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  • Jeff Jarrett publicly admits in an interview that Vince McMahon was right when he said TNA was reprehensible..
  • The Swine Flu hits St Francis Prep High School in Queens NY. For those asking, yes that is the same school Don Tony graduated from. And no he didn't plant X-Pac's Bag O Sh** from Mexico in the school to cause the illnesses..
  • Reid Flair not even 21 and he's been arrested three times. Now it's for DWI, driving without a license, and possessing heroin and needles. Would anyone dare pin some of this blame against Ric Flair? Don Tony and Kevin Castle is amazed that Nature Boy chooses to continue styling and profiling for ROH and other shows, instead of seriously disciplining his son. Woooooooo!..
  • Comparing how Nick Hogan and Reid Flair handled their arrests. Nick Hogan moves to Cali, raises $$ for John Graziano, stays out of the limelight and has so far stayed out of trouble. Reid Flair? He grabs some needles, gets high on heroin, drinks, gets behind the wheel with no drivers license and gets arrested again. Woooooooo!..
  • TNA publicly tells some that they don't want their stars ever on The Don Tony and Kevin Castle Show. What does Don Tony think about this?..
  • Remember Jeff Hardy fans. As much as we all want Jeff to re-sign with WWE, Jeff needs to do what he has to do for himself, not the fans. It may sound selfish, but we always should put ourselves and our family before everything else..
  • RIP Bea Arthur.. Lots of respect towards Maude..
  • Gabe Sapolsky signs on with Dragon Gate and will bring the Japanese promotion to the US six dates a year â with a goal to draw 400. What is Gabe's fascination with the Japanese? You never hear him looking for work with a Julio Sanchez. A Giuseppe Constantino. Its always a Woo Chip Slob. Or Choo Choo Cha..
  • Talk about someone who didn't get the message when noone else booked her for the last 2 years. Sirelda wants back in TNA. Maybe she can co** tease Nathan Ward into making some made up 'Fans Want Sirelda in TNA' Movement. Oh wait, he's busy with the fictitious movement for Debra noone gives a sh** about..
  • Dixie Carter an on air character for TNA? Don Tony has heard that TNA is toying with the idea. DT thinks that Dixie could pull it off if she plays the bottom feeding hoe greedy executive sl**. But if they ever brought her on TV as a goody goody girl, within a few weeks fans will boo her out of the building..
  • What a great promo cut by The Miz on John Cena. However, after Cena fights and beats Miz, what will be left? Will WWE really continue a push for The Miz? Don Tony and Kevin Castle hope so, but they have their doubts..
  • Has anyone realized that WWE only seems to hire second generation stars to developmental deals from past wrestlers that mattered? Names that had stellar careers? With that said, how much of a fu** up is Reid Flair that WWE never signed him to a deal and train him at FCW?..
  • Looking at the current WWE career of Mickie James. When you look at what she's done before, and what she's doing now, something isn't right..
  • Has anyone seen Brooke Hogan's new boyfriend Stack$? DT prefers to call him Mango Head. He looks like Sinead O'Conner fu**ed an Ethiopian..
  • Does WWE realize how 'not over' Maryse is in WWE? She doesn't reek of Diva Material..
  • DT and KC told warned 2 months ago how WWE's continued path of Randy Orton's character would end up as 'cool' to a huge number of fans. WWE was not thrilled that fans were so into Randy Orton stretchering Triple H on the Backlash PPV..
  • Judgment Day PPV takes place in Chicago. Remember WWE's 158 minute celebration on Raw a few months back in CHI when CM Punk won the IC Title? Don't be surprised if CM Punk cashes in MITB at the JD PPV. Just because WWE wants that overinflated pop for CM Punk..
  • Juventud Guerrera thinking about suing Konnan and Jack Evans from the Bag O Sh** episode. A message from Don Tony if he proceeds. Not only will he be making a huge mistake, there's no chance in hell he will win..
  • It's about fu**ing time. After us only talking about it for 5 months, mainstream media sites and pushing Dawn Marie's Wrestlers Rescue drive..
  • You cant help but feel bad for Beth Phoenix and how she has been thrown into women tag matches where almost everyone else is greener than grass..
  • Kevin Castle has a new found hatred for a female WWE character: Santina Marella!..
  • DT expects a huge flurry of news to surface after Obama had a Presidential Plane fly low in NYC right where the Towers once were. It's amazing the dopiness that occurred with that fu** up, and NY Mayor Bloomburg is not thrilled..
  • Laughing at websites that reported 'unidentified WWE staff' were laughing at Melina for being upset about leaving Raw. Funny how they choose to embarrass Melina, but not the morons that 'laughed'. Why? Because they don't exist..
  • Looking at Bobby Lashley's upcoming MMA fight. Why would an MMA group want or allow Lashley to compete in TNA? And why would TNA want a part time guy who is committed to MMA? DT and KC has the very important answer..
  • Don Tony rants about that stupid Topsy Turvy Tomato Plan Commercial..
  • Mick Foley as TNA champion? All done just so he can feud with Jeff Jarrett? Or will that Bacon loving Elvis Haircut Human Suplex Machine with a Tribal C*** on his face Samoa Joe will jump into that feud with Foley?..
  • As much as Don Tony and Kevin Castle has criticized TNA over the last 2 years, they have always defended Vince Russo. A lot of the internet sh**ing on Vince Russo was undeserving..
  • Plus our .02 on the Craigslist Killer and his dopey fiancÃ.. Scott Steiner on a Pogo Stick.. Ring Of Honor canceling shows.. Tex Avery's Racist Cartoons.. WWE Backlash PPV.. Lance Hoyt gets a WWE Developmental Deal.. Mickey Rourke's hand 'injury'.. HHH taking time off.. Hass / Knox.. e-mails, chatroom questions, phone calls, and more..
Running Time: 3 Hours 2 Minutes
Hosted by: Anthony âDon Tonyâ DeBlasi and Kevin Castle
Produced by: Anthony Thomas
Synopsis by: Tony Valvo

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  • Rumors are rampant that Jeff Hardy may not resign with WWE when his contract expires in a few months. Don Tony and Kevin Castle discuss how WWE is totally mishandling this situation..
  • Bobby Lashley joins TNA and the MMA world is acting surprised. There is no fu**ing way MMA is going to allow Lashley to risk possible serious injury and work TNA unless a mutual agreement was made. Both DT and KC agree that Lashley will help TNA as long as they both address two important issues. And neither have to do with any MMA fights..
  • Exposing the UK Sun and Sunsport. Their 'exclusive' interview they claimed to have had with Juventud Guerrera on the Sh** incident was a lie. All that media outlet did is read Juvi's Myspace bulletin!.. And that is straight from Juvi's camp..
  • Want more? Juventud admits that Konnan didn't sh** in his bag, and guess what? Neither did Jack Evans. Want to know who did? We reveal it on the show. But here's a hint. He has recently had his face all in a plate of male looking female genitalia..
  • Some legit advice to Juvi, and showing love to Lizzy Valentine aka Valentina, who may have been thrown in the middle of this story even though she had no involvement whatsoever..
  • After hearing this episode, we hope that Juvi, Jack Evans, Konnan, ???? and all those involved can move on. We also hope that some websites and webcasts out there stop sensationalizing this just so they can get attention to their sites..
  • Don Tony launches 'The Chase Chronicles'. Plus, some solid legit advice to anyone who is getting harassed by credit card companies..
  • Bi Bi err Bye Bye Wrestlicious. Don Tony proven right that the 19 year old Money Mark has now made vignettes putting himself over. Gotta love Jimmy Hart for finding another sucker to fund his MHR hairplants..
  • Question to WWE about their recent 'Greatest Stars Of The 90's' DVD set: Where's Goldberg? How come very little N.W.O.? Where's ECW?..
  • Taz to TNA: Perfect example Don Tony has said about TNA taking one step forward and two steps back. Unfortunately Paula Abdul is the only one that can sing that tune and it succeed..
  • Samoa Joe: Lets get this straight. Samoan Suplex Machine. War Machine. Badass for years. A great talent hidden inside a Bastion Booger like body. So after years of being this unstoppable machine, how goofy is it that Joe is shown on the PPV 'getting pointers' before his match..
  • TNA stepped in sh** when Taz became available. Because now they will try and cover up the blatant ripoff Samoa Joe has been doing of Taz for quite a while now. We still hope that our idea a few weeks back of Taz choking out Don West and taking over as announcer with Mike Tenay happens..
  • Should Don Tony go forth with the Samoa Joe Fat Lines contest?..
  • Don Tony says that noone should misconstrue his comments towards the current TNA product. It has definitely gotten better. But DT worries that TNA may be peaking right now. And that is no way a good thing for their company..
  • Our continued laughing at websites who think WWE is 'punishing' Christian. Wait until the PPV this Sunday. Gail Kim is next on the horizon for elevation..
  • Our continued appreciation towards Melina for her hard work. We feel bad she is off Raw and actually find it nice to see she cared that much about being on Raw..
  • Larry Sweeney quits Ring Of Honor. Honestly, looking at wrestling overall. WTF has this man really ever done in wrestling? And noone please bring up that he played Nick Hogan in a WWE skit..
  • Speaking of Hogan, Don Tony is warming up to Charley Hill and Linda Bollea. Charley, please. If you read this on Google, send us some pics of you wearing Hulk Hogan's belts. Driving his cars. We know just what to do with them. And as far as Linda goes, DT says if he was 49 and had a 19 year old on his ass, he'd know just what to do with her as well..
  • Whatcha gonna do Hulk Hogan, when Karma comes back to dropkick you..
  • Congrats to Frankie Kaz Kazarian for winning the X-Division Title once again..
  • Laughing at Mark Middleton (internet wrestling mark) who professed his love towards Cryme Time's Shad Gaspard.. Wait until you hear this story..
  • Looking at Mick Foley as TNA World Champion, and comparing his title hunt to George Foreman circa 1990's..
  • Any promoter looking to book Debra Marshall needs to hear this episode. A message to Marvin Ward about his recent tactics towards a promoter, as well as his fantasies of Debra..
  • Ever question why we have said for years Mike Johnson of PWInsider.com wears a cheerleading outfit for ROH? Listen to a great example of this as Don Tony reads MJ's view of a recent ROH HDNet TV episode, then comparing it to Lance Storm's comments towards the same show..
  • DT and KC discuss the tragedy of a 9 year old in NY who died emulating a wrestler. Why this story should have never been publicized the way it has been..
  • Janeane Garofalo. Don Tony used to like her (physically). But doesn't it look like she just reeks of bad body odor now?..
  • Gabe Sapolsky has a new job! Question to our Japanese listeners: How do you like your coffee?..
  • Funny story how Don Tony caused XPW to be banned from a hotel in Philadelphia PA a few years back..
  • Showing continued love and support towards Dawn Marie and her Wrestlers Rescue efforts...
  • Plus our .02 on Ted Dibiase St's recent dumb comments about Randy Orton.. Linda Hogan's ass.. Mae Young the hottie.. ESPN special on Vince McMahon.. 12 Rounds knocked out of the Box Office.. Rob Van Dam's appearances on Fox promoting legal marijuana.. 'Daniels'.. Jericho vs Steamboat.. International Tyrants partying and laughing at Obama.. Lex Luger's WWE run.. Comparing The Legacy to The Frontline.. Plus e-mails, Comments, Chatroom Questions, and moreâ
Running Time: 3 Hours, 56 Minutes
Hosted by Anthony âDon Tonyâ DeBlasi and Kevin Castle
Produced by Anthony Thomas
Synopsis by Tony Valvo

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  • Juventud Guerrera plays footsie with In Your Head Radio. LOL. We don't know which is worse. How Juvi was caught by Don Tony for several changes in his story? Or how pathetic and idiotic IYH comes across for not catching this themselves..
  • A huge F*** You to IYH for sending recaps to websites, making Konnan look like an a**hole. Why? Because the whole story of him sh**ing in Juvi's bag is based on accusation and assumption..
  • Debra Marshall doing a nationwide radio tour? Can someone other than Nathan 'Dont talk about my Debra like that' Ward, tell us why?..
  • Don Tony and Kevin Castle hope WWE realizes breaking up Miz and Morrison is one of the stupidest decisions in recent memory. WWE can always try to turn this into storyline, then bring them back as a team..
  • Don't expect Tazz err Taz to rip WWE at all when he makes his first comments post WWE..
  • Here's an idea Don Tony would love to see. Have TNA sign Taz, have him make a surprise appearance, choke out Don West, and put the headset on. A TNA schedule is dramatically lighter than WWE, and DT ensures that will be 'over' by wrestling fans..
  • TNA one day will realize that Don West will never be accepted by wrestling fans, And after 7 years, he still is the worst announcer alive. TNA you need a face lift..
  • Contest: How many fat lines do you see on Samoa Joe's stomach after he bends down? Next week the contest date will be released..
  • Doesnt it seem like Chris Jericho's momentum took a nosedive once that Legends vs Y2J match was announced prior to Wrestlemania? DT gets into how several non-wrestling fans were into the Y2J storyline once he appeared on Larry King..
  • Melina to Smackdown. Although she and many others are not in favor of the move, there's two important reasons why it happened..
  • JBL on WWE Universe writing blogs even though he's retired. Does anyone really read what Mr Layfield writes? Does anyone really care?..
  • Next week, Don Tony and Kevin Castle rip Hulk Hogan for his very rude comments towards the Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman families. Wait until you hear what this moron had to say about himself and OJ Simpson..
  • Message to TNA. Tell your wrestlers to stop talking about WWE when they do interviews. Its very amateurish. Google hits may be your reasoning, but it hurts you immensely. Notice how Christian, CM Punk, and Jeff Hardy never had to bring up their TNA careers..
  • Don Tony fears Mick Foley will win TNA Heavyweight Title. TNA has a habit of promising World Title runs when negotiating deals. Anyway, in storyline, why is an investor competing for a World Title? Isn't that conflict of interest?..
  • Our condolences to Cary Silken on the passing of Jack Wrangler..
  • RIP Harry Kalas and Mark 'The Bird' Fidrych..
  • Funny retro story regarding Don Tony and friends working at the Ground Round Restaurant, a pack of homosexuals, and hot soup..
  • Back on our 11/18/08 episode, Don Tony and Kevin Castle confronted WWE and Jim Ross as to why they couldn't donate a few $$$ so Dr Death Steve Williams could get his electronic voice box. After 5 months of waiting, they finally came thru. Kudos to WWE, Jim Ross, and God Bless Dawn Marie for her continued charity work..
  • Showing continued respect for our US Military. Amazing what the Navy Seals did to those Somali Pirates. Kevin Castle does pose an interesting question: Why are they called pirates and not kidnappers?..
  • Don Tony wondered why Ted Dibiase's disgusting comments towards the religion of Islam didn't receive nationwide attention. Then DT and KC realized, its Ted Dibiase. No one cares what he thinks..
  • KC likes Singh as Khali's mouthpiece. DT hates it..
  • As we did last year when goofy websites reported Morrison was in the WWE doghouse, we do it again tonight about Jack Swagger and what sites reported..
  • And if you watch the segment between Swagger and Cena, Mr Swagger came off much better on the mic than John Cena..
  • Looking at the Gabe Sapolsky and Rob Feinstein shoot interviews, as well as two very dark moments in both their lives..
  • Kevin Castle reviews WWE Encyclopedia..
  • Don Tony says take a Bella Twin, put an afro on her head, paint her black, and expose their very green wrestling ability, and you have Consequences Creed..
  • Laughing at Mike Johnson's praise towards recent ROH show with Ric Flair at the former ECW Arena. Funny how he neglected to mention only 340 people showed up to see the TV taping..
    What would Don Tony do if ever confronted by Perry Saturn, Samoa Joe, or JBL?..
  • Our continued pleas to have Jeremy Borash removed from any TV time on TNA..
  • Looking at big differences in merchandise WWE sold for John Cena and Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson..
  • Plus our .02 on Ketchup Potato Chips.. concern for Ralph Kiner.. J-Loâs Ass.. McDonalds' Sweet Tea commercial.. Rosa Mendez.. Manu Manu.. Santino angle as Santina.. Plus chat room questions, e-mails, and much more
Hosted by Anthony 'Don Tony' DeBlasi and Kevin Castle
Produced by Anthony Thomas, Synopsis by Tony Valvo

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  • John Bradshaw Layfield retires. Don Tony and Kevin Castle look back at what JBL will be best remembered for â being an assh*le towards fellow wrestlers..
  • Anyone notice the two things WWE copied from TNA this past week? Don Tony noticed, and doesn't like it at all..
  • HBK vs Undertaker from Wrestlemania. Not only the match of the year, but this was likely the greatest match either will have for the remainder of their career. Not much could ever top it..
  • Even though the Chris Jericho vs Legends match was crapola, how great was Ricky Steamboat?! Its amazing to think the three stars above were the only shining moments of Wrestlemania. And how old are they?!..
  • As much as we liked Steamboat on Wrestlemania and Raw, he shouldn't wrestle often at all. We wouldn't mind to see Steamboat vs Jericho on the next PPV, as DT compares it to Rocky V. And what made Steamboat's Raw appearance so special? WWE went against the grain..
  • Don Tony warned everyone a month ago. WWE had to be real careful with Randy Orton's heel character. Because the path they were on, DT felt fans would soon find his character cool. Anyone notice the loud RKO chants while he was attacked Vince McMahon on Raw, and during an earlier promo?. DT thinks that Orton's heel character is also over because he doesn't come off as 'TV PG'..
  • WWE puts ridiculous time constraints on inductees at Hall Of Fame which resulted in a rather shi**y ceremony. That was totally disrespectful..
  • Triple H 'invades' Randy Orton's home. Orton knocks out Stephanie and kisses her. Legacy handcuffs Triple H and beats him to a pulp. HHH destroys Cody Rhodes a few weeks back to 'send Orton a message'. So we expect a bloodbath to occur at Wrestlemania. So what did we get? Headlocks, wrestling moves, and a stupid sledgehammer shot. That match arguably is the worst Wrestlemania main event of all time..
  • Rey Mysterio does his Heath Ledger impersonation at Wrestlemania. Was it appropriate to emulate a man that died from a self induced drug overdose? Yeah yeah we know the argument. He was the Joker at 'Mania. Sorry, but with that makeup and hair he wore, everyone (including us) immediately thought of Heath Ledger when we saw Rey Rey..
  • Jimmy Snuka pitching a Reality Show to networks emulating 'Randy The Ram'? Snuka is one of DT and KC's all time favorites. But he needs to take a page from Julie Hart and quietly pack it in..
  • Gotta love the websites that played April Fools jokes on those prestigious wrestling news websites. Everyone except for Dave Meltzer exposed their true lack of connections in wrestling. Funny how their 'sources' are always around when needed â except for April 1st and 2nd..
  • How pathetic was that Divas Battle Royal at 'Mania? It was great to see Molly Holly, Victoria, Sunny, Miss Jackie, and others â all 3.2 seconds of TV time. Oh yeah, Joy Giovanni was there too. But we could care less about that. And message to Ivory. Lots of fans wished you were there and didn't forget about you..
  • Don Tony is not so sure about the rumors of Trish Stratus not appearing cause Santino was winning Miss Wrestlemania. DT thinks that her absence may lead to a return in a different capacity. Check out this interesting opinion by DT..
  • Can someone explain why Kid Rock performed so fu**ing long at Mania? Long enough to bump the Tag Team title change and unification? We like Kid Rock. But that was not necessary to have him out there that long. And based on several fans who attended Mania that spoke to us, fans were not into Kid Rock at all. They were there for the wrestlers..
  • Few weeks ago, Kevin Castle insisted WWE bring the gimmick back. And it appears, that The Hurricane could be brought back to TV very soon. Stand Back!..
  • Tazz' contract expires with WWE and doesn't renew. DT and KC look at Tazz' imminent future, his Smackdown replacement, and the idea of having Tazz replace Don West in TNA..
  • Heel turn for CM Punk coming?..
  • Don Tony shows some compassion for Vicky Guerrero?..
  • Monty Brown returning to WWE?..
  • As much as we praised Jim Ross' BBQ sauce and ketchup, we had no idea how ridiculously high the shipping charges were for some. There's no excuse why $30 worth of BBQ sauce should cost $16 to ship. Something's wrong here..
  • Laughing at websites who thought posting the 'order' of Wrestlemania matches was an exclusive story. Especially when they were not only wrong, but revealed how ignorant some of these morons are..
  • Don Tony has been saying it for many years. WWE will never have someone break Undertaker's Wrestlemania streak. But kudos to WWE for making so many think that HBK was going to beat the Deadman..
  • Jerry Lawler / Sports Illustrated story reveals The King's disappointment of never having a Wrestlemania match. Looking back at his illustrious career in Memphis, and putting aside some cooky stuff about him, we think he should have at least one match at 'Mania..
  • As you can see, this episode is primarily dedicated to Wrestlemania 25. But you will find lots of non Wrestlemania tidbits during the show. We were just too lazy to post them all..
    The bottom line about Wrestlemania 25: Its the âSuper Bowlâ of wrestling. The grand daddy of them all. The pinnacle of Sports Entertainment. Putting aside Taker / HBK and Steamboats 3 minutes, if this were a regular PPV for $35 or $40, we would be fine with it. But this was not Wrestlemania quality. Not by a long shot..
  • Our .02 on Batista's surprise return on Raw, next week's WWE draft, Marvin Ward pu**y whipped with Debra Marshall (McMichael, Austin).. Santina Marella nonsense.. Matt Hardy upgrades his look with new ring attire.. Funny story about another 49 year old woman DT came across in a NY nightclub years ago.. Macho Man, Hulk Hogan reality TV show rumors.. Leeann Tweeden.. rumors of Jack Swagger in WWE doghouse.. DT drooling over Gail Kimâs outfit on Raw.. Christopher Daniels returns to TNA TV as Christopher Daniels.. remembering King Kong Bundy.. Sade.. Dolph Ziggler injured..
  • Plus your e-mails, calls, chatroom questions and so much more..
Hosted by Anthony 'Don Tony' DeBlasi and Kevin Castle
Produced by Anthony Thomas, Synopsis by Tony Valvo

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