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  • A Wrestlemania tradition for Don Tony And Kevin Castle: Sh**ing on Hulk Hogan for not attending WWE Hall Of Fame and saluting your fellow wrestlers of years past. Unless he is inducted, on the roster, or receiving a payday, the Pr**k never attends..
  • Manu is released by WWE. Maybe JBL is right and there is a Wrestling God! Nothing personal to Afa Jr. But he belongs bouncing a nightclub in Spanish Harlem than appearing on WWE TV. Don't feel bad for Manu. We're sure he's having a burger somewhere and the comfort food will get him thru the night..
  • Another Night In Chyna XXX video with Joanie Laurer coming out. Before fans make fun of it, don't be surprised when you hear it sells well..
  • Don Tony predicted that pric* Sean Penn would win The Oscar. DT and KC both wanted Mickey Rourke to win. But there was no way Hollywood was going to give us a 'feel good' moment. Instead, they chose to give the award to Gay Marriage. And a message to Internet news geeks. Frank Langella was the one that was 'robbed' of an Oscar..
  • Looking at the tragedy involving Verne Gagne. Our sympathies to both families involved. Its an unfortunate event, and we hope everyone can move on without controversy. But Don Tony asks a question noone seems to be asking anywhere on the net. If both men are suffering from Alzheimer's related Dementia, why would a retirement home have them living together in the same room? And please don't tell us because of costs..
  • Bruno Sammartino disappoints DT and KC by accusing Mickey Rourke of doing steroids. He is slick on how he plays on words. But we don't think he was trying to be malicious. But Bruno needs to understand that nutrition and supplements are much different now than what was available in the 70's..
  • Move over Aesop. Kurt Angle and Hulk Hogan should co write a Book Of Fables..
  • Candice Michelle complaining about her lack of WWE TV time. Message to Candice. Take a page from Mickie James and keep quiet. Be thankful you are still employed..
  • Looking forward to the Bob Backlund Shoot Interview..
  • Believe it or not, we'd pay to see an Ashley Massaro Shoot Interview. Hey Ashley, do it! And, RF Video will even let you dope up during it to make you feel more comfortable and relaxed..
  • Laughing at these websites ripping on Dwayne Johnson for turning down a wrestling themed movie. Did you ever think that maybe the script was sh**? And a message to everyone who bitches that he doesn't use the term 'The Rock' anymore. And, go pick up the March 2009 issue of Giant Magazine and read how Johnson praises WWE for his prior work..
  • It has been verified. The John And John Foundation that Nick Bollea is involved with is legitimate. More info in the upcoming weeks..
  • Mike Tenay vs Don West: TNA's newest feud. Who in the blue hell in TNA thinks fans give a sh** if Don West lives or dies? They better milk Sting vs Kurt Angle for months..
  • Ricky The Dragon Steamboat officially announced for WWE Hall Of Fame. One of the nicest, most genuine, and classy person to ever be involved in wrestling. Thank you for entertaining us for so many years..
  • Speaking of Steamboat, our continued praise towards Chris Jericho for his work. The show has sung the praise for Y2J way before this storyline. He is completely on his game right now..
  • Praise for how WWE is utilizing Edge and Randy Orton right now. WWE is allowing their talent to have more involvement and creativity in their character, and it is showing in these angles..
  • Travis The Chimp. Don Tony predicts that wild rumors involving a sexual relationship will hit the newswire soon enough..
  • Jamie Noble: WWE needs to realize he isn't ever going to be 'over' in WWE. He needs to be released. DT and KC's jokes about Noble were made before it was known he was 'stretchered out' on Raw..
  • Trish Stratus at Wrestlemania? DT and KC have been talking about that for 2 months. And the rumors have been flying. We hope this happens. The climate is perfect for her to wrestle albeit for one match..
  • Great Sasuke assaults a fan for taking a picture of him without his mask. Don Tony is tempted to plaster pics of Sasuke mask less all over the net..
  • Message to Gregory Helms. Push WWE to bring back The Hurricane gimmick. If there was ever a time to be the Superhero character, now is the time..
  • Our condolences to the Funk family on the passing of their mother..
  • Sonjay Dutt is gone from TNA. What will happen to So Cal Val? A message to TNA. We haven't seen a myspace page or website yet (except for 2 obsessed fans) that feature So Cal Val. You can feature her in photos teasing her nakedness all you want. She's still an unattractive woman with smooth silky skin..
  • Looking in detail the reasons behind Bobby Roode, LAX, and others re-signing with TNA. It's not as stupid as one would think..
  • TNA trying to save face with pissed off fans that competed in the âWin a Date with ODBâ contest who now learned it was rigged all along..
  • Matt Morgan mentions that Hulk Hogan gave him tips on his gimmick. After watching him lately, Don Tony thinks Morgan should knock Hogan out..
  • Career Death Watch Week Three: Eric Young still not fired from TNA..
  • Chavo Guerrero: The Hispanic Val Venis..
  • Looking back and cringing at New Edition, Gerardo, and Color Me Badd..
  • One Shoot Interview not recommended by Kevin Castle: The Nasty Boys..
  • Plus, our .02 on Mountain Dew Voltage.. Miz And Morrison At Wrestlemania.. Freddy Prinze Jr leaving WWE.. Talia Madison without makeup.. AJ's Replica Belts.. Ric Flair on CBS TV and The Masters.. Plus e-mail, calls, chat questions, and much more.

Hosted by Anthony 'Don Tony' DeBlasi and Kevin Castle

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  • Spike TV backs out on Mick Foley sitcom. When you think about the horrible sh** Spike airs, for them to reject this project it must have been the drizzling sh**s. If that's bad, wait until you hear what Mick Foley did to the director who busted his a** trying to make this project work..
  • Start the rumors now. Triple H and his title will move to Raw while Edge will stay on Smackdown. Even though there will be quite a bit of brand jumping until the next WWE Draft (8 days after Wrestlemania)..
  • Thank you Nicholas Cage for turning down the lead role in the movie 'The Wrestler'. Lord knows what would have happened to that film if he was the star. And we don't mean that in a complimentary way..
  • Ashley 'Crackhead Smurf' Massaro is at it again. This time, this dumb di*e calls a 13 year old wrestling fan on Myspace a cu**. Can someone give this rat some Peanut Butter from that tainted plant? A message for Ashley 'Lita' Massaro and a prediction as to what she will do next..
  • Bret Hart starts to comment on The Wrestler movie in a blog. After sentence three, the entire article turns into a Bret Hart documentary..
  • Gotta love last week's episode. Don Tony and Kevin Castle profess to TNA they need to release some lower card talent now. Next day, TNA releases Lance Hoyt, Petey Williams, and some other no name talent. Last week we dispelled the stupid rumors of Christian not signing with WWE and that he would debut very soon. Next day, he's on ECW. Now what do we tell TNA to do next? Tune in..
  • Laughing once again at Chris Harris. Its a shame people like this get air time. Wait until you hear the stupid jargon he's saying this week..
  • Message to everyone who thinks Christian is being punished by being brought back to TV as a part of ECW: Shut the f*** up morons. Can you say CM Punk? Bobby Lashley? DT and KC go much further than that..
  • Ric Flair appearing at ROH shows. Lets hope ROH fans understand what this actually is. Because Cary Silken is blowing a lot of smoke up fans' asses with his press release. LOL Cary blows a lot more than just smoke..
  • Don Tony's message to WWE: Old School's Kool! Merch it..
    Funks and Von Erichs are the newest inductees to 2009 WWE Hall Of Fame. This by far is the best HOF class yet. DT and KC sing the praise..
  • Remembering the death of Louie Spicolli, who passed away 11 years ago this past Sunday..
  • If WWE would have had a different match than Swagger / Finley on the No Way Out PPV, it would have been considered the best PPV in years for WWE. Outside Wrestlemania of course..
    Looking at the ECW debut of TJ Wilson, and how stupid DH Smith must feel right now for bitching about The Bulldogs..
  • Don Tony sh**s on Kozlov's lack of ring awareness during the PPV..
  • Recently we were reminded of Bruiser Brody when we watched Mike Knox. Don Tony now thinks of Gene Snitsky when he sees Knox on Raw..
  • Congratulations to Al Snow and Bobcat on their marriage. We don't know them personally at all. But doesnt that relationship seem a bit odd for some reason? With that said, DT remembers one interesting night involving Bobcat and a wrestling promotion..
  • Kevin Castle praises the SNME DVD set. It's a must buy..
  • DT and KC look back at the Hogan and Bret Hart eras in WWE and why this current focus on 'kiddie friendly programming' could become a big problem..
  • Condolences to the families and friends of the victims involved in the Buffalo NY plane crash. And keeping those affected by the Brush fires in Australia in our prayers..
  • As we told you last month, just like the Edge DVD set, the Randy Savage DVD set will not have any documentary. The difference with the two is that WWE will eventually have fans 'Double Dip' on another Edge set in a few years. Macho Man though will not have another set released until he and WWE mend issues..
  • Did Heath Ledger's character as Joker in The Dark Knight rip off Brandon Lee and The Crow?..
  • Look at TNA's new image as the Over 40 club. Why hasn't TNA pursued young stars like Chris Masters, Elijah Burke, Kenny Dykstra, and others in favor of horrible talent like Consequences Creed, Eric Young, and others..
  • Something tells us Jeff Jarrett is erect with the idea of bringing on Bob Holly..
  • Looking at LAX re-signing with TNA for three more years..
  • The Jeff Hardy 'I wont hit my brother' storyline has kicked out rather sh**y. Let's hope they can amp this up a notch next week. If Matt Hardy wants to show up Paul London, then deliver a stellar performance in this angle. Stop with this dopey rants on the net..
  • How great was Roddy Piperâs promo on Monday? It was his best work in years..
  • We share the best Wrestlemanias of all time, in our opinions of course.
  • We enjoy all of Jim Cornetteâs shoot interviews; we just donât like him in TNA. Also, showing the praise for the Col. DeBeers and Brickhouse Brown shoots, and the anticipation of a Victoria shoot interview in the near future.
  • Our .02 on FCW talent.. Our all time Wrestlemania favorites.. Jim Cornette Shoot Interviews.. HHH vs Orton, Undertaker / WM, remakes of horror flicks, Otto The Auto Pilot, plus chatroom questions, emails, and much more..
Hosted by Anthony 'Don Tony' DeBlasi and Kevin Castle


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  • Don Tony and Kevin Castle defend Chris Jericho 100% for the incident in Victoria (Canada). We don't condone hitting women. But when someone charges you with your back turned, Y2J had every right to pie face her. What if this stupid bi*** had a knife?..
  • We have to laugh at these geek news sites that interpret impatience for news. Because Christian hasn't debuted YET, they report his WWE deal fell through. Our show was the first to report Christian to WWE and we will say it again. He is signed. He will debut soon. WWE wants to throw people off online and surprise the fans when he appears. Bank on it..
  • Message to Dixie Carter and TNA. Release some of your lower talent. Bring in others and try them out. Throw some sh** on the wall and see if it sticks. You need to do it now..
  • Ashley Massaro and her lame attempt on Myspace to create false buzz. We could say 'how the mighty have fallen'. But she's never been 'mighty'. And with WWE being PG now, a 'Dirty Diva' is not in their plans. No matter how much this genius wants to tease..
  • Comparing Obama to William Regal..
  • Eric Bischoff discusses how he and Hulk Hogan turned down TNA and rips them apart for their lack of vision and poor management. Yes Jeremy Borash, he's talking about you too Girlie Man..
  • So far every wrestler DT and KC wanted in this year's WWE Hall Of Fame has been picked. Dory and Terry Funk are in. Who will be next?..
  • The ending of Raw was lousy. Moments before, Lawler and Cole are speaking how Randy Orton was not intimidated by Undertaker and Shane McMahon. Then Orton is too afraid to run ringside and save Ted Dibiase Jr from a Van Terminator by Shane..
  • Don Tony shows respect to Ring Of Honor fans in Florida for accepting Dlo Brown. However Philly and New York ROH wackjobs? Im not so sure..
  • A small message to Gabe Sapolsky. You were fired from ROH. Move the f*** on. You look so pathetic online with these daily attempts to make yourself feel you still belong..
  • And a small bragging note. The Don Tony And Kevin Castle Show has more wrestling fans visiting the site than ROH's..
  • Brooke Hogan tattoos 'Redemption' above her ass. When you think about it, Nick Hogan should have that on his ass. Not her..
  • Speaking of Nick Bollea. Week two and no proof that his 'The John And John Foundation' is legit. Hey TMZ, this may be news..
  • The Dudleys before their 4 way main event on PPV tell Sting to 'Do The Right Thing'. Sting is the champion. The right thing is to retain. Who the f*** writes that dopey sh**?..
  • Rhino is right smack in the middle of TNA's Against All Odds PPV poster. He wasn't even on the show. And the Fatty With Face paint wasn't even in the building..
  • Nice to see Ric Flair on Raw. DT and KC discuss the talk that he may return to the ring. Big mistake WWE if that happens..
  • Low Ki (Kawal) debuts for FCW next week..
  • At the 8PM hour Monday, news channels had Obama talking Stimulus. The MLB Network talked A-Rod and the steroids story. Can you guess which one Don Tony tuned in to?..
  • Chris Brown beats up Rhianna. Don Tony says thank you. Because if it wasn't for that assault, Al Green wouldn't have performed at The Grammys..
  • Paul London during an interview calls Matt Hardy a di**. You'd think the interviewer would ask a follow up question and find out why. LOL Nope. So we will stir it up. Could it have to do with Crackhead Smurf?..
  • Son of Haku, graduate of Team 3-D Wrestling School signs with WWE..
  • Jeff Jarrett is drooling at the idea of signing Bob Hardcore Holly..
  • Don Tony thinks Alex Rodriguez will be inducted into the MLB Hall Of Fame after his career is done. Kevin Castle disagrees..
  • Showing love to 1980's WWF TV enhancement talent..
  • Randy Orton's physique is near perfect. Its so perfect, you can't help but to think of the possibility he's 'using' again. Let's hope not..
  • Umaga is back on Smackdown. Yet it seems like he's missing something. Looking at what could be the problem, and the idea of putting him of Sim Snuka and Manu. Even though we think Manu should be released, he's Afa's son. And Afa trained Mickey Rourke for 'The Wrestler'. So right now, Manu's job may be safe. Then again...
  • Plus our .02 on Gorgeous George leaving wrestling.. R-Truth and his 'blackness'.. Undertaker vs HBK by JBL.. SMC still milking Tom Bosley.. Samurai Delicatessen!.. Plus e-mails, chat room questions, and more..

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  • Will Undertaker's appearance on Raw next week include an 'idea' by JBL? Don't understand what we mean? You will after tuning in to this episode..
  • Wanna piss of Candice Michelle? Call her 'Belly Belly'..
  • Can someone send us some proof that Nick Hogan Bollea's 'The John And John Foundation' is legit? Don Tony has done the research and finds no such charity foundation exists..
  • The heavy focus on Bret vs Owen Hart Wrestlemania flashback on Raw may be a hint WWE is leaning towards Jeff vs Matt Hardy for WM25..
  • By the way, message to WWE. This is the 24th anniversary of Wrestlemania. Not 25..
  • Kevin Castle is starting to feel Shawn Michaels is more The Heartburn Kid..
  • TNA currently stands for Totally Not Appealing. How sad is it that DJ Gabriel, Hornswoggle, Jack Swagger, and Boogeyman beat Kurt Angle, Scott Steiner, AJ Styles, Sting and others in the ratings...
  • However, word has it that Samoa Joe may have 'hit a Grand Slam' at Dennyâs Tuesday..
  • No disrespect to Samoa Joe if his facepaint has religious overtones. But his promo on Impact made him look inferior and belittles his past success. Instead of just coming back a mean, terrifying SOB as is, he came across as just a Fatty In Facepaint..
  • Looking at Ric Flair and Mickey Rourke's possible roles for Wrestlemania 25..
  • An interesting debate on Victoria's exit from WWE. Don Tony thinks WWE was disrespectful for no mention on a Raw broadcast. Kevin feels Victoria should have given more notice. Now they both ask the question: Did she abruptly quit before she could be released? This way in retrospective, her book is closed with her retiring and not being fired..
  • Regardless of the reasons behind it, WWE's decision to change the âOne Night Standâ PPV name to âExtreme Rulesâ was  a good idea..
  • For those who have been following our Macho Man / WWE discussion, a message. Just because WWE may be releasing a 3 DVD set 'Macho Madness', that doesn't mean both sides have mended fences. And, as of this writing, he's not in the Legends Of Wrestlemania Video Game. Speaking of the game, DT reveals the entire game roster..
  • Does TNA realize how busch league they come off as when they issue press releases offering work for Sarah Palin and Rod Blagojevich. You'd think they would have learned after the Adam Pacman Jones disaster..
  • Yes Don Tony said last summer TNA was 'an NWO storyline away from taking it to the next level'. After the MEM takeover on Impact, DT was right. However TNA executing the idea the right way is another story. How bad was Booker T, Scott Steiner, and Kevin Nash? Either they just don't care, or TNA is just directing these angles terribly..
  • If Ric Flair inducts Ricky Steamboat, why doesn't Vince McMahon induct Steve Austin into the WWE Hall Of Fame?..
    Raw's attempt to cover up Shane McMahon's horrible attack on the Legacy last week wasn't good. They have a lot of work cut out to make up for that crap..
  • How sad. After seven years in TNA, Don Tony still cant get Eric Young's name right..
  • Don Tony compares TNA's Suicide character to an ugly green sweater. However he offers the best idea how TNA can end that gimmick with a little buzz via a certain angle..
  • The rumors are starting to fly. Will Trish Stratus wrestle at Wrestlemania 25?..
  • Mike Knox and Kane is a pretty good tag team. Unfortunately though, there's a lack of tag teams that can make the matches more on an even par..
  • Jeff Jarrett and Dixie Carter will desperately try to keep TNA in business. Because if it goes under, where are they going to go?..
    Best wishes go out to Bobby Lashley and a speedy recovery from his injury..
  • Plus our .02 on Mr T / WWE HOF.. Facebook.. Dr Pill pleading guilty.. Nick Hogan regaining a restricted drivers license.. That California woman and her 14 children.. forgiving Michael Phelpsâ Roddy Piper moment.. Jose Canseco vs Vince Shamwow Slap Chop Guy.. Plus e-mails, chatroom questions, and more..
Hosted by Anthony 'Don Tony' DeBlasi and Kevin Castle

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