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  • Don Tony thinks WWE needs to bring back a big name to Raw. Even if its short term..
  • Think we're wrong about Afa Jr aka Manu? Then look at it like this. If Manu wasn't Afa's son, would he be on WWE TV? No fu**ing way..
  • Jeff Jarrett's return promo towards Kurt Angle is the stupidest promo in wrestling this year. We bitch out JJ this week. But on next week's webcast, Don Tony offers a creative idea for TNA to make up for such an assenine storyline promo..
  • Comedy skits or not, for the 1000th time, WWE has to stop having their non-heavyweight champions being bitched out..
  • Does Kurt Angle, Booker T, and others want TNA to succeed because they believe in TNA? Or do they want them to succeed because they hate WWE?..
  • Lots of details on the upcoming WWE Raw vs Smackdown 2009 THQ video game..
  • Laughing at all the Jason Powell's of the wrestling website world for over exaggerating, misreporting the 'Airline story', and assuming that Jeff Hardy 'wrestled his last match'. Hey Powell, you know what they say about people who 'Assume' eh?!..
  • Charlie Haas Mr Perfect skit was very entertaining. But this gimmick Haas is doing has a very VERY short shelf life..
  • Kevin Castle discusses Batista and rumors of him being unhappy, and why WWE will push him to the moon (soon)..
  • RIP New York Mets. Even though there's one week left in the season, your bullpen will knock your asses out of the Playoffs..
  • When will WWE realize Lance Cade needs to be removed from the Chris Jericho / Shawn Michaels storyline. He is not main event material..
  • One of our Canadian listeners explains why TNA only drew 500 fans in Canada at a house show, and Jeremy Borash's stupid promos to fans before their last PPV..
  • Our best wishes to Sonny Siaki and his brother Bernard. Details on the show how you can help raise money for their kidney transplant surgery..
  • Message to The Heartthrobs, Gemini, The Highlanders: Now do you realize now why you were never that good? And ripping these mark wrestling webcasts that put superstar credence in these sub par wrestlers..
  • Does anyone give a sh** that Adam Pearce won the NWA Heavyweight Title?..
  • Don Tony thinks the NY Governor David Paterson is a sloppy looking representative who just reeks a lack of credibility..
  • Kevin Castle thinks the Raw title will go back and forth between Batista, CM Punk, and Chris Jericho..
  • Don Tony and Kevin Castle absolutely are against Government 'Bailing Out' Homeowners. If Leroy Johnson makes 25K a year, and tries to buy a house, he's the moron who used poor judgement. We do show our concern to the employees of all these financial institutions who are in trouble..
  • Laughing at Tactical Public Relations who bought into Shannon and Jake 'The Snake' Roberts bullsh** and their attempt to spin that he fell off the wagon..
  • Notice how wrestlers who drink but weren't drug users are never 'drugged' or slipped a 'Mickey'?..
  • Don Tony asks an important question about Raven's lawsuit towards WWE. And this argument shows why WWE may have a problem with that classification..
  • Could Jimmy Snuka Jr replace Manu (Afa Jr) in the new Evolution Next clique?..
  • Kevin Castle agrees the Mr Perfect DVD is a must buy. However, KC gets into so many items that WWE ignored and left off this DVD..
  • Don Tony once again laughs at websites putting over the XPW TV Second Season DVD. Yet these same sites were obsessed with knocking them out of business in 2002..
  • Plus our .02 on Primo and Carlito as a tag team.. websites stupid analysis of John Morrison's lack of push.. Ric Flair's continued erratic lifestyle.. Evan Bourne.. Plus your emails, messages, calls, and so much more!..

Hosted by Anthony 'Don Tony' DeBlasi and Kevin Castle
Produced by Anthony 'The Promise' Thomas

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  • The #1 reason why rumors of Hardcore Holly stealing painkillers from a wrestler's bag is likely false..
  • This week's Damien Demento Award: Jake The Snake Roberts..
  • Jake Roberts falls off the wagon. And the stupid indy fed in Ohio that ran the show claims Jake wanted drugs. So what do the morons do? They give him drugs. Then he whips out his penis in the ring all drunk and incoherent. And the promoter has the balls to yell at Jake Roberts? No fan should ever attend another Fire Pro Wrestling event..
  • Strong message to Jake Roberts' friend and spokesperson Shannon. Your claims of Jake Roberts being drugged is 1000% bulls***. If you really were trying to save him from continued embarrassment, you release your 'witness'. People, there isn't any witness. And we prove it..
  • WWE needs to rid Manu (Afa Jr) from this clique of Rhodes, Dibiase, and Orton. Have a 4 man stable of all attractive and fit wrestlers for the female audience. It's a merchandise opportunity WWE is missing on right now..
  • William Regal is wrong. Happy Endings don't just happen in fairytales. They happen in whorehouses here in Queens, NY every night!..
  • Advice to any young males that may be in South Beach and want to try to pick up Brooke Hogan? Vista Print..
  • We cross our fingers Caylee Anthony is alive. And if she's not, we hope Casey is fried. Even if she's innocent, you just want to punch her in the mouth. However, the tabloid claims of Caylee Anthony fed to Alligators is absolutely disgusting..
  • Speaking of this clown, has any media outlet asked the parents to comment about their darling daughter stealing checks from people?..
  • Our continued condolences to Francine on the passing of her father and her sister..
  • What's in your wallet, Samoa Joe?..
  • Our thoughts and prayers to everyone affected by Hurricane Ike..
  • This episode is hosted by Don Tony only, as Kevin Castle was under the weather. KC will return next week..
  • Dixie Carter: The Obama of Wrestling?..
  • Rest In Peace Richard Wright (Pink Floyd)..
  • Message to Jason Powell at Geek Dot Net. A ton of people are laughing at you. If your ass hurts right now, you can blame it on this episode..
  • If Sting's comments on a shoot interview about why he didn't go to WWE is true, then he's an idiot. We loved Sting in the 80's and early 90's and is a legend. However, has Steve Borden looked in the mirror the last 10 years? His claim to fame: The Fu**ing Crow!..
  • WWE took a big step backwards last night on Raw with the Chris Jericho / Shawn Michaels storyline. They need to fix this issue ASAP..
  • Don Tony explains why Jeff Hardy HAS to win the WWE Title at the No Mercy PPV. Even if its just for a month..
  • The move to Fox Sports Net. The move to Spike TV. The move to a better time slot. The move to a video game. As we have exposed for a few years now, Jeff Jarrett magically appears every damn time TNA has an internal event. And its lame..
  • Kurt Angle in a recent interview complains about TNA having too many gimmick matches. With his fu**ing clout in TNA, why isn't he inputting this to management? Is he trying to play face to the net?..
  • What does NY Mets Carlos Delgado and Ron Simmons have in common?..
  • Congrats to Bryan Danielson on winning his GHC title in Japan. (That was said in criticism folks)..
  • Dispelling assenine rumors that WWE would woo Gail Kim in order to possibly get on the good graces with Bret Hart. And discussing rumors Gail and Bret are a couple..
  • Jim Ross comments on the net's mocking of Justin Credible working at The Olive Garden..
  • Addressing stupid rumors of Ric Flair losing paydays, and Disco Inferno 'stopped at the Canadian border' this past weekend..
  • Best wishes to Shelly 'Salinas' Martinez on her new movie role as she is gone from TNA..
  • James Storm's throat injury during a TNA house show in Canada wasn't what caught Don Tony's eye. It was the fact TNA only drew about 400 fans..
  • As much as we criticize Dixie Carter for all the fu** ups in TNA, you have to give credit that TNA has been able to last six years..
  • Don Tony gives the Mr Perfect WWE DVD a 7 out of 10..
  • DT thinks CM Punk will not win the World Heavyweight Title again..
  • Who Is Deli Man?..
  • Is Mike Adamle the modern day Jack Tunney?..
  • Plus our .02 on new TNA video game.. Dolph Diggler Ziggler Jiggler.. Article on Mr McMahon's Million Dollar winners.. Kevin Nash renegotiating new TNA contract..  WWE signs Japanese wrestler.. TNA's T-Shirt contest.. Armando Estrada wrestling.. Why lack of top tag teams in wrestling.. John Cena Slimed.. Plus your emails, messages, and so much more!..
Hosted by Anthony 'Don Tony' DeBlasi
Produced by Anthony 'The Promise' Thomas

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  • Kurt Angle looks like a human bobblehead doll..
  • A big Fu** You to all the websites making fun of Justin Credible for working at The Olive Garden. KC / DT looks at JC and others who transitioned from wrestling to normal 9-5 work..
  • Ric Flair is assaulted over the weekend by (rumored) his daughter Ashley's boyfriend. Ashley is maced and arrested for assaulting a Police Officer. So what does Flair do with his daughter arrested and himself bloody? He goes out to a nightclub to try and get sympathy pu**y..
  • Isnt it fu**ing amazing that neither Hulk or Linda Bollea reporting any donations to charity? No assistance with Hurricane relief? But they have the audacity to put on divorce papers Hulk donates $11 a month to church..
  • Even though we've ripped TNA for their lackluster product, if you're a video game fan, buy the new TNA game. You will not be disappointed..
  • Ric Flair doing a shoot interview with Highspots over RF Video? Someone give Flair a glove. Cant wait to hear these softball fluff questions (that was sarcasm Highspots)..
  • Kane pissed (in storyline) at Rey Mysterio over merchandising?!..
  • Why in the blue hell was Rey wearing a strap on Mohawk at the PPV?..
  • Mick Foley to be the 'cheerleader' for the TNA 'Young Guns'? DT offers an idea as to how TNA will bring in Mick Foley..
  • We've been singing the praise of Chris Jericho for a while. And as we said last week, WWE needs to give Y2J Heavyweight Gold. Kudos to WWE for doing so and getting the title off CM Punk. Punk is excellent, and a good role model for kids. But he's not Heavyweight Championship material. Not now..
  • Tiffany Flair reveals how Ric Flair cant seem to keep his d*** in his pants anymore..
  • No disrespect to Afa Sr. No disrespect towards Afa Jr, even though you were recently busted peeing with a fake d***. But a message to WWE. Afa 'Manu' Jr is a huge mistake in this New Evolution clique w/ Orton, DiBiase Jr, and Cody Rhodes. Unless WWE plans on adding additional members of this clique..
  • If you didn't yet see the E! True Hollywood Story: Chris Benoit that aired in Canada, don't waste your time..
  • As if we really needed to advise you of it last week, Shawn Michaels put on a blockbuster performance at the WWE Unforgiven PPV. DT thinks it's match of the year (so far)..
  • This week's OH NO YOU DIDNT!: Chris Harris..
  • Don Tony & Kevin Castle analyze a tale of two wrestlers. Matt Sydal and Chris Harris. One sucked up name changes. The other went out and ate a Cheeseburger. One put on blockbuster matches on ECW. The other, cried and well, ate more Cheeseburgers.  Now Matt Sydal aka Evan Bourne shined on last night's Raw. And Chris Harris, he cried in front of 30 fans and well, ate a Cheeseburger..
  • Can EHarmony maybe setup Chris Harris with Marty Garner? DT thinks they would make a great couple..
  • Don Tony will never again spray Axe on his body before entering a Bodega..
  • Doesn't it seem like Mickey James is in the WWE doghouse? And for everyone that expected us to comment on her dodging the nude photos while on a radio show? Those Newbie hosts were so horrid, the topic should have never been brought up. We don't acknowledge jackasses like that..
  • Rest In Peace Don LaFontaine and Jerry Reed..
  • Kevin Castle has been saying this for months. Now he pleas to WWE. Turn John Morrison 'face'. KC analyzes why it's a must..
  • Boy did Giuliani and Sarah Palin really rip Obama a new one at the RNC. DT / KC give their thoughts on Palin, Obama, and lots more interesting Political talk..
  • Don Tony says Obama is nothing more than the political version of Tony Robbins..
  • Audio clip of what Brooke Hogan thinks of Sarah Palin..
  • Weighing the possibilities of Edge & Christian reuniting on WWE TV..
  • Looking at a beautifully performed finish during the Raw Title match as well as the piss poor finish during the Smackdown Title match from Unforgiven..
  • Addressing the rumor of Takeshi Morishima going to TNA. Um, we're not interested in seeing a Sumo Match between Jokozuna and Fatnaki..
  • Get Well wishes go out to Nathan Jones. And looking at the claim going around that he has signed a deal with TNA..
  • Our heartfelt condolences to Francine on the passing of her father..
  • Laughing at websites on their Gail Kim 'weeping' stories..
  • Were enjoying the weekly tweak of Ron Killings on Smackdown..
  • The MVP stock continues to fall on Smackdown..
  • Laughing at Russell Brand (Kyle Troy lookalike) and Lil Wayne..
  • Plus our .02 on Goldberg and ratings.. Konnan doing well.. Team 3-D teasing fans of a WWE return.. Gary Coleman assaulting fans.. CM Punk & Carlito updates.. Plus your calls, emails, messages, and so much more!..

Hosted by Anthony 'Don Tony' DeBlasi and Kevin Castle
Produced by Anthony 'The Promise' Thomas

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  • Shawn Michaels suffers triceps injury on Raw. Our analysis as to why HBK will still work the PPV, and put on an even better performance..
  • Laughing at goofy websites actually putting the blame on Chris Jericho for HBK's fall and injury..
  • Kevin Castle has been saying for months about a new Evolution including Randy Orton, Rhodes, and Dibiase. Don Tony wonders if DH Smith could be added, and make a 'Second Generation' faction. We think this could work tremendously..
  • Rest In Peace Walter 'Killer' Kowalski..
  • WWE should get a Special Effects award for Candice Michelle's Raw return. It's amazing how 75% of fans had their hands on their asses when she returned. Yet the piped in crowd cheers were deafening..
  • Fu** You WWE for this 'CM Punk has an 80% chance of losing' comment all over Raw. Because if you've been following Don Tony & Kevin Castle's analysis the last month, you know what the likely outcome will be at the Unforgiven PPV..
  • Don Tony explains why Chris Jericho should get World Title gold in the next 1-2 months if HBK is out for any amount of time with the injury..
  • Wrestling-News.com will unveil a new look this week..
  • Don Tony & Kevin Castle send our heartfelt thoughts to everyone who was affected by Hurricane Gustavo..
  • Don Tony thinks that some hardcore Democrats were hoping Gustavo would be handled poorly and lead to big tragedies..
  • Don Tony cant stand Billy Mays. Hey Billy, go grab Shamwow guy and shove some Mighty Putty up your a**..
  • DT called The Scene Strip Club in Commack NY about Ashley Massaro's accusation. What was their response?..
  • More laughing at websites spinning rumors of Christian's status with TNA. We give you the 411 as to what COULD happen, instead of people trying to play off they know what WILL happen..
  • DT and KC also discuss the contract issues of The Dudleys, Kevin Nash, Sting, Christian, and others..
  • This week's OH NO YOU DIDNT!: Damien Demento. We have renamed you sir as The Ultimate Jobber. Plus a challenge to good ole Philip..
  • So Cal Val. Ugh. This woman has no business being on TV. However we do feel bad that she couldnt even get $99 for her used panties on Ebay..
  • Looking at the upcoming Mr Perfect DVD. Even though it wont be out for another week, find out how you can get it in your hands today..
  • Robbie McCallister back with WWE?..
  • Get Well Soon Rob Bartlett..
  • Thank you NFL for reinstating Pacman Jones. Oh wait, y'all didn't think we were fans of his game? We just dont ever want to hear his fu**ing name around wrestling anymore..
  • Message to WWE. Please pass on 'Go'. And we don't mean Monopoly..
  • Don Tony predicted WWE's ratings would dip under 3.0 before October. DT & KC discuss further as to why this isn't as bad as it appears, despite what goofy websites will tell you..
  • Gail Kim needs to make a surprise return to WWE TV without any weekly vignettes. Raven's debut on Raw is a perfect example why..
  • Aww how fu**ing cute. Mike Johnson LOVES Kenzuke Sasaki..
  • Why is Mike Sanders part of Raven's lawsuit against WWE?..
  • WTF does the 80's show Puttin On The Hits have to do with wrestling? Don Tony's analogy..
  • Rey Mysterio vs Batista? Chris Jericho vs Goldberg? Steve Austin vs Shawn Michaels? Just some creative Wrestlemania match ideas we know are long shots of happening - but we still wouldn't mind seeing them..
  • Showing love to The Bison Johnny Bravado for stopping a bar room fight featuring three gay lovers, and fire!..
  • Plus our .02 on Brock Lesnar vs Randy Couture.. DeathBeeper.com.. Obama's speech at the DNC.. Cheapskate Rob Feinstein.. PWS NY event..  Ron Killings WWE TV return.. TV Squash Matches.. Miss Destiny's Sexual Prowless.. Eric Bischoff rumors.. Plus your emails, messages, chat room questions, and so much more!..

Hosted by Anthony 'Don Tony' DeBlasi and Kevin Castle
Produced by Anthony 'The Promise' Thomas

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