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  • Hulk Hogan: "I am a Real American, fighting those big fat lesbians!"..
  • LMAO at Julie Hart thinking she's a celebrity.  Her having a reality TV series is like following Sara without Undertaker. And sorry Bret for this one. But who the f*** names their kid 'Beans'?..
  • Did anyone else notice Steroid abuser Harry Smith (who's underage) drinking a beer during Raw 15th Anniversary show? Of course it's no big deal to us. We just felt like being instigating pri**s..
  • Talia Madison's TNA name Velvet Sky sounds like the name of a $5 bottle of perfume at a Chinese vendor at a flea market. You want bottle of Velvet Sky? Two dollar..
  • We told you Triple H would give the 'rub' to Jeff Hardy at PPV. With the exception of a few stupid skits, HHH has been very unselfish the last few years. In front of the camera that is..
  • Dopey C*** Comment Of The Week: Michael Benoit's Lawyer trying to put a guilt trip on WWE as an attempt to extort $2 Million. If anyone should be shi**ed on, it's the father of Chris Benoit and mother of Nancy. These jackasses are trying to rewrite history of Benoit murder so they can get $$$. That whole Benoit family is f***ed up..
  • And message to surviving Benoit family. You can lead a horse to the water. But you can't force them to drink. You dont see Gracie family blaming MMA groups for Ryan's death..
  • Looking at Lo-Ki aka Senshi and why he would never survive WWE..
  • Minority Roundtable interviewing Theo from Cosby Show???..
  • Noone whatsoever should criticize Baby Doll for making public WWE helping Jake Roberts with drug rehab. Not only do we get into this deep, but show that another female seems to be acting quite the 'snake'..
  • Some irony involving Konnan and TNA 1/4/08 Tokyo Dome show..
  • A detailed in depth look at Chris Jericho, his return, his future, backstage politics, and more. A must hear..
  • Why does WWE have to put song names for themes like Austin, The Rock, Foley, and others?..
  • Anyone interesting in us running a TNA bus trip for their 2/22 show in Westbury, NY? We already contacted TNA about it..
  • The Christopher Daniels 'firing' from TNA is storyline. However, we explain why he would have a difficult time jumping to WWE if he were really fired..
  • Message to TNA. Put Dlo Brown in front of the fu**ing camera already. You would be surprised how many fans would tune in to see him. We would..
  • Its hard to say anything negative about Tammy 'Sunny' Sytch. But she should handle her own myspace page when responding to messages..
  • WWE having Edge align a faction with the Major Brothers. Did WWE forget that they are the Major Bros?..
  • Showing love to Lenny Lane & Lodi..
  • Jeff Hardy: Will WWE consider putting a World Title on him, or go the 'Jimmy Snuka' route..
  • TNA script of Jan 2008 show leaks online. Interesting tidbits on that story including who's writing what..
  • Lets see here. One week AJ Styles dresses as a turkey, a reindeer. The next week, we're supposed to give a sh** who he aligns himself with?..
  • As we predicted, TNA would create a storyline between Kevin Nash and Samoa Joe from the 'shoot' incident..
  • More shoot interview recommendations from Kevin Castle..
  • Although JBL's back will deteriorate quite fast, his promo exchanges with Y2J will be good..
  • Plus our .02 on Konnan, Sheep eating Humans, Mitchell Report and MLB steroids / HGH scandal, Shane Helms, more on Christian Cage being booted off XBOX Live, insane match stipulations, Sleep Aids, Colon cleaners, your calls, and more!..

Hosted by Anthony 'Don Tony' DeBlasi, Kevin Castle & Joey 9:24

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Category:Don Tony And Kevin Castle Show -- posted at: 5:27pm EST

  • We've done nothing but praise Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson over the last few years. But there is no excuse whatsoever as to why he didn't appear on Raw's 15th Anniversary show. The fans were responsible for his instant acknowledgement in Hollywood. If he never was a WWE wrestler, he would have struggled to even appear on In Living Color..
  • We said it for years. WWE needs to do more 'Feel Good' shows. Thank you for 15th Anniversary show. Hopefully we don't have to wait 5 more years or a death for 'feel good' sh** like we had Monday..
  • Ric Flair vs Hulk Hogan won't happen at Wrestlemania. Flair will want to hug his opponent and cry after the retirement match. And we don't see him doing that if Hulk Hogan was on the other side in the ring..
  • Hulk Hogan vs Randy Savage: Now that's a storyline and match we can see brewing in the near future. Savage's 'silence' will determine if that match happens..
  • Congratulations to Kevin Castle's friend Dan Nelson who is now the lead singer for the legendary band Anthrax! And yes he is a wrestling fan as well!..
  • LOL. WWE changes the results of their recent Raw polls to reflect their choices. How many fu**ing years have we been telling you that they do that? And these mark websites are only noticing it now..
  • How many more shows do we have to bang our heads about this. TNA, create a fu**ing secondary title! You need one now! Morons!..
  • The fact that Sid Vicious wasn't on the Raw Anniversary special speaks volumes about his imminent WWE return to the ring..
  • Ron 'The Truth' Killings going to WWE with John Cena's blessing?..
  • Dopey Cu** Comment Of The Week: Kristal Marshall. Yes Kristal; WWE management was likely laughing at you when Lita was cheered, appreciated, and talked about post Raw's anniversary show..
  • Don Tony thinks Marty McFly's taste in attire than Marty Jannetty. Did you see that horrible outfit? But not as bad as Scorpio looking like a Duracell battery..
  • Attention tanners. Beware of Tinia Versicolor and white spots on Don Tony's ass..
  • Do you think TNA will edit out Samoa Joe's PPV 'shoot' promo from their upcoming DVD release?..
  • Doesn't Obama sound alot like The Rock? Also, funny comments about Mitt Romney and 'The Huckster' Mike Huckabee..
  • WWE should take notice the amount of fan support towards Shelton Benjamin, even if he's in 'Extreme' Limbo right now..
  • Don Tony watches The Jackie Robinson Story for the first time and has some interesting remarks..
  • You wonder if Vickie Guerrero ever looks in the mirror and realizes she has a job and is on TV only because her husband died? I'd be embarrassed if I were her. And not just because she looks like a ragged, unkempt Latino..
  • How horrible are these 'Just For Men' commercials? Maybe the stupid bastard is 'single again' because he's an a**hole and not because his hair is gray..
  • Still laughing at the geeks who wrote news alerts about Jericho's 9:45PM Raw return several weeks back..
  • We explain why we can 'mark out' for Hulk Hogan on TV, and still rip Terry Bollea a new a**hole for his poor parental skills..
  • Even though we don't follow UFC, we offer our opinion as to how they should nurture and take their time with Brock Lesnar as an MMA fighter..
  • Chris Jericho. Did WWE make the Santino Marella mistake with Y2J? We discuss what WWE can do to repair and replenish Y2J's momentum with the fans..
  • Has Steve Austin become 'Stone Old' and bland?..
  • Plus our .02 on WWE & TNA recycling storylijnes, Hulk Hogan vs Great Khali, Evolution feuds at Wrestlemania, Kofi Kingston, your calls, Myspace messages, emails, and more!..

Hosted by Anthony 'Don Tony' DeBlasi, Kevin Castle & Joey 9:24..

Direct download: MinRep12102007.mp3
Category:Don Tony And Kevin Castle Show -- posted at: 8:37pm EST



  • Dopey Cu** Comment Of The Week: Triple H: Says (in storyline) for a title shot he would pedigree his own grandmother. Yet in '07, making 'saves' and teaming with him, he never pedigree' d John Cena while he was champ..
  • Gee that was fast. One week later, Ric Flair 'retirement' storyline isn't mentioned on WWE TV, nor is Flair on any shows..
  • WWE using Randy Orton's boring, robotic, uninteresting persona as a storyline destined to fail. Watch all the fans get pissed when Jericho doesn't 'save' us from Orton at the next PPV..
  • Hogan Knows Best. Bollea Knows Sh**..
  • Samoa Joe 'shoot' promo at TNA PPV: Don Tony calls Joe a moron for ripping 1/2 of TNA locker room and management. Plus, he puts over 'dedicated' younger TNA stars that can't even break 1.0 ratings. Joey 9:24 defends Joe and makes great points at Joe's possible frustration internally towards Kurt Angle & TNA..
  • Reason #115 why TNA remains a busch league company: 'YOUR FIRED!' Can someone send Dixie Carter a Speak And Spell for Christmas?!..
  • LOL at The Outsiders Scott Hall / Kevin Nash and their 'serious illnesses' caught the days of TNA PPVs. Remember the heart attack?!..
  • Don Tony & Joey 9:24 pitch cool storyline involving Samoa Joe, Kevin Nash, and X-Division stars that would make lots of sense..
  • ECW blast from the past: Paul Varlens vs Taz..
  • Kevin Federline, Pacman Jones, Jackass, Hermie Sadler, etc: When will WWE & TNA ever learn?..
  • Stan Hansen: One legend who would be so over if he wrestled in this era. One small promo example why Randy Orton is awful. Could Orton be the worst WWE champion of all time?..
  • Don Tony has renamed his penis Mohammed and dares Sudan extremist freaks to behead him..
  • WWE airing Vickie Guerrero french kissing Edge six times on TV in 10 days: Someone behind the scenes in WWE is definitely masturbating to this footage..
  • Discussing why business wont really change until Vince McMahon passes away..
  • Minority Roundtable interviewing Jewel DeNyle: Nothing wrong with interviewing some great bu** once in a while..
  • Chef Boyardee: Good Italian food? Or fraud?..
  • Taco Bell: Is it really the 'fourth meal'?..
  • Discussing younger and older fans that 'tribute' Chris Benoit..
  • Jeff Hardy gets World Title shot at Royal Rumble. Bank on it..
  • As we predicted the last 2 weeks. Hulk Hogan returns to WWE TV next week. We discuss the possibility of a Wrestlemania match..
  • Has WWE finally realized it and is depushing Snitsky?..
  • We discuss the reason why Carlito and Jonathan Coachman are being bitched out on WWE TV especially the last few weeks..
  • What the f*** was that on Raw? Y2J slowly unbuttons his vest for Randy Orton, and what followed..
  • Laughing at all the Chris Masters interviews floating around..
  • WWE and their Scott Hall / TNA remark on Raw. Reason why WWE will now take cheapshots at TNA when they arise..
  • Was Eric Young the appropriate choice in TNA main event? And how horrible was it that their PPV only had one title defense (womens belt)..
  • We discuss reasoning why Sting will work out some type of deal with WWE. Count on it..
  • Dynamite Kid signs deal with Jakks Pacific. In his condition, what the f*** was he waiting for?..
  • Undertaker losing at Wrestlemania: We discuss reasons why it is highly unlikely WWE will have him lose..
  • Plus, our .02 on new WSX and HBK DVDs, 'I HATE THAT', more Sid Vicious talk, Finlay's babyface turn, Vince McMahon's 'Yes men', Robocop, WWE roster interactions, Video Games, cartoons of Chris Benoit murdering his family, vintage horror films, AJ Styles or Chris Daniels vs CM Punk, lots of emails, chat room questions, Myspace questions, and so much more!..

Hosted by Anthony 'Don Tony' DeBlasi, and Joey 9:24..

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Category:Don Tony And Kevin Castle Show -- posted at: 8:26pm EST


  • Everytime we read Jim Ross talking about Shelton Benjamin depushed and lacking 'something', we think of Cade & Murdoch getting ZERO crowd reaction for 2+ years now. Yet they have belts. They must suck a great **** for someone in WWE..
  • Reason #114 why TNA remains a busch league company: Johnny Stamboli should NOT be doing casual interviews right before a TNA debut as Rellik. You don't see Umaga doing them. You never saw Kane do one (while under the mask) nor George Steele (while he was a wrestler)..
  • How many weeks have we been talking about how Hulk Hogan gave his son Nick alcohol on his boat before he had his accident? And geek wrestling websites are only noticing this now?..
  • Video: Candice Michelle having her feet sucked like a lollipop..
  • How's that for irony. Randy Orton's 'Torch Runner' tells NY Times he'll take steroids if it means a WWE career! Dopey Cu** Comment Of The Week..
  • Lets lay off of Vickie Guerrero. We should be happy for her that she's exchanging spit with Edge. I mean who would really want to tongue kiss that ugly troglodyke outside of storylines?..
  • Kurt Angle as a Pilgrim, comedy skits, corny segments: Wasn't this a big reason Angle said he wasn't happy in WWE before he left?..
  • Jeff Hardy: Is he a real main eventer? Or is he one by circumstance..
  • Rest In Peace Kevin Dubrow (Quiet Riot)..
  • Rumors around the Pedo campfire is that several people were getting their kinky kicks out of adults wrestling children at that Florida wrestling company..
  • Looking at who was 'under the hood' on CNN / WWE steroids story scandal..
  • Ashley Massaro dating Paul London. Is that wrestler #3 who has 'Hanged and Banged' her?..
  • Message to Kristal Marshall (after reading her blog on her WWE release): Wait tables, go back to Price Is Right, model, date a few more wrestlers, strip, whatever. Just stay clear away from wrestling..
  • Our Ric Flair retiring storyline idea. Have Flair win every match up until Wrestlemania, then retire at 'Mania..
  • Bubba The Love Sponge can call Linda Hogan Bollea a Gold Digging Bitch. Lets see if Bubba has the Balls to call Nick Bollea a piece of sh** for what he's done..
  • Showing love to Sid Vicious. If I were WWE, and Sid is clean, bring him back at the Royal Rumble..
  • As we predicted, Chris Jericho's first opponent and verbal altercation would be Santino Marella..
  • Reason why Chris Masters will never do an interview with The Minority Report. We'd have the balls to ask the #1 question noone else would..
  • We express our humor at some geek marks doing interviews to 'mark out' rather than the purpose of said interview..
  • Ever get a 'Happy Ending' at a Massage Parlor?..
  • Fu** Hardbody Harrison. He doesn't deserve any airtime..
  • No matter how bad TNA is or becomes, we will always be grateful they gave people like Homicide, Jay Lethal, Sonjay Dutt, and others a chance to shine in primetime. Something WWE would have never given them..
  • Is Facebook better than Myspace?..
  • ACME Instaroom: Remember our prediction 6 weeks back that WWE would do 'Road Runner' cartoon skits with Hornswoggle?..
  • Shelton Benjamin to ECW. Minority Report is happy for Shelton, but concerned for Charlie Haas..
  • Do's and Dont's on bringing signs to WWE events..
  • Laughing at Bollea family spokesperson who actually thinks DMV suspending Nick's license is negotiable..
  • Laughing at Hulk Hogan asking for 'privacy'. Laughing harder as to what will be made public about the divorce. Apparently Hulkster was a 'maniac' himself. Just not the same 'Maniacs' we all were..
  • How many cheap marks out there will hold off dating someone until after Christmas to avoid buying gifts?!..
  • How fu**ing bad was the ECW Video Game when it came out?! And remember ECW geeky marks who refused to admit the game sucked balls..
  • Don Tony & Kevin Castle discuss reasoning behind WWE putting the belts on certain wrestlers..
  • Plus, our .02 on Charles In Charge, XPW: The XXX video, Gangrel, Joran Vandersloot, Remembering Doug Gentry, 1980's Rock bands, Nintendo Wii, OJ Simspon's current trial, Samoa Joe with a bone in his nose, lots of emails, chat room questions, Myspace questions, and so much more!..

Hosted by Anthony 'Don Tony' DeBlasi, Kevin Castle, and Joey 9:24..

Direct download: MinRep11262007.mp3
Category:Don Tony And Kevin Castle Show -- posted at: 1:00am EST


  • Kevin Castle and Don Tony's Thanksgiving message to all of our listeners..
  • You want to stop the corny ROH esk chants at TNA's Orlando events? Charge these marks $$$ for their tickets. It's not meant to disrespect ROH. ROH fans chant it because they are passionate for their product. TNA fans do it to try and look cool..
  • Jeff Hardy vs Umaga on Raw was on its way to being top 5 Raw match in years. But WWE had to bastardize it with Zitsky..
  • Just because Shawn Michaels professes his religious beliefs publicly doesn't make him more holy or religious than any of us..
  • Is it just us, or why is some areas of the media treating Kanye West's mother as if she's Oprah Winfrey? She's not a celebrity and never was. We feel bad she died, but come on with this bull****..
  • XPW: Don Tony gets into detail certain hypocrites online, why it went out of business, must buy DVD's, 'West Coast vs East Coast' storyline that was pitched but ignored, and lots more..
  • Best wishes to Nick Bockwinkle. We hope you have a full recovery from your surgery..
  • RIP Mr. Whipple..
  • Looking at Myspace stories of guys pretending to be girls, vice versa, pedophiles hiding as 16 year olds, and lots more..
  • If JBL had an authoritative position in WWE, we would not have any problem with him confronting The Miz and Johnny Morrison. But since he's not, he was a d*** for doing what he did..
  • Chris Jericho's return. Just as we predicted. A verbal confrontation between Y2J 'saving us' from Randy Orton. There's one big problem WWE forgot about this Orton storyline..
  • Dopey C*** Comment Of The Week: Linda Hogan Bollea..
  • Unfu**ingbelievable. Remember days after Nick Hogan accident we talked about their 'rush' and why Nick's habits wouldn't change? You won't believe what Nick's mommy (and Hulk's wife) Linda was shown doing and saying on an illegal racing DVD..
  • Speaking of doing things on video, we look back at the Beulah (Mrs Tommy Dreamer) porn. And there are links mentioned on the show to download great video quality of her XXX vid..
  • Laughing at marks who actually wrote news articles and blogs hyping the 'exact time' Chris Jericho would return on Raw! Unfortunately at 9:45PM, not only did he not appear, but an ECW commercial with the infamous 'Don Tony' sign did!..
  • As long as we treat TNA like the drunk rich bitch at the bar, we should enjoy them just fine. Let them piss away hundreds of thousands on non enticing talent and wastes of sperm (ie Pacman Jones)..
  • Did Jericho sound like he was hyping up Fozzy fans before a concert instead of wrestling fans?..
  • Remember when Don Tony was ripped off by Verizon? Kevin Castle now experiences the di**ing around by Verizon..
  • We offer our preferences on how we would want to die..
  • Spaceballs 20th Anniversary: We anticipate this special DVD release..
  • We discuss how WWE would tweak Samoa Joe if he ever signed with World Wrestling Entertainment..
  • We said this a while back but we will say it again: Bobby Roode will be a big star in WWE. Bank on it..
  • TNA + changing Talia Madison's name to Velvet Sky = Kiss Of Death..
  • Edge vs Batista to lead to Edge vs Undertaker at Wrestlemania?..
  • Who had the best Pyro for their entrance?..
  • Pat Patterson, Don Muraco, Steve Austin: Looking at our favorite IC Title eras..
  • Plus, our .02 on Johnny Morrison, Carlito, Goldberg's latest diss towards wrestling, Mel Brooks, Jacob Duncan, Paris Hilton saving drunk elephants, Hindus marrying dogs, lots of emails, chat room questions, Myspace questions, and so much more!..
Hosted by Anthony 'Don Tony' DeBlasi and Kevin Castle

Direct download: MinRep11192007.mp3
Category:Don Tony And Kevin Castle Show -- posted at: 7:42pm EST

  • Don Tony's Survivor Series match idea: CM Punk's 'Straight Edge' team vs Johnny Morrison's 'Drug Abusers'..
  • Hey WWE, would you answer our question? If you fire a wrestler for Wellness Policy violations, what timeframe before they can be rehired? One year? Two years? Lifetime ban?..
  • Harry DH Smith truly did dedicate his Raw debut to his dad Davey Boy Smith. From the powerslam down to shooting roids in his ass..
  • Dopey C*** Comment Of The Week: Chris Masters Mordetsky..
  • Please WWE, release Masters now. He's not going to change his ways. However, in a warped way, you can also attribute Triple H for Masters' demise. When CM returned from his first rehab, instead of giving him confidence and support, he got the infamous 'How to lose 50 lbs in a month' joke on Raw..
  • Don Tony has a hunch Great Khali will turn face at the Survivor Series PPV..
  • Kudos to WWE for such a touching tribute to Fabulous Moolah. Thank you Moolah for the memories..
  • Can someone mistake Hornswoggle for a fire hydrant and run him over? Please?..
  • Even though Nick Bollea is a d***, Joey 9:24 & Don Tony explain why Hulk Hogan is and will always be above Steve Austin..
  • Update on Lex Luger and fund raising idea for his medical bills..
  • Prince is a fu**ing genius suing the Dancing Baby's family over copyright infringement of his music on You Tube..
  • Fabulous Moolah: One person you rarely ever complained when she was on TV. Whether it was the 50's, 80's, even today..
  • Dog The Bounty Hunter's racist tirade: We discuss why he comes off as a 'I dont mind whites dating blacks, but not in my yard!'..
  • Anyone notice how WWE goes to a far shot whenever a Diva in a dress enters the ring?. Yet we have to see the fat fu** Chris DeJoseph and his 5" sweaty yeast smelling pud..
  • Laughing at the webcast and website geeks that thought Booker T and Sharmell was going to be edited out of the entire Family Feud TV episode..
  • Tommy Dreamer stories involving the Beulah porn video, a bathroom, and The Bronx Zoo..
  • Does the majority of WWE audience 'not feeling' Randy Orton as WWE Champion?..
  • One of our listeners responsible for WCW hiring Johnny Ace? Think it's ridiculous? Think again..
  • Can someone tell me (in storyline) why the fu** Triple H or Umaga would choose the talent on their SS teams?..
  • If you were a wrestler, wouldnt you rather face someone with a boatload of steroids in their system, then a boatload of Xanex and Painkillers?..
  • We are all looking forward to Chris Jericho's return. But we can't seem to understand who and what the f*** he is going to save us from..
  • Shelly 'Ariel' Martinez soon to debut as LAX's valet..
  • WWE MUST create a Legends of Wrestling video game. Do it fu**ing now!..
  • Since fans don't want to tune into ECW on Sci-Fi, WWE will force that Extreme Sh** on us by putting talent on Raw..
  • No disrespect to Ring of Honor. But unless Nicholas Cage wants to use some ROH guys as extras in his film, that's the wrong promotion to be getting advice from..
  • Does anyone else hate Jim from the Brinks Home Security commercials?..
  • Does it seem WWE plans on keeping Trevor Murdoch and demoting (or even releasing) Lance Cade?..
  • Speaking of commercials, how stupid was WWE this week? WWE pipes out Y2J chants, takes away signs, and dont want his name mentioned at all before his return. Yet they sell commercial spots to the Jericho videogame..
  • Showing love to all our freaky listeners..
  • Funny story involving Don Tony who dated a Jehovah Witness..
  • Reminder to our NY listeners: BIG Pro Wrestling comes to Brooklyn NY on November 9..
  • Plus, our .02 on Super Crazy / Duggan tag team, shout out to Joey 'Kaos' Munoz, Booker T, Mark Henry, why WWE dropped Umaga heel turn, chat room questions, emails, Myspace questions, and so much more!..

Hosted by Anthony 'Don Tony' DeBlasi.

Direct download: MinRep11052007.mp3
Category:Don Tony And Kevin Castle Show -- posted at: 7:10pm EST

  • Batista's 'Vacuum' comments: Did his lesbian mother teach him any respect? Maybe its a macho thing to do in the Philippines. But here Dave Bautista, it's classless. At times you do deserve respect. However other times sir, you are nothing but a jacked up nerd..
  • Message to Bret Hart: Market your 20 years of audio blogs onto CD. There will be a market for it, and you will make a nice chunk of cash from them..
  • Polaroid needs to drop Nick Hogan as his sponsor and fast. Will Hulk consider these 'Polaroid' moments? When his son violates the law again, Crashes his car, Cripples someone else, Cripples himself..
  • Don Tony has raised money for Katrina Animal Rescue, Chris Candido, and Konnan. Reason why he WONT offer any assistance to Lex Luger unless..
  • Randy Orton must sit back and think how WWE kisses his ass and tolerates so many instances of bad behavior and illegal drug use..
  • Kudos to TNA for hiring Dlo Brown. But fans don't give a sh** if he's an agent. Put him on f**king TV and give us a reason to tune in..
  • Plea for some animal lover extremist nutjob to cut the leg off of Pamela Worden .. Wait until you hear what this piece of sh** did to a harmless bird..
  • Don Tony rips Maine for giving condoms to 11 year olds. But a twist as to how he would handle these sexually active preteens..
  • Junior 'Rikishi' Fatu: There's a reason he's 450 pounds. He wants a boatload of cash from TNA? Hey Dixie, don't fund his obesity habits. Cut him loose and let him scrounge for Twinkie money elsewhere..
  • Do you care even an ounce that Leticia left TNA?..
  • Johnny Morrison's 'threat' to CM Punk's title is reason why The Miz was picked by fans on Cyber Sunday. Think we're crazy? Were not..
  • TNA scores 'Minority' points for their new womens division. But please. Please. Less gimmick matches and constant clusterf***s..
  • Dispelling the rumors of Kelly Kelly having breast implants..
  • Dopey C*** Comment Of The Week: Harvey Johnson Of FEMA..
  • Eve wins Divas Search. Unless WWE changes her look completely, watch out Candice in 2008..
  • Booker T as Sting's partner, TNA's involvement with his school, and why this relationship will grow..
  • Reasons why TNA needs to give indy stars like Mack Daddy Flexxx, Grimm Reefer, Dirty Rotten Scoundrelz, and others a shot. Even for a squash match. And speaking of the indies..
  • Jason Static will get a WWE Developmental deal before the end of 2008..
  • Does WWE realize that its been three years Cade & Murdoch receives no crowd reaction at all?..
  • Did anyone notice how small of a pop there was when Maria announced Steve Austin would appear on Raw next week?..
  • How great was Condoleezza Rice's reaction what that nutjob protestor approached her?..
  • Hornswoggle replaces John Cena as kids choice on Raw..
  • As Don Tony predicted, Colorado Rockies would lose steam completely in the World Series and Red Sox would win..
  • Advice for fans looking to purchase Wrestlemania 24 tickets..
  • Personal story involving Bob Backlund, Ivan Koloff, Sgt Slaughter, a broken arm, and a special memory..
  • Local recommendation: BIG Pro Wrestling comes to Brooklyn NY on November 9..
  • Plus our .02 on Illegal wrestling shows, mutual trust amongst bleeding foes,  Danny DeManto, Chris Crocker, Ric Flair, TNA rehashing WCW / NWA storylines, Victoria / Myspace, Johnny Rodz, chat room questions, emails, Myspace questions, and so much more!..

Hosted by Anthony 'Don Tony' DeBlasi.

Direct download: MinRep10292007.mp3
Category:Don Tony And Kevin Castle Show -- posted at: 4:13pm EST


  • Candice Michelle is sloppier than a pig in mud. Every move is sloppy. Her injury was going to happen, and will happen again. We feel sorry for her, but those are the facts..
  • Advice for WWE & Candice Michelle: There are 1000's of players that try for years to make it to MLB but cant because they cant hit. Cant pitch. Thousands that try to shoot hoops everyday for years but still dont make the NBA. Kudos that they try, but trying doesnt always make you good. Candice Michelle is not cut out to wrestle. A fu**ing robot can learn a sunset flip. A plancha. A dropkick. Learning a move is one thing. Execution is another..
  • Laughing at WWE having Ric Flair interview Irv Gotti of Murder Inc..
  • Awesome call-in from Brian of US Navy. Not only does he give us a great update on Navy assisting Konnan, but Brian and other US Military were fighting the fires in San Diego California this past Monday..
  • Kevin Castle gives in depth preview of Batista's book. Even if you don't like Batista, you will definitely want to buy this book..
  • Another must buy book: Bruiser Brody..
  • It must have sucked for a teenage Batista to come home just to find his mom carpet munching..
  • Kristal 'The Rat' Marshall released by WWE. Do you think she ever played Stripped Plinko with Bob Barker on The Price Is Right? Dont wory Kristal. You're right up someone's alley in TNA..
  • Chris Jericho's return: Momentus? Or will he remind us of Undertaker's return at Wrestlemania 20. Anyone remembers that? WTF was Undertaker wearing that night?!..
  • Even if you don't like Lex Luger, everyone should send best wishes to Mr. Pfohl on his road to recovery..
  • Dopey C*** Comment Of The Week: Nick Hogan. And a message to Nick. Your Piss Yellow car may be a pu**y magnet. But mispelling simple words on a blog is not. Do a spell check next time you illiterate fool..
  • FL Law Enforcement better take notice at Nick Bollea's recent Myspace comments..
  • Teddy 'The Bitch' Hart no shows his first wrestling event post WWE..
  • If we can ask Jeff Jarrett or Dixie Carter one questions, what would it be? Think Pacman Jones..
  • Triple H and his animosity towards Edge..
  • Why Four Horsemen is the greatest wrestling faction of all time..
  • Discussing rumors of IWA Mid South shutting its doors and one noticible problem with their merchandise..
  • Our quick list of 70's & 80's wrestlers that could make it in today's wrestling era..
  • Kudos to Ring of Honor, Baby Doll, Tammy Sytch, Roddy Piper, Francine and others for going all out for fans at CA Convention disaster; despite getting stiffed by the a**hole promoter..
  • Harry Smith debuts on Raw. Reason for 'DH' Smith name? Well that's because 'TJ' Wilson will join him shortly..
  • Undertaker 'hanging and banging' Michelle McCool rumors..
  • We define what 'taking a break' in a relationship means for our geek listeners who don't get none..
  • Laughing at geek webcasts all interviewing Jericho and Daivari with ulterior motives..
  • We are huge Chris Jericho fans and anticipate his return. But we are sad to say that his book sounds like it sucks donkey di**..
  • Don Tony speaks Jive?..
  • Plus our .02 on Disco Inferno, Carmella DeCesare, TNA's #1 problem, Divas Search, Junior Fatu, Victoria, Chris Crocker, Dixie Carter pics, concern over Carito's WWE run, chat room questions, emails, Myspace questions, your calls, and so much more!..

Hosted by Anthony 'Don Tony' DeBlasi, Kevin Castle, and Joey 9:24.

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Category:Don Tony And Kevin Castle Show -- posted at: 6:45pm EST


  • Shelly Ariel Martinez upcoming video. Laughing at wrestling geeks who dont know the difference between fetish videos and 'porn'..
  • WWE releases Teddy Hart. We called it that he'd be fired within 2 months. Teddy Hart is simply a bitch with wrestling talent. His behavior is cute at 14. Now in his 20's he's just an immature bitch..
  • Krissy Vaine gets this week's Dopey C*** Comment Of The Week award..
  • Showing some love to 'DX Tori' who is now on myspace..
  • Sneak peek at Batista's new book and his revelation that he fu**ed Melina. Behind Johnny Nitro's back?..
  • Notice how Nick Hogan Bollea hasn't done any Public Service work towards driving habits and tragedies? Wait until he is charged for his act. Then the bitch will run like a baby to do them..
  • Bret Hart reveals in his book that he was a 'Man Whore' for years. If you remember wife Julie Hart during Wrestling With Shadows video, who would blame him? Talk about a troglodyte!..
  • Why was Jerry Lawler allowed to vote for Cyber Sunday since he is a WWE employee?..
  • Message to Ryan O'Reilly: Lose the Sean O'Haire look. Alot of people are laughing at you. Unless maybe your fiance gets wet over Sean O'Haire..
  • We discuss why Nick Hogan Bollea will not change his driving habits anytime soon. And we guarantee Nick will convince himself his friend is a vegetable because he didn't wear his seatbelt over his careless driving..
  • Message to Shawn Michaels: Don't lose the facial hair. You look 1000x better with it..
  • Jim Ross, please stop making Candice Michelle out to be Jack Brisco..
  • As we predicted last week, dopey Taryn Terrell eliminated from WWE Divas Search..
  • Exposing WWE planting seeds so fans vote certain ways on Cyber Sunday PPV..
  • Forget 'New' Hart Foundation. WWE should bring in Nattie, Ted Jr, Harry, and others as a 2nd Generation faction angle..
  • Showing respect to Shane Douglas working now at Target in management, Baby Doll working at Walmart: And laughing at wrestling geeks that for some reason thought this was funny..
  • If anyone is amazed that HHH is not main eventing right now, wait until it gets closer to Wrestlemania..
  • Message to The Major Brothers who didn't know Steve Williams and Robert Gibson's legendary tag team career..
  • Minority Report recommends Lillian Garcia's latest CD..
  • Expect a change to ECW roster very soon..
  • Discussing again how TNA puts loyalty (ie: Don West, Jeremy Borash) in front of poor quality..
  • Showing love to Professor Elliot Marin with hope he recovers from his latest health issues..
  • Notice how PWInsider and others are finally acknowledging what we've been saying towards lower WWE ratings for years..
  • Charity Wrestling event coming to Vermont for Alexis Cross Foundation..
  • Message to Gabe Sapolsky: There's never enough money to be made. Get some name talent and older stars in ROH..
  • Hopefully WWE puts Snitsky's Halloween skits on TV or WWE.com..
  • It appears that King Booker T's WWE career could be over..
  • J-Lo Jennifer Lopez attended same school with Don Tony?..
  • Hustler, Swank, or Playboy: Which do you prefer?..
  • Expect a flurry of TNA stars to start working in Japan soon..
  • Laughing at Chris Cash putting wrestler numbers in his cell phone to brag to his friends. Talk about supermark..
  • Strong rumors that several upper TNA stars have requested Jeff Jarrett to be removed from his position..
  • Plus Awesome Kong's Bologna t*ts, Indy Wrestlers wasting Myspace pages, others using Myspace for profit, WWE 24/7, Matt Zombie, remembering a friend who committed suicide, Don West wrestling, naked divas, Jillian Hall, Michael Jackson, CM Punk's pre WWE matches, Nicole Bass, Goldust, OJ Simpson, Colorado Rockies, your emails, calls, Myspace messages, and lots more!

Hosted by Anthony 'Don Tony' DeBlasi, Kevin Castle, and Joey 9:24

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  • How come noone has talked about how Kurt Angle was mixing alcohol and pills when he was arrested?..
  • Message to Adam Pacman Jones. Put down the Cisco. The Indo. The 40 oz. You have to be on drugs if you think the wrestling world thinks you are a 'good guy face'..
  • Kevin Castle has received news from a very reliable source that a flurry of TNA stars could be leaving shortly..
  • In the wake of Congress / steroids trials, Benoit tragedy, and suspensions, you'd think Kurt Angle would have wanted to take a blood test when Police arrested him for DUI. But he refused which shows he was hiding other drugs in his system..
  • US Navy steps up and joins the help to assist Konnan with his medical bills. Hey Calvin Martin, there's an audio message for you during the show..
  • Message to Pacman Jones: Dave Winfield is a class act. He spent his entire sports career donating $$ and tickets to kids with his Foundation. You donate tickets to kids for a TNA PPV to boost your image? What about years past? Years in the future? Winfield did it cause he cared for kids. You did it cause you care about your image. You really are a piece of sh**..
  • We told you Nick Hogan was full of sh** when he said his pal was going to recover. Now we confirm John Graziano will be a vegetable the rest of his life. Again its sad to say, but Graziano chose not to wear a seatbelt while his inexperienced pal was driving like a nut. Now he's the male Terri Schiavo of Florida..
  • Jeff Hardy and Jimmy Snuka: If you can only buy one, which 'Best Of' DVD would you buy?..
  • Can WWE please stop fu**ing up the Smackdown US and Tag Titles and take them off of MVP?..
  • How much you want to bet WWE does a fans pick the 'Contest' for MVP and Matt Hardy at Cyber Sunday?..
  • Putting the rumors to rest. TNA is negotiating to bring in D-Lo Brown. And that's a good thing..
  • As much as we are glad WWE is no longer brainwashing us with John Cena championship push, shame on all of you who are celebrating he suffered a serious injury..
  • How the fu** was Kurt Angle caught with 'pills in his mouth' by Police? Was he sucking on them like Certs? As I type this sentence, I swallowed two - that fast..
  • BTW, PA Police had every right to go to Kurt Angle's house and arrest him for DUI even though he wasn't caught while driving..
  • NY Yankees get slammed by Cleveland Indians..
  • Discussing the CM Punk / Tony Atlas incident..
  • Reminiscing Paul Heyman's lack of grooming skills. Or as Kevin Castle describes him as a Dirty Skanky Fu**..
  • Who would have ever thought we would anticipate Batista's book revealing what WWE Divas he ******..
  • An honest look at TNA's first two hour show on Spike TV..
  • Don Tony does it again. He accidentally swallows the 'Do Not Eat' thing found in pill jars..
  • HBK returns to Raw. If WWE plans on turning HHH heel soon, HBK will have to move to Smackdown or feud with HHH...
  • Who will Chris Jericho feud with first? Kennedy? Orton?..
  • Jessica Hatch being eliminated from WWE Divas Search. Should we feel sorry for her, or laugh?..
  • Divas Search contestant Taryn Terrell proves that you can be stupid and be a WWE Diva at the same time..
  • $20 to the first person that can get us Kurt Angle's mugshot..
  • Where are they now: Lenny Lane performs at wrestling parties for kids..
  • Even if you didn't agree or like HHH fighting three matches on No Mercy PPV, he is the 'go to guy' WWE can trust when they are in a bind. But we didn't like that sneaky title change to make HHH that much closer to surpass Ric Flair's title reign..
  • Anyone notice that the WWE Heavyweight Title doesn't spin anymore?..
  • Amazing how WWE does the ECW three week 'Battle For The Gold', just to fu** it up with Viscera involvement..
  • Randy Orton reading Cue Cards while cutting promos..
  • Jacob Duncan one step closer to WWE TV..
  • Plus George Steinbrenner, John Fogerty, David Lee Roth, No Mercy PPV, The New Bionic Woman, Dr Astin, Karen Angle, Dustin Runnels, Dwayne 'Dont Call Me The Rock Anymore' Johnson, your emails, calls, Myspace messages, and lots more!

    Hosted by Anthony 'Don Tony' DeBlasi, Kevin Castle, and Joey 9:24

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  • No matter how bad wrestling is right now, we should all be thankful to be alive during this era of wrestling. From NWO to World Class. AWA to ECW. TNA to Glow. 50 years ago, 50 years from now, wrestling was and will never be this entertaining and interactive..
  • Message to TNA. Concentrate on getting your stars out in other publicity instead of outsiders into your company for publicity..
  • In a perfect world, Don Tony prays that Adam Pacman Jones goes back to his criminal roots and gets arrested. And fast..
  • Did you know that Salvatore Bellomo owns the only wrestling school in Belgium?..
  • Toxicology for Bryan Adams is in. We point out something the wrestling world hasn't discussed about his death that could save lives..
  • Are fans into Chris Jericho's return? Or is the buzz more because fans are having more fun cracking codes and hints?..
  • Are Latinos in Corona NY wearing short skirts and thin see thru shirts to look sexy or because they can't afford good clothing?..
  • Don Tony explains why the Internet has not killed wrestling.. 
  • How horrible was Marella At The Movies? Sure its to set up Austin beating up Marella, but come on now..
  • My apologies to our Jamaican fans who were offended last week at Don Tony's comments. However any nationality that would have been brought up would have complained..
  • Discussing MLB Playoffs, Mets blunder, and more..
  • Sorry to say it, but laughing at CM Punk's geeky gestures and bland promos. I never thought Id want Johnny Nitro Morrison have the title over CM Punk..
  • Did Save Us 222 tease us with a HBK reference?..
  • How bad is the In Your Head wrestling webcast? Discussion on other wrestling webcasts, good, bad, and pathetic..
  • Laughing again at WWE for ripping Ultimate Warrior on DVD..
  • Hulk Hogan can claim all he wants that he raised $20 million of $40 mil to start a wrestling promotion. Hulk Hogan will not start a wrestling company anytime soon and we discuss why..
  • Lance Storm professionally critiques TNA and we couldn't agree more at his comments..
  • Great advice for wrestling fans that are thinking about spending a boatload of cash on Wrestlemania tickets..
  • Ricky Banderes' TNA run could end up a short one..
  • No 'Magic Bush' for Don Tony this week..
  • Discussion on TNA going two hours..
  • John Cena had a one year championship run. Has anyone who he's feuded with received any 'rub'?..
  • Laughing at Josh Rich the nerd, Jac Sabboth, Carmine Sabia, Candice Michelle, and more..
  • Were makers of Viagra very pissed about WWE and the Teddy Long angle?..
  • Minority cast fears taking Viagra and having uncontrollable erections around ugly fat elderly Italian people..
  • Can ECW fans stop and realize what we've said for over a year that its nothing more than a developmental program with TV..
  • How the f*** is Doctor 'Pill' Astin broke?..
  • How funny is it when WWE calls The Condemned the #1 action flick on DVD? Sorry but that means jack sh**..
  • WWE Photoshopping Undertaker's Sara tattoo. Although funny, welcome wrestling fans to world of retouching. All magazines do it..
  • Plus more on Sandman's release, WWE Veterans Title, Brittany Spears, Kevin Federline, Hebners / WWE Hall Of Fame, Special Olympics, and more..
  • Plus chat room questions, emails, Myspace questions, your calls, and so much more!..

Hosted by Anthony 'Don Tony' DeBlasi, Kevin Castle, and Joey 9:24

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  • Don Tony's idea to end Hornswoggle angle: McMahon family can reveal they 'fooled' Vince w/ phony Bastard Child papers since Vince 'fooled' his family that he killed himself in the exploding limo..
  • Taking a close look at CM Punk's WWE run and why he is such a disappointment and overrated..
  • Dont Taze Me Bro! guy or Eric Simms? Who was humiliated more in 2007?..
  • Message to Buff Bagwell: Go to technical school, learn a trade, get off your lazy ass and stop with this 'I wrestle because its all I know' sh**..
  • Ric Flair off WWE TV right now is done on purpose so his return for his final run seems more meaningful..
  • Ripping TNA for trying to fraud wrestling students into paying $250 for nothing more than a 6 sided seminar with no real 'tryout'..
  • One night stand? Shelly 'Ariel' Martinez or Maria?..
  • Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: We discuss why his claim of no Homosexuals in Iran could very well be true..
  • WWE offering drug treatment to former stars. If I was a former star looking to get back in WWE: Would I really want to tell WWE I had a drug problem?..
  • Once again the Florida DMV Court System kisses the Hogan family's asses..
  • Message to Brutus The Braindead Beefcake: Nick Bollea has no respect for the road and put alot of lives in jeopardy..
  • Maybe Nick Hogan can reenact a Road Runner Cartoon, drive off a cliff, crash, and we can watch the plume of smoke..
  • Are we the only ones that think The Patriot Del Wilkes is full of sh** when he claims he took 100 painkillers a day?..
  • Hot Pockets and Lean Pockets: Delicious or overrated?..
  • How bad was the Teddy Long / Kristal 'wedding' angle?..
  • Maybe WWE will do an angle that Vicki Guerrero tainted Teddy Long's Viagra..
  • Sorry Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson. Divorcing your wife then setting up a business with her is just bizarre..
  • Happy Birthday Joey 9:24..
  • Showing respect to Sonny Siaki and Monty Brown..
  • Kevin Castle addresses the rumors of him joining The Stylistics..
  • Laughing at loser on Bowflex Commercial..
  • Good Dog Lucky! Aarons Commercial continues to portray that 4 out of 5 customers with bad credit are African American..
  • Don Tony does not like Spongebob Squarepants..
  • Lets be honest. If you asked Abyss which would he rather do? Be a TNA Heavyweight Champion? Or possibly wrestle Undertaker at Wrestlemania?..
  • Big Show riding the coffin to Ron Simmons 'Damn': Great discussion between Kevin Castle and Don Tony on WWE comedy skits from 90's to today..
  • Please WWE stop trying to make us think Candice Michelle is in the league of Lita, Trish Stratus, Victoria, and others..
  • Looking at possible Wrestlemania 24 matches..
  • Coming soon: Andy Kaufman figure by Jakks Pacific..
  • Ricky Morton back in prison for unpaid child support..
  • Will WWE bring back Johnny The Bull under the REDRUM gimmick?..
  • Discussions on Jena Six, TNA Womens Division, Chris Jericho, Johnny Nitro Morrison, The Magic Bush, the crazy state of Utah, Judas Mesias and his injury.. 
  • Plus chat room questions, emails, Myspace questions, your calls, and so much more!..


Hosted by Anthony 'Don Tony' DeBlasi, Kevin Castle, and Joey 9:24

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  • Kanyon's recent actions doesn't help with his complaints of being looked at as an outcase because he's gay. How can you be treated as a normal person when you dont act like a normal person?..
  • Eric Gargiulo without question is the biggest asshole Don Tony has ever crossed in wrestling. Eric bashes Konnan Kidney drive, Anthony DeBlasi & Georgian Makopoulos..
  • Eric Gargiulo tries to convince us why it was more appropriate not to help Konnan and let him die without assistance, then the wrestling community help save his life..
  • Hornswoggle as Vince's son: WWE's way to give themselves free reign for discrimination jokes without the lashback..
  • Ripping internet for claiming TNA released Andrew Test Martin because he was too jacked up..
  • Kudos to US Navy for offering their assistance to help Konnan..
  • Message to Dixie Carter: Keep quiet. Promises youre making about longer matches make your current product look like sh**..
  • Speaking of sh**, for the umpteeth time, Jeff Jarrett circles himself around TV whenever there's a big change for TNA..
  • Laughing our fu**ing ass off at Candice Michelle 'opening her shell'. Bitch, your shell has been opened since your softcore porn movies on Cinemax..
  • Tony Humphries, Bad Boy Bill, and others would be histerical at Candice Michelle's interpretation of 'House Music', and Scooter?..
  • John Cena's father? Were we supposed to feel sorry for his beatdown by Randy Orton? Laughing at 20,000 fans chanting 'You Cant Wrestle' after he got his a** kicked..
  • WWE is now offering drug help to former stars that has addiction problems. We bet the ranch there's a clause that forces them not to do interviews about steroids, drugs, and WWE..
  • WWE now offering drug help to former stars. Wouldnt it be funny if current TNA stars that have problems make WWE pay for it?!..
  • As we've been saying for months, interesting how hard it is for WWE to not allow ANY steroid use whatsoever..
  • People, stop bitching about 'wasting' $40 on WWE PPV's. Just like lottery tickets. You bitch when you buy them and lose. But you'll go out and buy them again, and again, and again, and again..
  • It was nice to see Undertaker return at Unforgiven PPV. But how many times should we have to go thru these drawn out returns because he's been injured several times?..
  • Legal threat to Minority Report about comments made towards Nick Hogan Bollea?..
  • Rest In Peace Brett Summers..
  • Calvin Martin: First nominee for our Wall Of Shame. Listen to why this geek should be laughed at amongst the wrestling community..
  • We discuss details behind Booker T and his school, likely problems with WWE, and some tidbits you may not be aware of..
  • Discussion as to why WWE will not open as many international developmental schools as the rumors lead to believe..
  • Expect news articles on Blood Testing for HGH and why WWE should jump on this IMMEDIATELY..
  • Eric Gargiulo professes his love to Lex Luger and wants everyone to feel sorry for Lex since he lost millions, was arrested for 'minor issues', and attributing to Miss Elizabeth's death..
  • Dominos Pizza now making an Oreo Pizza?..
  • Don Tony explains why Geraldo Rivera, Greta, and other news media are blowing OJ Simpson arrest way out of proportion..
  • Don Tony wants Warren Jeffs to do life in prison for being a disturbed pedophile..
  • More discussion on Madelyn McCann disappearance and the weirdo that donated 200K to McCann family..
  • Comparing WCW Nitro 2001 Roster to WWE Raw 2007 Roster..
  • Plus chat room questions, emails, Myspace questions, your calls, and so much more!..

Hosted by Anthony 'Don Tony' DeBlasi

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  • Michael Benoit is doing exactly what British Bulldog's father did. He's trying to sleep better at night. However Mr Benoit is trying to convince himself why his son was not a piece of sh** for killing his family..
  • Chris Nowinski. No matter what you find about brain issues with Chris Benoit or anyone. You can't play CLUE and claim that was the reason someone commits murder and/or suicide.. 
  • Hulk Hogan needs to check his Flip Flops and see that he stepped in sh** with his son's car accident. He's soooo lucky his son didn't injure or kill someone he didn't know..
  • Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Nicole Richie all arrested for driving related issues. Why the f*** hasn't Florida officials arrested Nick Hogan Bollea?..
  • Does Hulk Hogan think we are morons? He claims his son wasn't speeding even though his car looks like a pretzel. And how come noone mentions Hulkster allowed his son to cruise the town knowing his license only allowed him to drive while working?..
  • Anyone notice how many asshole mark wrestling websites that did not promote the second Konnan donation drive and our interview? Maybe because the interview is being called the Interview of the Year online..
  • And if you want to help Konnan and can't send a donation, help us expose their mark wrestling websites..
  • TNA prefers negative publicity instead of fan support. WWE puts comedic skits instead of an opportunity to push someone..
  • Hornswoggle being Vince McMahon's 'son' is stupid. WWE could have used that spot to push a wrestler. Instead it's wasted in favor of stupid comedic skits coming to WWE TV..
  • A special surprise during the show as the Kidney Donor for Konnan calls in and speaks to Don Tony..
  • We discuss in detail why Homicide would definitely be a credible X Division Champion for TNA..
  • Can someone send Joey 9:24 a Jit Gel Rag?!..
  • Kevin Kelly should be riding a boat, going on vacation, doing hobbies, working a second job; anything but doing a webcast..
  • Funaki took steroids not to get jakked, but to fit in with the crowd..
  • Senator Craig and his sexual passes in the mens room. Did anyone out there ever knew that there were bathroom signals to get di**?..
  • Usama Bin Laden: No play for Mr Grey!..
  • Funny story of a nude man at the beach who got his testicles stuck inside a bench chair..
  • Discussion on Ric Flair and King Booker T being off WWE television and their imminent returns..
  • Can these marks stop calling former WWE stars that sign with TNA 'WWE Rejects'..
  • Does anyone agree that Triple H is putting himself in situations where he is far more superior than his opponents?..
  • We express our continued support and love to those hurt by 9/11..
  • If you could, would you pay $250 to wrestle Shelly 'Ariel' Martinez? Would you pay to watch Daffney apartment wrestle women? Would you pay to referee a private match between Ariel and Daffney? Would we?..
  • Pacman Jones winning Tag Team Gold, Sting feud with Kurt Angle, Jay Lethal regains X Division Title. We called all three weeks ago. Are we that good? Or is TNA that fu**ing predictable?..
  • Now with TNA going 2 Hours, history will follow itself. Jeff Jarrett will mark out for himself once again and put himself as a focal point when TNA makes a TV change..
  • Anyone notice that WWE has removed almost all their sexist, raunchy, very adult questionable content from their product? Is it due to Congress investigating WWE?..
  • We discuss John Cena's leadership role in the locker room..
  • Brock Lesnar or King Booker T: Which one would you want in TNA and pushed the farthest?..
  • As Don Tony predicted, Smackdown and ECW appears on Raw to make up for stars suspended..
  • Funny story about a 17 year old who tried to mug a blind man (who mastered Judo!)..
  • Madelyn McCann: How embarrassing would mainstream stars look if it ends up her parents contributed to her death..
  • And its sad to say. Reason why so many find it impossible to believe the McCanns did this is because they look like a clean cut, attractive, white couple..
  • By popular request. Don Tony tells story when he and his friends worked in a supermarket. Who pissed on the lettuce, who sh** in chopmeat, who raided the deli counter and more!..
  • Reason why we haven't said anything negative about Mike Johnson for the last nine months..
  • Plus chat room questions, emails, Myspace questions, your calls, and so much more!..

Hosted by Don Tony, Kevin Castle, and Joey 9:24

Direct download: MinRep9102007.mp3
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  • Did you know that Konnan was in US Navy for 7 years and fought in Lebanon?..
  • Konnan offers his sincere thanks to the fans for the donation drive that led to his Kidney Transplant Surgery..
  • Konnan explains in detail his 23 days in the hospital battling his body rejecting the kidney, developing high blood pressure & diabetes, his bladder filling up with blood, and more..
  • Discusses his medical expenses, details behind broken promises TNA made to cover his surgeries..
  • Confirms Homicide being fined by TNA for sending him a Myspace message showing love and support with his recovery..
  • How TNA accused Konnan of blackmail, and why he is suing TNA. Keep in mind all these issues occurred while Konnan was suffering from his life threatening kidney ailment and hip replacement..
  • Details how TNA ignored the entire donation drive for Kidney Transplant..
  • Story behind 'James Storms' Night', Jeff Jarrett's attitude towards roster, disgruntled wrestlers in locker room, more..
  • Konnan explains why he's speaking to Congress, news media and more battling steroids issues in wrestling..
  • Konnan rips Ken Kennedy and other WWE stars who criticized his (and others) TV appearances. He also intelligently explains why neither WWE or TNA should be upset at his appearances in Congress and news media..
  • He compares WWE and their 'suspensions' to NBA towards referee scandal, and Atlanta Falcons towards Michael Vick..
  • Konnan comments on WWE main eventers, and their very muscular CEO..
  • Konnan discusses why steroids is an addiction and needs to be eliminated completely. Not one ounce should be allowed by WWE..
  • Konnan rips Eric Bischoff, Jarrett, and their 'blogs' on steroids issue..
  • Konnan rips Jeff Jarrett and how he was treated by JJ while he was battling his life threatening issues..
  • Konnan praises Ring Of Honor and AAA, their locker room, product, and more..
  • Konnan discusses how it appears WWE has moved on from marketing smaller Heavyweight Champions like Eddie Guerrero, and Rey Mysterio. He also explains how pissed off he was at WWE and how they used Eddie in storylines following his death..
  • Konnan also offers his Political views towards government, keeping it real to fans and friends..
  • Interview wraps up with another sincere thank you to everyone who has helped him thru this life threatening crisis. To him, it makes his 20+ year career all worth it.

Trust me when I tell you this. Konnan will do other wrestling interviews. Take it from someone who has developed a friendship with Konnan. This is a must listen. And we ask everyone to help once again in his serious time of need.


Both myself and Georgian Makropoulos of Wrestlingfigs.com led the last donation drive that raised close to $16,000 for Konnan's Hip Replacement Surgery. And every penny raised went towards that surgery. Both of us are extemely humbled by everyone's help and genorosity with that drive.

We are about to commence a second drive for Konnan. He has incurred thousands upon thousands in medical expenses due to his medical complications. His Kidney Anti-Rejection Drugs. He has developed Diabetes as a result from his complications. Not to mention he cannot work for several more months as a result of this surgery.

I hope we can all get together one more time and do it for this man. Feel confident that $1, $5, $10 is never too small to send. As Konnan has said himself. He had thousands of donations of just $1. $5. Every dollar adds up.

A Paypal account and email address (GetWellKonnan@aol.com) has been setup so everyone can send donations. Every penny donated will go towards Konnan's Kidney Transplant Surgery. If you do not have a Paypal account, setting one up takes 5 minutes. If you prefer to send a donation by mail, an address is listed at the bottom of this article.

For Paypal Donations, click the button link below.

CLICK HERE for donation information and PAYPAL links for Konnan.

With 2007 being filled with tragedy and scandal, Konnan's road to a healthy recovery and your help is one thing we can look back on and smile about.

Thank you for your time.
Anthony DeBlasi

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Category:konnan -- posted at: 9:31pm EST


  • WWE MUST offer a 'Grace Period' to their stars. Let them reveal the pharmacies they bought steroids & drugs illegally in the past, and they don't get suspended. Listen why this is an absolute MUST for WWE to do and do right now..
  • For all you CM Punk fans & marks online: Here's your chance to show WWE he has a big following. 1.5 to 1.7 ECW rating for his title win will show his following is nothing more than John Morrison's, or Elijah Burke's..
  • Strong rumors around the WWE water coolers is that King Booker T is quite infuriated that he is suspended. And don't be surprised if you hear that Booker threatens or has walked out of WWE..
  • Message to Dave Batista: Unless you've never illegally bought steroids the last few years, shut the f*** up. Because if you did, sooner or later, it's going to come out..
  • Message to Ken 'Kennedy' Anderson: MISTER HYPOCRITE!..........HYPOCRITE!..
  • Melina: Oh how WWE creative writers have raped her character..
  • Triple H proves that main event wrestlers can be the dumbest mother fu**ers around..
  • Triple H tells WWE stars to 'stick together' because WWE is under attack. Hey stupid. The reason you're under 'attack' is because your fellow employees are shooting it in the a**..
  • Fired Fired Yeah Yeah! We debate the firings of Cryme Time, Eugene, and Mike 'Simon Dean' Bucci..
  • Don Tony has a weird feeling that John Cena will lose the heavyweight championship within the next 60 days..
  • Just as Pat Patterson was hot and bothered for certain WWF stars, someone backstage is wet over Randy Orton..
  • Comparing WCW Nitro 2001 roster to WWE Raw 2007 roster..
  • Laughing at marks like Bryan White and Jason Blaustein who lost all their money just so they can brag on myspace they smoozed with wrestlers..
  • Laughing even harder at Jason Blaustein's mother who was too busy looking to 'party' with wrestlers instead of setting an example to her son..
  • Does it make you laugh when Candice Michelle comes out during a beatdown to 'make the save'?.. 
  • Kevin Castle & Joey 9:24 explain why fans must give repackaged and new wrestlers a chance before immediately sh**ing on them..
  • Discussion as to why WWE hires Hollywood & MTV writers over wrestling legends and writers..
  • We explain Double Jeopardy and why Randy Orton is currently not suspended by WWE over Signature Pharmacy scandal..
  • Minority Report would rather have wrestlers like Beth Phoenix and Santino Marella to improve then having to always sh** on them. Although it is funny to do sometimes..
  • Its very hard to put strong faith in the Wellness Policy when WWE's owner Vince McMahon has been rumored to juice over the years..
  • Just as Francine was to ECW, James Storm tries out as head cheerleader for TNA..
  • Anyone notice the huge amounts of piped in cheers and jeers during the McMahon family skit during Raw?..
  • Different Strokes, Good Times, Rosanne: Looking at episodes where parents beating the sh** out of their kids..
  • Comments on Rob Zombie's 'Halloween' remake..
  • Lashley, Hornswoggle, Triple H: We discuss strong candidates for McMahon 'bastard child' angle..
  • More on rumors of Sid Vicious coming back to WWE..
  • Chris Cash, Kevin Kelly get Donkey Punched by The Minority Report..
  • Expressing appreciation for Don Tony signs showing up on WWE / ECW programming..
  • Sheamus O`Shaunessy: Future WWE main eventer or the 'nephew' of the Highlanders?..
  • California newspaper about to release controversial article on WWE and steroids issues..
  • Pay close attention to Randy Orton's forehead..
  • Kevin Castle's uncontrollable laughter leads to many listeners uncontrollably laughing. And noones seems to know why they are laughing!..
  • A must see Womens Wrestling show coming to NJ on 9/22/07..
  • Discussion on nerds, geeks, and weirdos and why they are much more apparent around wrestling than other mainstream sports..
  • Showing love to our female listeners..
  • Plus chat room questions, emails, Myspace questions, your calls, and so much more!..

Hosted by Don Tony, Kevin Castle, and Joey 9:24.

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Category:Don Tony And Kevin Castle Show -- posted at: 6:58pm EST

  • Hogan Knows Best? Sorry Hulk. You are amongst our all time favorites, a childhood hero for several of us hosts. But you are to blame for Nick Hogan auto accident..
  • Details behind Nick Hogan drag racing which led to accident, what will happen to his Drivers License, and Don Tony predicting Florida Law Enforcement will pu**y out and give Hogan preferential treatment..
  • Kurt Angle, Sting, Samoa Joe, Pacman Jones, Ron Killings. After hearing upcoming confusing angles, feuds, storylines, and title changes, our brains feel like we're inside a washing machine on full spin cycle..
  • Smoked Out on Michael Vick: You can take the n***** out of the ghetto, but you can't take the ghetto out of the n******..
  • Michael Vick found Jesus. Why is it that people like his kind always find Jesus when they are busted? Some very candid comments towards this fraud..
  • Don Tony trying to buy one of the banned Japanese Arm Wrestling Video Games..
  • Rey Mysterio returns as the Silver Bullet. We discuss reasoning behind body paint..
  • Showing sympathy to 22 year old Marine that returned from Iraq and was critically injured in Nick Hogan accident. But, we willingly took part in drag racing and 'If you play, you must pay'. And before you get pissed at the comment, remember that these two could have killed innocent people on the road..
  • Looking forward to Batista's upcoming book. Hopefully he doesnt softball certain incidents..
  • Looking back at WWF jobbers in the 80's..
  • Would you buy a Konnan Energy Drink if it helped raise money for his medical expenses?..
  • Laughing at Lauren Jones and Fox's failure to sell Anchorwoman to viewers..
  • TNA and Vince McMahon proving that 2007 is worse than 1994 as a wrestling fan..
  • Joey 9:24 tunes into Smackdown for the first time in a long time - just to see Matt Hardy and MVP playing basketball..
  • And why is MVP holding two titles if he has a serious heart condition?..
  • Kudos to Kip 'Billy Gunn' James for voicing displeasure to TNA about Pacman Jones..
  • Laughing at TNA. Did you ever not open an envelope or not listen to a message that has bad news thinking the bad news would be less severe? That's how TNA is treating negative feedback from us and fans..
  • Do all men hate shopping for pants?..
  • Legit warning to all Verizon customers regarding privacy issues..
  • Plus call-ins, listener emails, chatroom questions..
  • If you are a new listener to the show, drop us an email and let us know how you found us..

Hosted by Don Tony, Kevin Castle, Joey 9:24, and Smoked Out.

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  • A quote from Goodfellas for Michael Vick: Bye bye di**head. See you in Attica di**head..
  • Laughing at Sports Analysts that think Michael Vick's gambling is more deserving of an NFL ban that killing animals. I guess that Pete Rose should have electrocuted 50 cats instead of gambling and he'd be in the Hall of Fame right now..
  • Did you know that 1/2 of talent on Summerslam 1991 is deceased?..
  • How come WWE never fired the employee that handled receiving prescriptions from several wrestlers that all came from the same doctor?..
  • Wouldn't it be funny if Umaga was Vince err Mr McMahon's 'son'? And we explain why a 'freak' and comedy seems to be the way for this angle to proceed..
  • Paying our respects to Dewey 'Missing Link' Robinson who is gravely ill..
  • How ridiculous is that TNA tied up X Division and Tag Titles for two months with Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe? TNA is running WWE type angles without the fanbase to make them profitable..
  • Dont be surprised if Hulk Hogan's $100,000 in jewelry claiming to be stolen, was actually misplaced or thrown in the garbage. And if that becomes true, betcha it turns into a Hogan Knows Best episode..
  • Could Brock Lesnar joining TNA mean Samoa Joe jumping to WWE?..
  • WTF is with the racial overtones in these 'Aarons Electronics' commercials during Raw?..
  • We explain why there are so many goofy, weird, freaks and weirdos that are wrestling fans..
  • DAMN did WWE fu** up Ron Simmons' gimmick and make it unfunny with that restaurant skit..
  • WWE should turn Santino Marella into an Italian Homosexual hairdresser on Raw! We are not joking. Listen why..
  • Ouch. Matt Bentley confirms he was never drug tested by TNA over the years..
  • WWE needs to ban steroids completely. If you dont allow it, you avoid wrestlers ultimately abusing levels..
  • WWE should hire Matt Bentley and Jerry Lynn for ECW..
  • We wonder how many of WWE's current stars will live past 60..
  • Brooke Hogan. Unless she stars smoozing and flirting with male Hip Hop producers, her singing career is almost over..
  • Blame media for allowing these crazy Black Activists on their news programs defending Michael Vick..
  • Funny High School story involving Don Tony, Rome Italy, alcohol and a chubby chick..
  • Keith Hernandez won Best Sports Mustache Award over Goose Gossage, Rollie Fingers and others?..
  • Reason why Rick Martel and his pink colors during 'The Model' gimmick was not looked at as homosexual..
  • Laughing at WWE calling London & Kendrick's win over Cade & Murdoch as an 'upset'..
  • Discussing why it's the wrong time to start a new indy wrestling company. And laughing at Micmarks who try to run shows with 'No money down'..
  • Okay WWE. Calm down about Cody Rhodes. He will be a star. But jobbing Haas & Benjamin to Rhodes is going to hurt all three..
  • Don Tony & Kevin Castle explain why wrestlers losing is not just 'entertainment' and 'doing your job'..
  • Someone send Kevin Castle some NASCAR merchandise!..
  • Discussing Donald Trump's Celebrity Apprentice, President Giuliani, Michael Moore, Nancy Benoit's adult magazine pics, Australian stars that made it in USA, Chuck Polumbo, Ashley Massaro on Survivor, Trinity, Xanex, Tammy Sytch back to 'Sunny' weight, great story involving Terry Funk, New Jack, and Don Tony, and more..
  • Plus great call-ins with awesome discussion, listener emails, chatroom questions..
  • If you are a new listener to the show, drop us an email and let us know how you found us..

Hosted by Don Tony and Kevin Castle.

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  • Jeff Jarrett's mindset still on his family tragedy? Explain releasing wrestlers citing cost cuts - yet drop a boatload of cash on Pacman Jones; who wrestling fans dont give a f*** about..
  • Go figure. WWE releases Mike Knox's girlfriend but not Mike Knox..
  • We show love and pay respect to Dewey 'Missing Link' Robinson who is gravely ill..
  • We pay respect to Bryan 'Crush' Adams. RIP..
  • Brutus Beefcake, Rock & Roll Buck Zumhofe, Ric Rude's Lips, Outback Jack, and others: What was the most embarassing T-Shirt you ever wore?..
  • Why the f**** is Rob Zombie releasing "Halloween" on August 31st?..
  • We explain why we have no problem with Comedy Central didn't edit 'Chris Benoit' remark out of the Flavor Flav Roast..
  • Kudos to Kevin Castle dropping knowledge on a vast array of topics..
  • Pacman Jones on the mic: And I thought Ahmed Johnson was horrible..
  • Didnt TNA PPV have a very dark eerie feeling thoughout the PPV?..
  • Legit reason why male 'Cena Sucks' chants are more important than female and kids 'Lets Go Cena' chants..
  • Special thank you to our NY fans for 'Don Tony' signs on Raw..
  • MSG fans show love to Dlo Brown; hopefully Raw can once again get down with the brown..
  • Coming soon to the Minority Roundtable, Bob Saget! (Full House, America's Funniest Home Videos)..
  • Jerry Lawler turning into Frankie Valli..
  • Buy the uncensored Wrestling With Shadows DVD..
  • Shi**ing on Illegal Mexican who murdered the three students in New Jersey..
  • Kurt Angle should retire. He's holding every fu**ing TNA title. He can't go any higher..
  • Don Tony discusses why Hulk Hogan will not start a full promotion but a legends tour instead..
  • We look back at our favorite matches from Saturday Night's Main Event (not the sh** from the last 2 years)..
  • How much you want to bet TNA promised Pacman Jones a title belt as part of his deal..
  • Showing love to Raven, Prince Nana, Chuck Polumbo, 70's & 80's Horror Films, our large female listening audience..
  • Even though we are 100% against Pacman Jones in TNA, we do explain legally how he could wrestle for TNA and not have legal issues with NFL and Titans..
  • Remember fans. Many of released WWE and TNA stars are only in their 20's. They can always come back a few years later once seasoned and polished..
  • Indy wrestlers need to go thru hard times like 70's and 80's and you'll see the fire in their eyes..
  • Don Tony lightening up on Matt Stiker?..
  • Discussion on WWE and their 'animal cruelty' over the years..
  • Why does it seem that Dixie Carter will put any fu**ing sports athlete on TNA TV if they are willing to show up?..
  • Discussion on classic wrestling moves wrestlers no longer use..
  • I Hate That!..
  • Plus great call-ins with awesome discussion, listener emails, chatroom questions..
  • If you are a new listener to the show, drop us an email and let us know how you found us..

Hosted by Don Tony, Kevin Castle, and Joey 9:24.

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  • Dont you get it TNA? Mike Tyson, Lawrence Taylor, Karl Malone, Kevin Greene were badass and had a following. Noone gives a sh** about Pacman Jones, and no wrestling fan itches to see him wrestle - let alone with the TNA Tag Titles..
  • WWE Stupidity: The Dating Game skit from Raw (which we enjoyed) should have been on Saturday Night's Main Event..
  • Has anyone noticed how much of a d*** Jerry Lawler is coming off on WWE 24/7 Legends shows?..
  • A huge discussion why we believe Jerry Lawler would just be a Memphis Legend and not WWE Hall of Famer if he didn't cross paths with Andy Kaufman..
  • Continued support for Konnan as he encounters issues with his body rejecting his new Kidney..
  • Comments from Don Tony as to why TNA drug testing policy will be a nice gesture, but will lead to alot of problems. And why I strongly feel WWE deserves no blame to steroid issues by Mysterio, Holly, Benoit, Jindrak, and others..
  • Laughing at two Philly morons accused of Identity Fraud towards Paris Hilton, Michael Vick, Donovan McNabb and others. And no we dont really want people to send Change Of Address cards to forward Vince McMahon's mail to Phil Muchnick..
  • Imagine if Vince 'Paternity' angle reveals Stephanie f***ed her father. Sick isn't it? Blame perverted McMahon family for proposing that one..
  • Iron Shiek, Brian Blair, Michael Gross? (Family Ties)..
  • Dont misconstrue us WWE. We sh** on Santino Marella because he's sh**. Not because he's now a heel. He doesnt belong in the 'big time'. He is that bad..
  • Anyone ever buy extra Fast Food items in order to obtain additional Game Pieces for their contests?..
  • Isnt Hacksaw Jim Duggan a legend? Randy Orton please punt Duggan with one of those girly kicks..
  • Laughing at WWE Publicist that says Rosey S.H.I.T. was released because he wasn't 'over' and not fat. But yet you keep people like The Miz, Santino, Mike Knox, and others under contract..
  • Sh**ing on New York media ripping Jonathan Coachman getting a gig with MSG Network. Yes we rip you a new a**hole and expose your ignorance about The Coach..
  • Sid Vicious coming in as Vince McMahon's bodyguard?..
  • Laughing at Aaron 'Idol' Stevens if he threatened WWE with TNA. Sir, you are still on step one of a 100 ft ladder towards being a star..
  • Booker T DVD Boxed set: Something we would definitely buy. But WWE must smooth things out between Stevie Ray & Booker T..
  • 2 recent wins + 2 Years of wasted time + 2 years of jobbing = 2 late for WWE to push Stevie Richards. Disagree? WWE will show you, you'll see!..
  • Did anyone notice something about Raw Battle Royal for GM Position stipulation?..
  • Anyone have a Dell Computer that has a loud internal fan that sounds like a hair dryer? A must hear to resolve your problem..
  • Don Tony: I see seagulls; thanks Kevin Castle! And yes the Medulla Oblongata is really part of the body..
  • Remember people. Decline in Raw ratings started with McMahon Death Angle, and not Chris Benoit tragedy..
  • How come Eric Simms hasn't been arrested for making drug deals for Iron Shiek which is seen on RF Video Shoot Interview?..
  • Doesnt anyone realize that Iron Shiek is entertaining because of illegal activities and alcohol abuse?..
  • Discussing Jeff Hardy and why he's suspended..
  • Quick comments on Gabe Sapolsky and new Ring Of Honor angle involving himself..
  • Our analysis on future of X Division Title, smaller TNA wrestlers, and new title belts..
  • Some Ebay recommendations for vintage wrestling footage and bootleg videos..
  • Quick comments on Jac Sabboth..
  • I Hate That!..
  • With mainstream media drooling at sh**ing on WWE, you think Vince would avoid controversial storylines right now and just improve actual wrestling and wrestler storylines..
  • Plus great call-ins with awesome discussion, listener emails, chatroom questions..

Hosted by Don Tony, Kevin Castle, and Joey 9:24.

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  • Keep Konnan in your prayers. Just because the Kidney Transplant surgery was successful, the next few weeks will be critical. Hopefully his body doesn't start rejecting his new kidney..
  • Even our Latino viewers find the eighteen La Cantante commercials during Raw very fu**ing annoying..
  • Santino Marella: Perfect reason why you don't put title belts on just anyone..
  • We discuss and debate TNA expressing interest in Pacman Jones.. We compare it to WWE using Mike Tyson, and the argument that TNA is fu**ing foolish rewarding bad behavior..
  • Pacman Jones' agent telling the world he wont wrestle, it's short term, and he wont be a heel. While you're at it spoiling the details, tell us how much he's making, who's blowing him, and who will he 'knock out' on TNA TV..
  • Message to TNA. How's about using your $$ to improve your roster and creative team instead of bad mainstream publicity..
  • 'The Punisher' Adam Martin (formally TEST / WWE)..
  • Carlito pinning John Cena and Stevie Richards pinning Kevin Thorn: Two perfect examples why WWE creative and the 'shock' victory reactions are absolutely stupid..
  • Sid Vicious a good fit for TNA?..
  • Cryme Time: Fake n****z, yeah yeah! Extended Piss Break, yeah yeah! Some real analysis as to why Cryme Time really need to stay of WWE TV for a few years..
  • Kudos to Joey 9:24 for predicting Hornswoggle winning the Cruiserweight Title..
  • Elaborating more on why the clouds really hurt and deflated Kurt Angle's 'impact' on TNA..
  • Johnny Nitro as ECW Champion over CM Punk: Hurts Punk 100x more than it helps Nitro err Morrison..
  • John Heidenreich: How the not so mighty have fallen quicker than a man's pants in Pat Patterson's bedroom..
  • Snitsky: He wasn't talented when he kicked babies, and sucked feet. What will change his shi**y wrestling now?..
  • The Naturals receiving WWE Tryout: Can we call them TNA legends so Randy Orton can punt them in the head?..
  • Showing some love to Jim Ross, Keith Hernandez, Christian Cage, DDP, Cody Rhodes, Dustin 'call me Platinum' Runnels,
  • You think WWE will try to sue Goldust and TNA for the upcoming Platinum gimmick?..
  • A quicker, leaner Bobby Lashley will improve his in ring work substantially..
  • Noone should sh** on Jim Ross' menu promoting 'Crossface Chicken Wings'..
  • Joey 9:24 and Smoked Out tell if they thought the Bret Hart 'screwjob' was a work or shoot..
  • Looking at ratings for WWE Raw and WCW Nitro prior to and following Survivor Series 97..
  • A new feature to the Minority Report Webcasts: "I HATE THAT"..
  • Smoked Out passes out once again during the broadcast..
  • WWE and their ridiculous obsession with 'erasing' Chris Benoit's memory. Yes we sh** on it, yes we will ignore it, but we can't erase it..
  • Mike 'The Miz' Mizanin. As soon as he's no longer invited to MTV and Hollywood parties, he will be gone from WWE..
  • However, we agree WWE is removing Chris Benoit from the Raw vs Smackdown video game.. Guaranteed someone is going to try and make a kid and Chris Benoit in the game, record Chris Benoit putting the Crossface on the kid, then post the video on You Tube..
  • Win $50! Take part in our 'WWE Dont Try This At Home Commercial' contest!..
  • Discussing why WWE bans all signs promoting websites. (No reason you cant bring a Don Tony sign or two! :) ..
  • WWE rips Ultimate Warrior's legacy. Yet they make 20 different wrestling figures of Warrior..
  • Samoa Joe should be TNA's first Triple Crown Winner..
  • With all due respect Jim Ross: Candice Michelle has improved. But she doesn't tell a story in the ring whatsoever..
  • Laughing at Dan Spivey, Jac Sabboth, Triple H's gut, Windows Vista, Chris Cash, Fat Bastards coming to ABC, and Nancy Grace..
  • Advice to Joanie 'Chyna' Laurer: Dont go on Nancy Grace. It's not going to further your career. She wants to showcase you as a freak and bastardize your name..
  • Non TNA fans should stop complaining about the 6 sided ring. TNA wont generate additional viewers if they had a 4 sided ring tomorrow..
  • Reasons why Steve Austin DVD Boxed set was pushed back to it's original release date..
  • Recommended viewing: Buy a subscription to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter..
  • Do you find it interesting that TNA allows their workers perform at Booker T's wrestling school events?..
  • Dont buy into rumors of King Booker T having dissension with WWE..
  • Ken Kennedy and his upcoming 'Im The Real #1 Contender' gimmick..
  • Update on future Minority Report Webcast episodes and the hosts..
  • Plus lots of calls, listener emails, chatroom questions..

Hosted by Don Tony, Joey 9:24, and Smoked Out.

Direct download: MinRep7302007.mp3
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  • How Don Tony would punish Michael Vick: Strip him naked, tie him to a chair, spread Alpo Liver & Cheese all over his body, let 6 of his 'trained pitbulls' in the room, close the door and walk away..
  • WCW Midnight bitching that she made less than WCW 'Eye Candy' that didn't take bumps. Sorry, I never saw Midnight posters, calenders, and used panties in demand by fans..
  • Mr 619 travels to 404 for Medication: Has anyone else found it strange he traveled to GA to see a doctor instead of Cali?..
  • Audio of Iron Sheik incident in Canada last week inside. Prime example why we never thought he would ever get a weekly WWE Raw segment..
  • Wow the movie La Cantana must really suck. Why the f*** did I need to see 9 commercials for this film during Raw?..
  • Survivor Series 97 / Wrestling With Shadows revisted. Three great examples why Don Tony thinks the whole film was scripted..
  • Please keep Konnan in your prayers as he faces the biggest battle of his life by undergoing Kidney Transplant Surgery..
  • Showing love to John Kronus (RIP). Plus a favor to ask from fans and former co-workers of Kronus for his son Gage..
  • Hornswoggle winning the Cruiserweight Title: Split second pop maybe. In the big picture, very stupid. You dont award a loyal midget a title. Give him a $$ bonus, a Big Wheel, anything but a title belt..
  • Windows Vista. What a fu**ing nightmare..
  • Christian vs Edge: Why it could and likely will happen in the future..
  • Discussing why Don Tony has no problem with Great Khali being Smackdown Heavyweight Champion..
  • Continued concern for Daivari and his WWE future..
  • What's worse: Jimmy Kimmels very stupid Chris Benoit joke at the Flavor Flav roast? Or Comedy Central roasting Flavor Flav at all?..
  • ECW: There's no reason why any WWE brand should be doing ratings in the low 1's..
  • When I look at Randy Orton's lethal 'kicks' to various heads, Orton kicks like a girl..
  • TNA and their stupid decision to tie up all their belts around Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle. Check out why the decision is quite stupid..
  • Great analysis why Kurt Angle's 'impact' on TNA has been quite a letdown. And comparing it to Hulk Hogan's WCW signing in 1994..
  • Laughing at the ghetto bitch that's suing WWE and The Sandman..
  • Johnny Nitro, John Hennigan, John Morrison. Does WWE realize fans don't care for him as champ or buy into his reign?..
  • TNA will have a two hour show by the end of 2007. But they must do a live TV show at least a few times per year..
  • Analysis why mainstream media doesn't sh** on UFC with all their positive tests for steroids..
  • Praising Jay Lethal as 'Black Machismo', and sh**ing on Sonjay Dutt's new gimmick. And a great reason why Dutt's gimmick will not work..
  • Discussing why Mexico and TNA isn't including in the steroids issues in mainstream news..
  • Dont be surprised if you hear the term 'Independent Contractor' more and more in the near future by WWE. Guaranteed..
  • Defending my comments ripping the obese pigs that will appear on the upcoming ABC series competing for $$$..
  • Reason why WWE will NEVER go back to a kid focused product ever again..
  • Why does WWE constantly book elder wrestlers like sh**?..
  • Laughing at the Independent Idiot wrestler that committed suicide emulating Chris Benoit..
  • Continued laughter at Santino Marella..
  • Entire Minority Report crew returns next Monday Night..
  • If you enjoyed that this episode was a solo report by Don Tony, please email us feedback..

Hosted by Anthony 'Don Tony' DeBlasi

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  • Message to WWE. Instead of removing Chris Benoit items, you should offer any profits from Benoit DVD's, shirts, and figures  to foundations for Battered Women and Abused Children. Dont produce new items and don't push them. But offer the above. You'll help others who have been abused and show some great PR at the same time..
  • Imagine someone like Chris Masters the night after a Wellness Test. He knows he wont be tested again for a while. Betcha that night following the test, his ass looks like Pinhead..
  • We compare and explain why WWE should treat their Wellness Program like Alcoholics Anonymous, Betty Ford, and other clinics..
  • Proving that Larry King continues to be dope of the year. And exposing an assenine comment John Cena made about testosterone..
  • RIP John Kronus. Regardless of the rumors surrounding your death, Rest In Peace and thank you for the memories..
  • Comparing Chris Benoit to Wyoming sniper David Munis who killed his Country Singer wife while performing then committed suicide this week..
  • Venting about TNA and their total disrespect for Konnan, donation drive and hip replacement surgery $$. Sorry TNA for having to make this public. But its about time this comes out..
  • Comparing WWE's handling of Chris Benoit to a scene from Goodfellas..
  • Discussing the serious injury to Edge, Khali winning the Smackdown title, and how short his reign will likely be and why..
  • Johnny Nitro now calls himself John Morrison. LOL are we supposed to take him more serious then? Does that make the character more manly? Thank God he's only featured on the 1.3 rated show..
  • Taking a close look at the Toxicology Reports and discuss the alcohol, xanex, and norco factor. Even at therapeutic levels, mix those pills with alcohol and see what happens..
  • ABC is doing a reality show featuring Obese fat people competing to lose weight. Unfuc*ingbelieveable. And Rosey S.H.I.T. will be on the show..
  • Remy Ma: How come shootings in the music industry always involve rap artists?..
  • Gotta love Dave Meltzer confronting Dr Pill's attorney and Jerry McDipsh** on the same show. It's so refreshing to see someone have the ba**s and land some hardnose questions, Larry King, Dan Abrams, and Nancy Grace wouldn't dare ask..
  • Thoughts on the TNA PPV, the possibility of XXX reforming and feuding with LAX, the Samoa Joe / Kurt Angle feud and much more..
  • Interesting how neither Vince nor Linda McMahon are appearing on any newscasts. Instead they send WWE wrestlers to attempt 'damage control'. And it is hurting WWE 1000x more. And it isn't going to avoid them from being sued in the near future as well..
  • Dont be surprised if rumors start that Chris Benoit was dealing and supplying steroids to a few wrestlers..
  • Scott Hall: Please dye your hair. Remember, no play for Mr Grey!..
  • Rumors are that WWE had a meeting where Vince McMahon told the roster to 'get off the drugs'. And if it really happened, why many WWE stars will ignore him and laugh behind his back..
  • Message to Penny Durham. We truly feel sorry for your loss. But if you continue to blame everyone else for your husband Johnny Grunge's death, you're subjecting yourself to become part of the 'Blame Game'..
  • Raw rating down to 3.4, ECW down to 1.3. We discuss why WWE has to be quite nervous about this. They can eliminate the effect of Benoit on WWE.com. But WWE cannot eliminate the effect on viewership decline.. 
  • Anyone have the You Tube footage of Iron Sheik being arrested last week in Canada?..
  • Discussing chances of Colt Cabana succeeding in WWE..
  • Plus an awesome selection of chatroom questions answered..
  • If you enjoyed that this episode was a solo report by Don Tony, please email us feedback..

Hosted by Anthony 'Don Tony' DeBlasi

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Unfortunately this update rips the comments being made by the widow of Johnny Grunge, Penny Durham. She is blaming everything for her husband's death except the kitchen sink. Is she doing this to sleep better at night? Maybe she's trying to gain ammunition to make a few bucks off of Dr Astin's negligence? And what if the Benoit family didn't die? She would still be in Atlanta and still silent about her husband's passing after 2 years. You may not like what was said in this update. However after a few important issues are discussed, I have a feeling that the majority of people listening will agree with what was said.

Johnny Grunge was ultimately responsible for his irresponsibility. He was morbidly obese, abused food, medications, and laziness. And if Dr Astin wasn't around, he would have found his medications somewhere else.

Also covered in this update is some blunt commentary on WWE signing Teddy Hart to a developmental deal.... Why we compare Ring Of Honor Wrestling to an Off-Broadway play... Souring on Bill O'Reilly... Continuing our push about Alcohol factor with Benoit murders.. Ripping the Pageant about the bullsh** photos surrounding Miss New Jersey... Kurt Angle vs Samoa Joe feud... Showing love to Rick Martel's AWA Title Reign... A musical question... and more.

This Minority Report 'Mini Update' for Thursday July 12, 2007 runs 30 minutes and is hosted by Anthony 'Don Tony' DeBlasi.

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  • 'Pick up the phone brotha!' 'Whatcha gonna do if you don't answer the phone dude!" "Answer the fu**ing phone, cause Hogan Knows Best brotha!"..
  • If you were married and found out your husband / wife bought a life insurance policy and put their ex as the beneficiary, you wouldn't throw him / her out of the fu**ing house?..
  • Kevin Sullivan: Please hire an attorney and start threatening lawsuits to these idiots that accuse you of killing the Benoit Family..
  • Kudos to Rob Van Dam for turning down an RF Video Shoot Interview. And even though we love RF Video's shoots, we tell you why RVD did the right thing..
  • We will convince you in less than 60 seconds why every single wrestling fan should order at least one Ring Of Honor PPV..
  • Since no new news on the Benoit tragedy broke at this time, why would WWE take John Cena off Raw for Larry King Live?..
  • Laughing at attorneys Manny Arora and WWE's Jerry McDevitt (or should we say McDipsh**). We caught both of you in lies, eh!..
  • Anyone notice the Sandman splashing beer all over the 8 year old girls next to him during his Raw entrance?..
  • Stop the stupid rumors. Chris Jericho will likely return to WWE..
  • Before you buy those Platinos: True supermarket stories: Employees urinating on lettuce, sh**ing in chopmeat, spitting in coffee, coughing on fruit, and more..
  • Our huge announcement regarding big changes to Wrestling-News.com and weekly audio Minority 'mini-updates' coming to the net!..
  • We show respect to one of our listeners that has a 15 year old child stricken with Fragile X. But we do explain why there are certain people that use shady tactics to raise money for foundations. And yes Fragile X is one of them (in our opinion)..
  • How complacent was Larry King talking to Bret Hart, Chris Jericho, John Cena, and others?..
  • Larry King needs to retire and take up Bingo, Gin Rummy, and Checkers. His expiration date on his career has passed and he is now growing mold on his ugly forehead..
  • Even though Nancy Benoit didn't deserve to die, she wasn't an angel. And we offer our scenario as to what we think happened the weekend of the tragedy..
  • John Cena on Larry King: 'As long as you can entertain and draw money, you have a spot and don't need steroids'. Then why Mr Cena do so many take steroids then? And why did Rey Mysterio, Eddie Guerrero, and Chris Benoit won Heavyweight Gold after their bodies morphed into freaks of nature..
  • One Night Stand: Candice Michelle or Rosie Perez?..
  • How we think the storyline will go down with Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe, after they win the Tag Titles from Team 3-D..
  • Anyone find it interesting that WWE is having a Texas Bullrope Match so close to the Benoit strangulations?..
  • Coming soon: Minority Report merchandise!..
  • Wondering if WWE is going to stupidly release Daivari?..
  • Story behind Hulk Hogan and the George Foreman Grill..
  • There's nothing like a bitter wrestler on a news show right now in the heat of the Benoit tragedies!..
  • Showing love to Dusty & Cody Rhodes, Nestle Quik, Christy Canyon, Brooke Hogan's breast implants..
  • True story involving Don Tony, a stripper, and breast milk..
  • Anyone notice no closeup shots of Beth Phoenix's face on Raw?..
  • Fudgie The Whale, Cookie O Puss: Doesn't Dave Kapoor (Khali's Interpreter) look like he should be selling Carvel instead of being on TV?..
  • Discussions on Transformers the movie. Since WCW brought us Robocop in the ring, will TNA bring debut 'The Transformer'?..
  • Taking a look back at New Jack City..
  • A must hear interview: Minority Roundtable and Diamond Dallas Page! And coming soon, Jimmy 'Boogie Woogie Man' Valiant!
  • Laughing at Brent Albright, Snitsky, Candice Michelle's nose, Santino Marella..
  • Lots of listener emails, Myspace messages, phone calls, chatroom questions answered and lots more..

Hosted by Don Tony, Kevin Castle, Joey 9:24, and Smoked Out

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