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  • Rest In Peace SD Jones. Looking back at his WWWF / WWF career, Don Tony saw him far from the 'Jobber' term people liked to associate with him. If you were into early 80's WWF, you'll love this segment..
  • Don Tony and Kevin Castle said it several times on this show. TNA is an 'NWO Storyline' away from getting better. It was also said here a secondary title was needed in TNA. Well pundits of this show, look at what's going down in TNA. Let's hope they do it right..
  • Don Tony is fearing that WWE Raw GM Mike Adamle will step into the ring and have a 'match'..
  • Oh No Mr Bill! Message to Bill Behrens from Don Tony: Have you lost your Bearings? Behrens?..
  • Samoa Joe is going 'home'. Will Mike Johnson cry when he steps into a ROH ring albeit for one show? Will goofy fans bring streamers? Will ROH make him his first ever meal in ROH? Give me a fuc**ng break..
  • Gabe Sapolsky fired from Ring of Honor, Adam Pearce replaced as booker. Looking at Gabe's attempt to get a WWE job, to the analysis why Adam Pearce will fail as ROH booker. Even though websites will spin it otherwise..
  • Speaking of ROH, looking at the rumor that Cary Silkin and Larry Sweeney are an item..
  • Adam Pearce. A name that will only become a mainstream wrestling news story if he commits a crime..
  • Revisiting the ridiculous Ring Of Honor over hype online. The crappy product, the goofy obsessed fans, the emotional ties to wrestling news by the Mike Johnson's of the world, etc. ROH is truly the Obama of wrestling..
  • Face it fans. Wrestling for the most part is the drizzling sh**s for the most part at the moment..
  • Julie Hart, you have some company. Tiffany now shows again why some wrestling webcasts are a joke..
  • Two Sheeters? An explanation as to some of the terms said on this show (for the newer listeners that may not understand it)..
  • Why are all these geeky websites bitching that WWE is calling their talent 'Entertainers'? As long as they 'entertain' fans, isn't that what counts?..
  • Rest in Peace Leah Maivia..
  • Have you read news on websites about Candice Michelle attempting to turn the criticism amongst fans into a positive? We show why this is not news and ripping the Jason Powells of the world for this stupidity..
  • Continuing our praise towards WWE for making fans pay for their votes at the Cyber Sunday PPV..
  • Remember all the new car deals offering 2.99 gas for a year as part of the deal? Laughing at the people who took that offer, with gas prices now down to 2.50..
  • Revisiting Don West and his Shop At Home shady sales..
  • Ever see the commercial for Pedi Paws? Stay clear away from that sh**. Even though it would be a great weapon for a wrestling match..
  • Laughing at the Loud N Clear commercial and one smelly old man..
  • Don Tony offers some physical advice for Trina Michaels who is training to work in wrestling. Don't be surprised if she gets hired by TNA..
  • Best wishes to indy wrestler Danny Angus who was violently stabbed in NY..
  • Taking a close look at the TNA Legends Title, the Main Event Mafia storyline, more Jeff Jarrett stupidity, Commissioner Foley, and more..
  • Jerry Jarrett in his RF Video shoot interview paints a very interesting picture within TNA and the disgruntled Carter family..
  • The E! Cable channel planning to play footsie with the Hogan family..
  • More one liner jokes. This week's victims are Samoa Joe, Brooke Hogan, Booker T, Don Tony and Kevin Castle..
  • Next week: Looking at the worst wrestling gimmicks over the last 25 years..
  • Laughing at Kayfabebabe.com..
  • Plus your emails, messages, and so much more!..
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  • Its only respectful and proper that we announce right at the beginning that Big Vito Lograsso has been fully cleared of all domestic abuse charges in Florida..
  • Thank you Lance Cade. We'll say it here first. He mixed prescribed drugs with alcohol, had a seizure on a plane from it, and was fired by WWE. Now for Don Tony, if only Paul Burchall can share the same fate and be released..
  • Nick Hogan Bollea released from jail. For now, we'll give him the benefit of the doubt he learned his lesson. But deep down, we think his pompous ass will get cocky and hopefully someone quickly punches him square in the face. And if that happens, we pray a camera phone is present and captures the beat down..
  • As unstable Kurt Angle is mentally in and out of wrestling, there is no way he'd be that disrespectful and bring up Jeff Jarrett's deceased wife for a storyline without getting JJ's approval first. And if our regular listeners remember, we predicted shortly after her death that Jeff Jarrett would stoop this low and do this..
  • Don Tony still dislikes Wade Keller with a passion. But he does give him credit for posting a poll showing Jeff Jarrett was full of sh** about not knowing about the Kurt Angle 'wife' comment beforehand..
  • An errant guitar string. Santino Marella cant even get a guitar shot right..
  • Roddy Piper, Honkytonk Man, and Goldust should be quite thankful to WWE for posting 1990's images of themselves on TV..
  • Don Tony still believes John McCain will win this election. Kevin Castle however thinks Obama will take it..
  • Bank on it. If Obama wins the presidency all the TV networks will focus McCain losing because he chose Sarah Palin..
  • Kevin Castle opens up big can of analysis on TNA's current product. From Kevin Nash looking embarrassed on Impact, to the horrible Consequences Creed, to horrible execution of many TNA stars. Both DT and KC wish TNA gets better. But for now, there's a reason why it still hovers around a 1.0 all the time..
  • Mick Foley's announcement on the live TNA Impact. Will it be that he is staying with TNA? We hate to say it, but does anyone really care?..
  • TNA is the Number 2 wrestling organization by default..
  • Scott Hall. Taking a closer look at the twelve arrests he has had since 1983. Twelve arrests you probably never even knew he had..
  • Putting his shi* skills as a father aside, Hulk Hogan and his debut of Celebrity Championship Wrestling was not bad. The only two questions we have ask what demographic were they trying to get? And why are wrestling fans that knew what this was going to be now acting so surprised at the content? Remember all, this idea was done overseas a few years ago and bombed big time..
  • Hulk Hogan's CCW in on the CMT channel so when it does 0.3 and 0.4 in the ratings, it will still be better than what CMT was scoring..
  • Ric Flair considering wrestling overseas as long as Shawn Michaels gives his blessing. We discuss why it will happen, and why HBK should be 100 percent behind Flair..
  • Trina Michaels former "Gangbang Girl" is making an attempt to get into the wrestling industry.. WWE probably wouldn't touch her, but TNA we think will. Imagine all the indy promoters who will book her thinking they will be able to **** her..
  • What's the difference between Scott Hall and a pizza? (Listen to the show and find out :P)..
  • We would like your feedback: Al Pacino or Robert DeNiro?..
  • We would like your feedback: Your least liked wrestling gimmicks..
  • Taking a close look at the upcoming Cyber Sunday PPV..
  • A must buy shoot interview: The Godwins RF Video shoot..
  • Plus our .02 on John Morrison's blog ripping Cryme Time.. TNA's bastardization of Cute Kip James.. Miz and Morrison vs DX.. Samoa Joe jokes.. Plus your emails, messages, calls, and so much more!..
Hosted by Anthony 'Don Tony' DeBlasi and Kevin Castle
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  • Don Tony and Kevin Castle have been professing for a year TNA needed a secondary title. And it appears it will happen. Don Tony thinks Booker T will unveil himself as champion, and reveal that a Title will be in the briefcase he's been bringing to ringside..
  • Damien Demento keeps bitching how he hates WWE and is out of wrestling for over 10 years. Yet he spends weeks making paintings of Vince McMahon..
  • Karen Angle no longer with TNA. Milk shot thru Don Tony's nose as he laughed out loud that she is taking bookings for indy events, conventions, and autograph signings. Other than a former stripper who's divorcing Kurt Angle and rumored to have fu**ed Scott Steiner, what merits her to think she's a wrestling star?..
  • Laughing at Joe whom he, his wife, and young kids were insulted by Scott Hall. What the fu** was this idiot thinking bringing young children to the Iron Sheik Roast? Hall's actions were disgusting. But this idiot brings kids to a roast honoring a man who publicly does drugs, whips out his c*** and ass frequently, and curses up a storm..
  • Looking at Divas and nude pictorials. Someone like Kelly Kelly you would rather see in Playboy. However Mickie James, DT and KC would rather see in Hustler..
  • Defending Vince Russo on his jokes he made towards Sarah Palin..
  • Doesn't it seem that Smackdown is doing a much better job with their talent compared to Raw?..
  • Johnny Knoxville's sidekick and Fat Oily WWE Creative Writer Guy dancing in thongs on Raw. Wasn't this program changed to rated PG?..
  • DT and KC starting to sour on Beth Phoenix. Maybe its just a rut for her. Then again, our Killer Khan analogy may show otherwise..
  • Johnny Devine is also gone from TNA. Honestly, does anyone care? He will end up like The Highlanders, Heartthrobs, Chris Harris and others who underestimated how little they are worth in wrestling..
  • Putting the tongue and cheek ethnic humor done on this show aside, the racial comments two rednecks made to Dvon Dudley and Homicide were disgusting and inexcusable..
  • Dopey Dolph Zigler (Spirit Squad Nicky Nemeth) suspended for 30 days for violating WWE Wellness Policy..
  • Don Tony wanted to see Steve Mongo McMichael ref the Monsters Ball TNA PPV match. But to see him literally disabled and immobile, what was TNA thinking putting him out there?..
  • Don Tony praises Sting's work at TNA Bound For Glory. But those two segments with Samoa Joe arguing with Ref Hebner was the most ridiculous thing seen in a main event match in a 10 years..
  • Looking at the Owen Hart joke made by Jimmy Graham at the Iron Sheik Roast..
  • Rumors of Ashley Massaro's drug addiction, and her no-showing last week's wrestling convention. Let's see how many days it takes her to think of 'the perfect excuse' why she missed it..
  • RF Video now having infatuations of video taping clusterf***s and incoherent people out of their element?..
  • Is WWE pushing aside MVP for R-Truth?..
  • Rumors of The Ultimate Warrior's ex wife coming out with a book to claim Warrior was a drug abuser and bi-sexual. Why we think her motives are pretty pathetic..
  • Looking at Chris Masters' bashing of The Ultimate Warrior and why we disagree with alot of the bashing going around..
  • Looking at the Court's decision to throw out lawsuit against Larry Flint and Hustler for publishing nude Nancy Benoit photos..
  • Even though we've been very critical about TNA's product, if you notice we've also been giving them a sh** load of advice..
  • Plus our .02 on Mick Foley's new TV series.. John Cena returning at Survivor Series.. Kozlov winning WWE Title.. Undertaker's age.. Showing love to Dawn Marie and her cause.. Batista's upcoming title run.. Plus your emails, messages, calls, and so much more!..
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  • With the Stock Market and the US Economy going into the shi**er, this is the perfect time for WWE to create a storyline where JBL goes broke and loses everything..
  • WWE stupidity. HBK chair bashing Lance Cade cause he 'sees' Y2J in the ring. Yet an hour earlier, the HBK vs Y2J was ended so Chris Jericho could feud with Batista..
  • Controversy coming next week about the Jake 'The Snake' Roberts 'drugged' incident? Claims that Jake Roberts' representative may be 'pushing' more than Jake's career..
  • Lots of great TNA advice in this episode. Besides Don Tony insisting to TNA for over a year to create a secondary title, the aura of new talent and innovative moves needs to return. Not hokey gimmick matches, and existing WWE released talent..
  • Putting past issues aside, our heartfelt condolences to Matt Stryker and his family over the loss of his father..
  • Undertaker is tougher than a Fast Food Steak..
  • Could Buster Douglas err Kimbo Slice make it in wrestling despite his age?..
  • Looks like Goldust is back in WWE. Could he make an impact similar to Mr Perfect (RIP)'s Royal Rumble return a few years back?..
  • Don Tony gives two additional examples why Barack Obama is thr wrong choice for President at this time..
  • Don Tony & Kev explain additional views on John McCain and Obama..
  • Linda Hogan Bollea caught speeding in Florida. Believe it or not, Don Tony actually defends her in this incident..
  • From Webster to Punky Brewster. Homeboys in Outer Space to The Mullets to Joanie Loves Chachi.. Lots of discussion and your choices of the worst TV Sitcoms of all time..
  • Kevin Castle offers great points how John Cena comes off as disingenuous quite often. However Batista many times looks like he's really enjoying himself and is genuine in his actions outside of the ring. Don't be surprised to hear Batista and his charisma making it in Hollywood..
  • Great story as to why most wrestlers do not accept food gifts from fans at autograph signings and conventions..
  • Bret Hitman Hart starts his book tour. And sad to say, he seems to be aging quite rapidly for someone who just broke 50..
  • Candice Michelle abusing Botox?..
  • KC addresses listeners and simple etiquette towards feedback on the show..
  • Don Tony and the Boom Box in Italy story from 1985..
  • Jason Powell and nerdy wrestling websites once again laughed at over the Jeff Hardy airline story..
  • WWE stupidity about the Rey Mysterio vs Kane Feud. Two incidents that show why this angle needs to end right now..
  • Although Don Tony has defended Phil Muschnick in the past, his recent bashing of WWE, Vince McMahon and the Gillette commercial is ridiculous..
  • Don Tony and Kevin Castle hate to fly..
  • Is there some real hatred towards Frank and his brother Ken Shamrock?..
  • Don Tony is looking forward to Steve Mongo McMichael being a guest referee at TNA Bound For Glory PPV. And for those curious, we answer why he's doing the Monsters Ball match..
  • Could Kelly Kelly be a future Playboy Playmate? Would she do it? One WWE Diva wants to see it..
  • Jeremy Borash with some very stupid comments putting TNA's lack of growth and WWE's ratings drop in the same sentence..
  • Plus your emails, messages, calls, and so much more!..
Hosted by Anthony 'Don Tony' DeBlasi and Kevin Castle
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  • Jesse Ventura's new TV series is a joke. And we predict the tragedy of 9-11 will eventually be brought up on his show in a way that will piss of alot of people, including us..
  • Kurt Angle's lame attempt to try and subconsciously mend fences with WWE. We are starting to think Angle is legitimately Bi-Polar..
  • Last week we said it. WWE needs to bring back a big name to Raw. Even if its short term. Is a DX reunion enough?.
  • Laughing at websites who will think Triple H on Raw would have affected ratings. These idiots don't get it. Since it was a surprise, ratings wouldn't go up. Only more people may watch repeats or kick themselves for not watching. Now if a 'surprise' was hyped a week in advance, then you can look at how it affects ratings..
  • A very entertaining quick look at the worst TV sitcoms in recent memory. Participate in what is turning out to be the biggest and most popular non-wrestling discussion amongst our listeners since our 'Retro Candy' episode..
  • The Linguini Lean? Don Tony describes what Guidos used to do while driving in Bensonhurst Brooklyn back in the 80's and early 90's..
  • Rest In Peace Paul Newman..
  • Could Shane McMahon or Mike Adamle end up in a storyline involving Evolution Next?..
  • Ric Flair charging $50 for a signed photo is tolerable. Ric Flair charging $50 for a Polaroid is ridiculous..
  • As much as we think the current TNA product sucks, their new Knockouts DVD is a must buy if you're a fan of female wrestling..
  • This week's Damien Demento award goes to Big Vito for assault on his girlfriend. Thank God he's no longer with Marissa Tomei..
  • More great analysis as to why Afa Jr (aka Manu) is horrible and needs to be taken out of this Evolution Next group fast..
  • Is this surge of comedy on Raw the result of Freddie Prinze Jr now on the WWE creative team?..
  • Discussing the legendary rumor that Macho Man Randy Savage made the moves on a teenage Stephanie McMahon years back..
  • Comparing Dwayne The Rock Johnson and John Cena's Movie popularity and drawing ability..
  • Lots of creative ideas by DT and KC towards TNA's storyline with their main talent. Will Jeff Jarrett turn on Mick Foley? Could the Obama of wrestling Dixie Carter try to mark out for herself and become an on-air character?..
  • An example of assenine booking by TNA trying to use a Kurt Angle interview as a storyline. Because the fans that would have known about it, are ones online. And since online fans are 'smart', what crowd are you trying to suspend disbelief with TNA?..
  • Don't discount the idea Kurt Angle's comments towards The Sun UK were storyline driven. And if that ends up ever being true, TNA will lose credibility amongst mainstream media trying to do real articles and legit interviews. Mainstream media does not want to be 'worked' so TNA can try and pull off a storyline..
  • As Kevin Castle said a few weeks back, Kevin Nash would meet with WWE about a possible return. What are the chances of that actually happening?..
  • Win John Cena and Batista WWE Ruthless Aggression figures..
  • Thank you New York Mets for totally fu**ing up the 2008 season. 95% of that bullpen needs to be fired. Kevin Castle wants Jerry Manuel to return. Don Tony wants Wally Backman as manager of the Mets..
  • Don Tony and Kevin Castle both think the Los Angeles Dodgers will go to the World Series..
  • Don Tony absolutely hates Nancy Pelosi..
  • We're comically awaiting the websites that will make a big deal out of Michael Cole saying 'WWF' once during Raw..
  • Laughing at girls on Myspace and certain photos posted..
  • Looking back 20+ years ago at the infamous "Newpark Pizza' incident in Howard Beach NY that put Al Sharpton on the map nationally..
  • Nick Hogan Bollea being released October 21. We can't wait for this punk to get his ass kicked at a bar, a party, somewhere..
  • Plus our .02 on Piggy Guerrero.. Importance of great commentating in wrestling matches.. Jobber Paul Burchill.. WSU Womens Wrestling DVDs.. Gail Kim crying on TNA DVD.. Our continued reminders to stay away from Nutro Tainted Dog Food.. Plus your emails, messages, calls, and so much more!..
Hosted by Anthony 'Don Tony' DeBlasi and Kevin Castle
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