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  • It's a bit disturbing having so many guys thank us for the Nude Ariel & new Mickie 'Meat Hooks' James pics and how they 'appreciated them'..
  • WWE put every heel against John Cena for the last year. We discuss the problem with HBK vs Cena @ Wrestlemania..
  • Bank on Scott Steiner to be the one Christian is teasing for Kurt Angle..
  • Konan: The hip replacement surgery was the 'most painful experience he's ever had in his life'..
  • Wrestlemania match idea: Donald Trump vs Vince McMahon, loser has to have his head shaved bald..
  • True story behind Corey Stewart who donated $5 to Konnan, then demanded a refund and filed a Paypal Dispute..
  • Black on Black Violence we don't want to see: Monty Brown vs Bobby Lashley..
  • Nude Kelly Kelly pics coming to our site, as long as she was not 17 during the time of the shoot..
  • Kudos to Wrestling Society X to put aside knowledge that many sites tried to sabotage their XPW Philly shows, in order to push WSX..
  • Strong advice for fans in order to enjoy Wrestling Society X..
  • Deep South Wrestling will now be known as Deep Sh**..
  • And a message to The Avenger: A brain dead Terri Schiavo could figure out why Bill Demott was fired..
  • LOL @ Fools that put credence in the 'Kevin Federline Coming To WWE Full Time' rumors that originated from 'The Answer Bitch'..
  • Sharing our private and wrestling memories of Bam Bam Bigelow..
  • True story behind Triple Threat instead of Dungeon of Doom at the final NY Elks Lodge show..
  • Why all the buzz about Dakota Fanning's Rape Scene?..
  • Funny. Raven doesn't look Drewish..
  • You think Christy Hemme will join VKM? Do you care?..
  • Vince McMahon more concerned with publicity than entertainment..
  • Discussing wrestlers who rely on cheap heat to build a character, then the reverse..
  • We describe what we call 'The Haas Pop'..
  • Message to Lance Cade: Take some Xanex. Less is more..
  • Watch all these marks that will now change their tune and say Bam Bam Bigelow should be in the WWE Hall of Fame..
  • Oh well. 10 Year Anniversary of Survivor Series moved from Montreal..
  • Discussing why Vince McMahon can never venture into UFC / MMA..
  • Despite being beautiful, there's nothing special about Torrie Wilson anymore..
  • How stupid is Donald Trump vs Vince McMahon @ Wrestlemania, especially since The Apprentice will be off the air by then..
  • Why is Kenny Dykstra being pushed so hard at 20? So he's no longer over by 22?..
  • Showing love to Rick McGraw, Mike Johnson & Wade Keller (yep really), WWE 24/7, BestCandyStore.com, Amazing Red, The Color Purple, Caller that wants Don Tony in TNA, Minority Report Chat Room..
  • Shi**ing on Teddy Hart and Spotfests..
  • Plus Raw, Smackdown, TNA Impact, NY Yankees & lots more..

Hosted by Don Tony, Kevin Castle, Joey 9:24, Mo Black, and Smoked Out.

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  • Between The Sheets: Discussing Kevin Nash & Raven's Nakedness..
  • The results of our 2006 Blackheart Year End Awards..
  • What's better than the 31 naked photos of Ariel (ECW) we posted? Naked video of Ariel! Cumming err coming next week!..
  • Bank on Undertaker and Shawn Michaels as Royal Rumble favorites. However, the reason why we believe HBK won't win the Rumble..
  • Shi**ing all over the Christy Hemme 'What about women' promo..
  • Lashley vs Monty Brown, Khali vs Hogan, Batista vs Undertaker: Someone tell Jim Ross to shut up about his claim that Wrestlemania matches we've discussed is just 'speculation'..
  • Funny story involving two of our hosts, marijuana, & ECW PPV..
  • Remembering Spike Dudley's food poisioning from our heroes..
  • Marks & geeks need to shut the f*** up about Vince Russo. One huge point these marks fail to remember about Russo's booking in 2006/7..
  • Our debate over the leaked WWE Hall of Fame 2007 list..
  • RIP Bobby Roode..
  • What are the chances of a Randy Orton vs Edge feud?..
  • Tommy Dreamer OWNED two weeks in a row..
  • Discussing Triple H's rim jobs from late 90's to 2005..
  • Reason why John Cena 'knocked out' Umaga during Raw..
  • What in the blue hell is 'Monday Night Mahem'?..
  • Bloodied HBK + Victory over RKO = slap to VKM angle..
  • Speaking of VKM, message to TNA: Dont end the VKM skits. Just move on past DX..
  • Why do cereal boxes have animals on them?..
  • Showing our continued love to Great Khali..
  • Remember when Heidenreich f***** Michael Cole in the closet?!..
  • Test & Vladimir Kozlov appearing in Rob Zombie flick..
  • We learn that one of our hosts hates Kurt Angle with a passion..
  • Someone give Constipated Tony Chimmel an antacid..
  • Anyone remember the Rocky Johnson vs Don Muraco w/ Albano IC Title match from WWF TV?..
  • One huge reason why the current product is worse than 1994..
  • One huge reason why Hogan vs Khali is 1000x better than Cena vs Khali..
  • Lots of analysis of 2007 TNA Final Resolution PPV..
  • More discussion on the Eric Bischoff WWE book..
  • Showing love to Lufisto, Great Khali, Eric Walker, Doug Gentry, Mil Supreme, and lots more..
  • Plus Raw, Smackdown, TNA Impact, NY Yankees & lots more..

Hosted by Don Tony, Kevin Castle, Joey 9:24, Mo Black, and Smoked Out.

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  • WWE could care less about TNA, VKM, & Boring chants during skits like Rosie vs Donald. As long as they get mainstream press. Remember our High School Nerd comparison last year?..
  • Tommy Dreamer is our inaugural pick of our new weekly feature: OWNED!..
  • How many months have said Hulk Hogan vs Great Khali would work? And our bet that the buzz will be Hogan slamming Khali - which we think will happen..
  • We would have paid to see Ron Simmons show up at ringside next to Triple H when he tore his quad. Damn!..
  • Bubbaloo, Pop Rocks, Freshen-Up Gum, Dip Sticks, Big League Chew, Hubba Bubba, Dynamints: How the f*** did this convo start?..
  • Imagine the Black Helium Balloon in DX?..
  • Putting more holes in Jim Ross' Wrestlemania comments than Swiss Cheese..
  • John Cena would have been accepted by many more fans if he didn't carry the title..
  • Sh**ing on Kevin Dunn: The Yes Man For McMahon..
  • Thank you to the as*ho*e that sent me an 22x32 of Lance Hoyt's sweaty lower back tattoo..
  • Showing love to Triple H. Yeah Triple H. At least he was unselfish the last 2 years and hasn't ruined any careers lately..
  • WWE needs to give Jeremy Shockey (NY Giants) a call..
  • If WWE can false advertise Rosie O'Donnell and Donald Trump, then why can't feds false advertise and spoof WWE talent?..
  • Showing love to Ultimate Warrior for bitch slapping Ebay non-bidder..
  • Showing love to Bob Backlund, One Man Gang, Konnan..
  • TNA should main event a PPV with a 6 Pack World Title Match..
  • You think TNA would go thru with our idea of having Samoa Joe vs Kurt Angle III end in a draw?..
  • We discuss the biggest reason why no one, not one wrestling fan, should complain about VKM skits..
  • Would King Booker T work as a WWE commentator?..
  • In depth look at Eric Bischoff's book. Sorry Eric. Even though we enjoyed your work, there's one big problem with your book which causes us to leave it on the shelf..
  • D-Von! Get the Passport! Isn't it amazing that Team 3-D has been in TNA for several years, yet they still seem like they don't fit in?..
  • Gotta love Balls Mahoney genuine pissed off reaction when Kevin Thorn's careless elbow to his mouth..
  • Lots of discussion about WWE Hall of Fame picks for 2007..
  • Discussing New Years Revolution, Final Resolution..
  • One of our hosts decides to serenade the live listeners..
  • WWE should give one more World Title Run to Shawn Michaels..
  • TNA and WWE will always revert to legends and stars of yesteryear..
  • Discussions on Children Of The Corn, Vladimir Kozlov, Raw, Smackdown, TNA Impact, NY Yankees & lots more..
    Hosted by Don Tony, Kevin Castle, Joey 9:24, Mo Black, and Smoked Out.

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Konnan Donation Info: Kidney Transplant Surgery, & Audio Message From Konnan Who Needs Our Help


January 6th happens to be Konnan's birthday. January 6th also is the 20 year anniversary of Konnan's pro wrestling debut. Most of us celebrate birthdays and anniversaries with parties, gatherings, and cake. On January 6th, Konnan will be spending his time performing Dialysis on his Kidneys and preparing for Hip Surgery scheduled for Monday January 8th.

It is very difficult to ever get the wrestling community together for any reason. I am hoping under the circumstances this can happen.

By now you are aware Konnan needs a Hip Replacement. As unfortunate as that may be, his severe pain and degenerating hip probably saved his life. It was the very preparations for hip surgery that led to the discovery Konnan is in need of a kidney transplant. And fast.

This past Thursday, Konnan appeared on our webcast and spoke about his ailment. And as doctors told him, if the kidney ailment was not discovered, he likely would have went into cardiac arrest in a matter of months.

Many of you saw Konnan on TNA Impact very recently. Since that appearance, Konnan has lost 35 pounds. As he described, this illness is literally eating his muscles away.

To the credit of many caring fans, some have offered their Kidney for transplant. If you are O Negative which is Konnan's blood type, or even O Positive, you could be a donor. Unfortunately, the cost for Kidney Transplant surgery is in excess of $35,000. Konnan does not have any medical insurance.

Konnan is planning on having the surgery in Mexico because of the lower cost. In the United States, Kidney Transplant could cost $80,000 to $100,000.


TNA made a very generous gesture to Konnan by loaning him the money for his Hip Replacement Surgery. However Konnan is on his own with his Kidney Transplant.

With his blessing, we have set up a drive to raise money to cover the expenses so Konnan can have his Kidney Transplant. There have been countless numbers of fans, wrestlers, websites, and wrestling companies wanting to help Konnan in his true hour of need. Now you have the opportunity to do so.

A Paypal account and email address (GetWellKonnan@aol.com) has been setup so everyone can send donations. Every penny donated will go towards Konnan's Kidney Transplant Surgery. If you do not have a Paypal account, setting one up takes 5 minutes. If you prefer to send a donation by mail, an address is listed at the bottom of this article.

For Paypal Donations, click the button link below. Or if you visiting Paypal directly, use the email address below for Donation information:

GetWellKonnan@aol.com (PAYPAL ADDRESS)

Physical link directly to Paypal Donation Page:


Donate $1, $10, $100, anything you can send. Can you imagine if every wrestling fan sent even $1? The cost for his surgery would be paid in a second.


Paypal will convert all overseas currency to US Dollars.

*** You can include a private message to Konnan as well when sending your paypal donation. All donations and messages will be received by Konnan. ***


Anyone that has a wrestling item, memorabilia, anything they would like to donate, please send your information to Anthony DeBlasi @ baybkge@aol.com. We will place all items on Ebay and all revenue from those sales will be given to Konnan as well.


Below is the mailing address for anyone who would like to mail a donation, even a card and/or letter to Konnan. Besides Paypal, you can send cash, checks, or money orders. Anyone that wants to send a check or money order, please make it out to 'Charles Ashenoff'. Mail all donations and Get Well Wishes to:

c/o Konnan
PO Box 140573
Howard Beach, NY 11414-0573


Again it is very difficult to ever see the wrestling community come together for any reason. I am hopeful that in this case it will. There is no excuse why every fan, website, wrestling company, wrestler doesn't take a moment to help this man out.

We've set up all avenues on behalf of Konnan so assistance can be made for him. Now it is up to you. I strongly recommend you listen to Konnan's appearance on our show Thursday evening. It brought a tear to many eyes.

Konnan has done so much for the wrestling world over the last 20 years. Let's return the favor and show our appreciation to Konnan.

Thank you for your time.
Anthony DeBlasi

Note: For anyone that wishes to download Konnan's appearance instead of streaming it online, RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE to download the audio.

Contact Info:

Anthony DeBlasi (baybkge@aol.com)
Georgiann Makropoulos (
Konnan's MYPACE Page: (www.myspace.com/konnan619)

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  • Funny how DX cuts a promo on Raw about being the 'Other Side Of The Mini-Wheat'. Yet Team RKO attacks Flair again, and they dont come out!..
  • Does WWE think we really feel sorry for Ric Flair when he's 'attacked' over and fu**ing over and fu**ing over?..
  • Does the new Ahmed Johnson Shoot Interview comes with subtitles?..
  • Lance Hoyt and your Lower Back Tattoo. What the f*** were you thinking?..
  • Ahmed Johnson accuses Steve Austin of painting n***er on his rental car..
  • Bastion Booger complains about wrestlers staying away from him in the lockerroom because he smelled. So why didn't he get a f***ing can of Right Guard and bar of soap you slob..
  • Speaking of slobs, hey Jim Ross. The payoff of VKM doesn't have to be a match. The payoff for us is entertainment..
  • When is Monty Brown going to debut? The Royal Rumble?..
  • Debate over Monty Brown vs Bobby Lashley..
  • One of us (Minority Report) has been offered to do a legitimate Shoot Interview. Find out which one!..
  • You have Cryme Time, Haas & Benjamin with racial overtones. Why doesn't WWE do a KKK type group?..
  • By the way, get the Bastion Booger and Ahmed Johnson shoots..
  • Maybe Justin Credible could get Marty Jannetty at Target..
  • Speaking of Justin, funny stories about Aldo and Target..
  • Our feelings towards John Cena vs Kevin Federline from Raw..
  • One of us stricken with Stomach Virus hasn't thrown up this much since watching The Marine!..
  • Anyone notice Vince bringing up Rosie O'Donnell on Raw just so he can hope she mentions WWE on the view? How sad and obvious is that?..
  • Funny shi* about Snitsky going to ECW and 'rise'. Um, arent the ECW writers the same ones that wrote sh** on Raw and Smackdown?..
  • Discussing deaths of Saddam Hussein and Denver Bronco player..
  • Message to TNA. Great David Eckstein is a fan. Publicity is great. But please no more storylines with David Eckstein..
  • Why is it that fans sh** about Hulk Hogan working a TNA PPV, yet it's ok if he did Wrestlemania 23?..
  • However, we are very happy Bob Backlund coming to TNA PPV..
  • Wondering if Umaga will win the title at the PPV, then face John Cena at Wrestlemania..
  • Rest In Peace Lionel Jefferson..
  • Ripping Joey Mercury 'Jobber To The Stars' rumor..
  • Discussions on Gail Kim, Kenny Dykstra, Ron Killings and his 1999 raps, Cryme Time..
  • Showing love to Konnan, Paul Heyman, Bob Backlund and so much more!..

Hosted by Don Tony, Kevin Castle, Joey 9:24, Mo Black, and Smoked Out.

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The Minority Report invades The Masked Maniac Show! What started out as a show filled with generic corny ethnic stereotypical jokes, the last 110 minutes were absolutely awesome. Listen to some very interesting discussion on TNA and WWE thru the eyes of a wrestling promoter. Interesting debates, discussion, and very revealing behind the scenes stuff regarding both promotions. You'll be surprised what you hear. And for those that may have not been able to hear our interview with Konnan the last few days, it's included in this episode as well. A very enjoyable 2 hours and 6 minutes..

Hosted by The Masked Maniac, Anthony '
Don Tony' DeBlasi, Joey 9:24 and Mo Black.

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