in the past..
  • Why do so many YouTube TubeHos dance sexy sideways on cam?..
  • Thanks JR and your stupid comments in the Oleg Prudis skit..
  • Showing love to The Spoiler, Mike Tobin, XPeeps.com, Molly Holly new DVD, Joey Mercury, Frank Stallone, & Rocky Balboa..
  • Reason why TNA can't go two hours right now. But 90 minutes would be perfect..
  • Poking fun at the Three Faces Of Lashley..
  • Which Rocky movie was your favorite?..
  • Kevin Federline to 'double cross' Johnny Nitro & Melina?..
  • Audio clips of John Cena from 2003 compared to 2006. Great example how WWE & Cena has said f*** you to the adult fans and hello to the kiddies, teenie girls, and geeks..
  • The reason why the hokey promos of 20 years ago is still enjoyable yet the ones of today suck donkey ba***..
  • Did Hulk Hogan really fear Dr D. David Schultz back in the day?..
  • Shi**ing on MVP, Tommy Dreamer, Vickie Guerrero, NY Yankees..
  • Anthony 'Don Tony' DeBlasi goes solo for 30 minutes and answers dozens of wrestling questions from the chat room..
  • Plus Raw, TNA, Smackdown, your calls, and lots more!..
Hosted by Don Tony, Kevin Castle, Joey 9:24, Mo Black, and Smoked Out.


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  • Previewing the 2006 Blackheart Year End Awards, we pick what WWE wrestler we would f*** if we were homosexual. Hear who chose Umaga? Finlay's Little Bastard? Jim Ross? Vickie Guerrero?..
  • Hey JR, you bash Rick Martel as AWA champ but have the b**** to say **** as champion material?..
  • Kudos to WWE for Tribute To The Troops. But that doesn't give you a free pass to be disrespectful and tasteless during the non-holiday season..
  • Showing love and a new found respect for Verne & Greg Gagne..
  • Funny observation with the Snickers commercial that airs during Raw..
  • Comparing Kevin Federline and Mike Tyson WWE involvement. Why Tyson worked and K-Fed simply won't..
  • Mike Tyson = Bad Ass, Mr Britney Spears = Dumb Ass. Good one Johnny Ace you stupid f***..
  • Taking a look at the upcoming Rocky film and why noone should sh** on it..
  • As we predicted all along, Kurt Angle vs Samoa Joe would be a three match storyline. First one for Kurt, second for Samoa Joe, and the third?..
  • You stupid marks sh**ing on Vince Russo. You prefer TNA to keep getting 30,000 PPV buys and 0.8 ratings? And remember the Jackass skits BEFORE Russo took over? Shut up and stop drinking Anti-Russo Kool Aid just to feel part of a clique..
  • Quick update and discussion on DDP suing Jay-Z for Diamond Cutter symbol. A message for DDP. It's sad you think you need a symbol to get your Yoga sh** over. Actually, do you realize we laugh at you for doing the cutter before doing a Yoga move?..
  • Every single one of us deep down would love to see Triple H & Shawn Michaels have a confrontation between VKM..
  • Jac 'The Pu**y' Sabboth no-shows Don Tony challenge..
  • Minority Report has been asking for Haas & Benjamin to return as a team, and we got it but..
  • Ok Kenny Doane will be a star. But he's not f***ing ready. Stop the upper roster push please..
  • Anyone notice how Cryme Time's skits have been taped lately? JR says theyre not 'comfortable' on TV yet. Actually, it's hard for these two to come off black when having milk toast whiteys from creative telling them how to be black in skits..
  • Remembering Salvatore Bellomo..
  • Small subtle change with Johnny Nitro that recently happened that noone may have noticed, but will shortly..
  • The reason why TNA is doing the David Eckstein / MLB angle right now..
  • The reason why Eugene will not 'show up' on WWE TV as Nick Dinsmore..
  • Interesting how WWE went the NFL route over the years and never the MLB..
  • Secret to Diva Search success and why we predicted every winner since the start..
  • Plus Raw, TNA, Smackdown, your calls, and lots more!..
Hosted by Don Tony, Kevin Castle, Joey 9:24, Mo Black, and Smoked Out.

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  • How milky white has Cryme Time become? Shouldnt they have kicked the eldery, stole the presents, and hopped thru the window of the Old Age Home? Now that would have been entertaining..
  • All WWE had to do is give the fans one payoff for them at the ECW PPV, and the feedback would be entirely different. Maybe WWE thought Lashley was it. LMFAO..
  • Lashley + Sloppy in ring work = Record number of 'You Fu**ed Up' chants..
  • Ending the stupid rumors that WWE owns or has any financial interest in TNA..
  • Defending TNA for airing a PPV Quality match on Impact..
  • Laughing at pwspyware marks who bitched thinking Spirit Squad was back at OVW. Stevie Wonder could have seen their 'OVW shipment' was a joke..
  • Sorry WWE. The vignettes end sooner or later and when they do, you have several 'Not Ready For Primetime Players' on television..
  • Wouldn't it be funny if Eric Bischoff ends up as the ECW GM?!..
  • Only a few more months and Vickie Guerrero will be off TV. Patience my dear friends. Patience..
  • Come on TNA. It shouldnt be this hard to work out a deal with Scott Steiner..
  • A message for the Pink Skinned Geek Macho Spam Davey Scheravage..
  • Pay attention to how WWE focuses on Sylvester Terkay's MMA background..
  • We told you for weeks. WWE should keep the Sabu problems backstage and not cheat the fans on camera. And what did they do at the ECW PPV?!..
  • Maybe WWE is listening to us, finally they reunite Benjamin and Haas..
  • Relax friends. Even though they are riding a momentum, TNA needs 2 more years to grow before giving some competition to WWE..
  • WTF is with these re-releases of the Rocky DVD's?..
  • When Paul Heyman is not his own boss, sooner or later he will butt heads with management too much and get fired. Oh wait we told you this before..
  • Showing love to Big Show, CM Punk, Edge, Dave Taylor, VKM..
  • Shi**ing on Senshi (as part of LAX), Eugene, Val Venis' Lesbians, The Miz..
  • Plus Raw, TNA, Smackdown, Raw vs Smackdown 2007 Video Game discussion, your calls, and lots more!..
Hosted by Don Tony, Kevin Castle, Joey 9:24, Mo Black, and Smoked Out.


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  • Hey whiney geeks, stop overanalyzing the Voodoo Kin Mafia skits. Sit back and enjoy the fun..
  • Speaking of VKM, when Triple H paused during his Promo at Survivor Series, did you think he was going to sh** on TNA?..
  • Lita confusing her fans about backstage politics, fans, Cryme Time skit, and more..
  • And in storyline, why didnt Edge or anyone come to rescue her during Cryme Time Ho Sale?..
  • Analyzing the art of comedy in wrestling skits..
  • No matter what problems Sabu is having with WWE. Paying fans should not suffer from it by having him wrestle 2 minute squash matches. Deal with him or anyone else backstage and leave it fuc***g backstage..
  • Is Test using enhancment drugs once again? Don't be surprised if WWE stars are accepting fines and abusing steroids once again..
  • Can you feel the Milk Toast White Boy WWE Creative Writer trying to make Cryme Time's promos more black?..
  • How bad has Vince aged, and how little Edge has since 1999..
  • Should Trish Stratus, Erik Estrada, LaToya Jackson and midgets be allowed to carry guns and fight crimes even if its reality TV?..
  • Sad it took Trish and Lita retiring, but finally Victoria is back in the Womens Title hunt..
  • TNA close to f**king up Bobby err Robert Roode's TNA career..
  • Hmm ECW has been around 8 months. What feuds are being settled on the December PPV? LOL..
  • Chavo, Benoit, Vickie, Rey = New Filthy Animals..
  • Showing love to Roddy Piper, Frankie Kazarian, Snitsky, Stan Hansen, Dr D David Schultz, Tyson Tomko, Square Pegs?..
  • Ripping the Legends SS match and Ric Flair killing on Raw..
  • Showing love and best wishes to Roddy Piper., and the DVD..
  • Again. Stop bitching about Samoa Joe vs Kurt Angle's first match. It's only the start of something special..
  • Funny how Mike Knox was treated on PPV, yet he's their fellow employee. If he's that bad WWE, why the f*** is he employed?..
  • Rumors of Undertaker vs Batista at Wrestlemania 23..
  • Survivor Series trivia contest! Win Piper or Pillman DVD!..
  • Come on WWE, let Sylvester Terkay do his Bruiser Brody character..
  • Poking fun at 'This Week In Wrestling History, WWE Style..
  • Plus Raw, TNA, Smackdown, Raw vs Smackdown 2007 Video Game discussion, your calls, and lots more!..
Hosted by Don Tony, Kevin Castle, Joey 9:24, and Smoked Out.

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