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  • Samoa Joe is a great wrestler and works out like an animal. 1000 squats, runs, lifts weights. But he still has an eating disorder and is grossly overweight. You thought he is fat because of the air? As long as he keeps his flabby tits, rotund body and Elvis sideburns, he will never be a true long term main eventer. He will never make WWE and main event a Wrestlemania. Unless they put a bone in his nose, add a spear and make him talk foreign..
  • Suspension of Disbelief: Jeff Hardy cuts his best promo ever Monday, while Chris Jericho flopped. A quiver in your son's lip? Give us a fu**ing break. We hope the writers told you to say that. We do hope Y2J can regain his charisma. He has our support..
  • WWE in HD. We discuss all you need to know about it. From video quality, camera angles, facials, in ring work and more. WWE in HD could result in better matches overall. We discuss why..
  • Ernest 'The Cat' Miller lands big role in 'The Wrestler' movie starring Mickey Rourke..
  • May 7, 2007 Episode: Remember when we warned you about TNA doing a 'Stone Cold' Shark Boy?.. 
  • Jim 'Sinister Minister' Mitchell: The last real Throwback Male Manager?..
  • Cryme Time on the Indies: Yo Yo Yo, We Wont Do Jobs..
  • Paul Bearer or Percy Pringle. Which was a better manager?..
  • Ashley / Maria storyline has Ashley trying to offer Maria the 'idea' of posing in Playboy. But Santino Marella will interrupt weekly until its revealed. Then we will discuss the stupidity, while we get our Jit Gel rags ready..
  • OZHB & BQE: Grimm Reefer, Jay Lover, and Don Tony prepare to invade Florida and UXW this Saturday. Come down, hang out, and party with us..
  • ROH will draw just fine even though TNA is running against them in NY next month..
  • Defending TNA for running in different states, and why it's unfair to compare them to AWA circa 1985..
  • Speaking of AWA circa 1985, does anyone realize how many wrestlers over 40 were on their roster? We also defend the current out of shape physiques of Mike Rotunda, Barry Windham, and other legends..
  • Who will win the Royal Rumble? Who will win the Elimination Chamber at the No Way Out PPV? We give you our analysis..
  • TNA issues a press release mentioning their ratings topped ECW. Umm with Angle, Booker T, Steiner, Nash, Joe, Christian, and others, you should. And TNA, a 1.2 rating still sucks no matter who you 'beat' in the ratings..
  • Good advice to TNA. When you do sell out Webster Hall in NYC, don't issue a press release. The building is small and you will look foolish. Let the Internet talk about the sellout for you..
  • Wrestling fans need to understand not every wrestler can win the World Title. Stop bitching about certain wrestlers not getting a 'push'. They are being paid quite well and make a good living, even if their Win / Loss record isn't that great..
  • Minority Report endorses Rudy Giuliani as our choice for President. But Rudy needs to step up NOW before its too late..
  • Obama needs to reevaluate who in his camp is interviewed. You wont win when your rep decides to quote LL Cool J in interviews..
  • Shane Douglas and why his WWE run was so short, problems with The Cliq, and more..
  • Grimm Reefer would be a great fit in TNA X Division. Jason Static is on the verge of stardom. Dont be surprised if a WWE developmental deal is right around the corner..
  • Hardcore Holly, Cody Rhodes, Brian Kendrick's acting during the Raw skit was the worst sh** we've seen in a long time..
  • Mercury Milan commercials hyping Microsoft Sync: Who the f*** in their right mind would crank The Strokes? Let It Roll?..
  • How about them NY Giants! Remember folks, the undefeated Miami Dolphins from 1972 was also 14 point underdogs in the Super Bowl..
  • TNA: The Not Ready For Primetime Partime Players: Now more and more fans are becoming 'part time' supporters of the product..
  • Anyone ever wonder if WWE spoiled Vicki Guerrero out of fear she would have blamed them for Eddie's death if they weren't on good terms?..
  • Shoutout to our listeners who attended VPW 1/19/08 event..
  • Plus our .02 on Pitbull Gary Wolfe biting the hand that feeds him.. Randy Savage and his missed opportunities for a WWE return.. Snickers and their stupid commercials.. Ric Flair vs Batista at Wrestlemania? (Reiterating our idea).. Triple H's upcoming push.. Beth Phoenix' Entrance Music.. Ivan Putski.. UWF on ESPN Classic.. John Cena.. Webcast hosts conducting wrestling interviews just to feel 'closer' to stars.. Jim Ross discussion.. Raw, Impact, Smackdown, ECW talk, your calls, and much more!..

Hosted by Anthony 'Don Tony' DeBlasi & Kevin 'Mr Big Nuts' Castle..

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  • We warned you TNA about Adam 'Pacman' Jones. You can take this piece of sh** out of the ghetto, but you can't take the ghetto out of this piece of sh**..
  • Minority Report expresses great fear about how WWE will utilize Hornswoggle in the Royal Rumble. Hopefully that midget falls into a ditch or a pothole and injures himself so we don't have to see this storyline anymore..
  • Ripping the rumors that Vince McMahon and WWE has relaxed their toughness about steroids with their talent..
  • Chris Masters once again gets schooled. This idiot thinks he was treated unfairly by the frequent WWE testing. Mordetsky was just like a parolee who has to visit his officer weekly..
  • 'TNA: The Not Ready For Primetime Partime Players' Remember that comment by Don Tony..
  • Excellent analysis by Kevin Castle why he feels Jeff Hardy will win WWE Heavyweight Championship Gold..
  • An apology to TNA Jim 'Sinister Minister' Mitchell. But Don Tony still won't have a beer with the Reverend..
  • Remembering Michael Lockwood aka Crash Holly..
  • Chris Harris signing with WWE. Imagine Jeremy Borash crying over the news while listening to Celine Dion, and having a bowl of Vanilla Ice Cream..
  • Can someone sell us on why we should put stock in Awesome Kong?..
  • Why are TNA fans making such a big deal a womens title match main evented Impact? There was nothing wrong with that..
  • Candice Michelle sucking on feet, bound and gagged, posing nude, fetish tapes, barking like a dog. And you wonder why this woman who will do anything for a dollar is so criticized by the wrestling community..
  • Randy Orton, locker room leader? LMAO..
  • Laughing at Australian Newspaper who drank Orton flavored Kool Aid. How do you say 'fluff article' and 'idiot' in Australian?..
  • Why would WWE think by having JBL have 3 pyro exits on Raw, fans would want to see Y2J kick JBL's ass more? All that did was allow me to clean up my dog's feces during that segment..
  • Our thoughts on 50 cent, Mary J Blige, Wyclef Jean, and others busted for steroids..
  • Don Tony tells true story about getting drunk and taking a dump outside his friend's parents' doorway..
  • Did you hear about the UK twins separated at birth who met later in life, had sex, and got married last week?..
  • You'd be surprised how many fans think real life drama and heat amongst wrestling related people is more entertaining (to them) than the storylines they see on TV..
  • Detailed directions for NY fans that want to attend TNA 2/22 event but can't travel by car..
  • DT and KC discuss why TNA seems to give the aura of changing #1 contenders more than we change underwear..
  • TNA take notice. You can have Sting for 5 years. If he ever signs with WWE, wrestling fans will forget his TNA tenure within a month..
  • Bank on a few WWE wrestlers always sneaking the steroids behind management's back..
  • WWE suspends two developmental wrestlers for drug violations..
  • Triple H vs Bobby Lashley? Finlay turns on Hornswoggle? Ron Killings in the Royal Rumble? Chris Harris name change?..
  • Plus our .02 on the new American Gladiators, Prostate Exams, Mike Rotundo, Andre The Giant circa 1987, Nyquil, Flomax Commercials, Raw, Impact, Smackdown, ECW discussion, your calls, emails, Myspace messages, and much more!..
Hosted by Anthony 'Don Tony' DeBlasi & Kevin 'Mr Big Nuts' Castle..


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  • Message to Ashley Massaro. The heroin addict look is not attractive. Eat a fu**ing sandwich or check into a hospital for your eating disorder..
  • Hustler Magazine publishing Nancy Benoit nude photos: Don Tony & Kevin Castle can't wait to see the pics, and explain why there's nothing wrong with Larry Flynt posting them..
  • Jeremy Borash is cookoo for Chris Harris' Cocoa Puffs?!..
  • Don Tony provides the greatest explanation why TNA has not grown, and biggest problem with their product..
  • Anyone notice how WWE pre-recorded the Raw Roulette wheel spins?..
  • Dopey Cu*t Comment Of The Week: Jeremy Borash. Listen why by his silence, he spoke volumes about TNA's problems..
  • Mick Foley wrestles on Raw w/ Hornswoggle. It's sad to say, but Foley looks wider than Rosie O'Donnell. It's bad when we can say Hacksaw Jim Duggan is in better shape than Foley..
  • Charlie Hass new Mask gimmick: A tribute to Blue Blazer? Or did one of WWE's Hollywood morons trying to byte off of Jim Carey and The Mask?..
  • About those California teens who were attacked by the tiger? If they taunted the tiger, they deserved to have their nuts chomped off. And a big f*** you to both of these morons for not cooperating with Police. How do you say 'guilty' in Spanish?..
  • Absolutely fu**ing amazing. Hulk Hogan makes 1000 media appearances for American Gladiators. Yet the entire Hogan family has yet to make one public service announcement to make up for the Nick Bollea auto crash..
  • Sting's career will not be complete with a Wrestlemania appearance. Dont be surprised if you hear it for 2009..
  • Jeff Hardy debate. World Title bound? Or will WWE give him the 'Jimmy Snuka' push?..
  • Upset that your loved one passed away? TNA says, have a Turkey sandwich!..
  • Kevin Castle's latest Shoot Interview recommendations. Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, and Bill DeMott. He also gives his .02 on Sid Vicious shoot, and WWE release of World Class DVD documentary..
  • Would JBL have been 1/2 the 'heel' he is if Eddie Guerrero never died?..
  • WWE asks The Rock to induct Rocky Johnson & Peter Maivia into Hall of Fame. Does Rocky Johnson even belong?..
  • Don Tony rips marks who continue to pitch Chris Benoit as a 'Hall Of Famer'..
  • Shame on Internet for not praising Konnan's hip replacement, kidney transplant, and return to the ring as the biggest positive story and comeback of 2007..
  • Stop shi**ing on Chris Jericho. Sure his return has been lack luster. But blame that on WWE and Randy Orton..
  • TNA no sells bus trip for NY 2/22 event..
  • Speaking of Orton, congrats WWE on your continued ratings drop since Randy has had the belt. Hey Linda, no Monday Night Football this past week to blame it on!..
  • ABC hopefully will be smart and not put Brooke Hogan on Dancing With The Stars..
  • Remember when we said the Benoit estate should be divided evenly amongst all of the kids? Update on this story..
  • The debate on Roger Clemens. Don Tony doesn't think he took steroids, although Kevin Castle does..
  • Not one wrestling fan alive should have any issues with Ric Flair 'retirement' storyline..
  • Laughing at Jim 'Sinister Minister' Mitchell about his recent rant on wrestling fans criticizing TNA's product..
  • Plus our .02 on 'Webcast Awards' on other sites, the Homosexual 'Gladiator', Maria posing for Playboy, the teary eyed Hillary Clinton; comments on Britney & Jamie Lynn Spears, showing love to Keith Hernandez and Gary Carter, laughing at Leticia Cline, your calls, emails, Myspace messages, and much more!..
Hosted by Anthony 'Don Tony' DeBlasi & Kevin Castle.


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